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Natural Therapy Modalities

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What are the Natural Therapy Modalities

Facts & Information about Natural Therapy Modalities

Info by: Dieter L.

Natural Therapy is a much misunderstood term

Natural Therapy is a "General Term", Not a specifc treatment modality!

Natural Therapy encompasses many different natural therapy modalities. - But in itself it is not a treatment modality, and there are No accredited diplomas for a "Natural Therapist".

Often, the term 'Natural Therapist' is used when someone has NO specific qualification.

*NOTE: This by no means should indicate that such as person is not qualified in his or her own right, it just means, that at this moment, there are no accredited Diplomas to reflect whatever healing or treatment they facilitate.

Typical modalities (professions) which are most associated with the term Natural Therapy are :

Naturopathy - Read a short article about naturopathy

Massage - read more about the benefits of massage

Herbalist - read more > Herbal Tinctures

Iridology - more info here > Iridology information

Reflexology - read a full explanation and manual about Reflexology

...and many more ..

In fact, The NHMRC wrongly ruled 17 Natural Modalities as NOT effective.* (2015) -

All accredited Natural Therapy Modalities are qualified and as such listed under their specific Modality,

such as:

Naturopath - Homeopath - Herbalist - Hypnotist - Chiropractor - Acupuncturist and so on .... they may be all bunched together under the general umbrella term of Natural Therapists, but they are definitely individual treatment modality practitioners.

Further more, all accredited Therapists in any modality will need to be accredited with an Association.

Natural Therapy within our Society

Natural Therapy, even so it is a constantly growing in support from the general public, it is often considered as snake oil business or just quackery.

Why is that?

It is a worthwhile endeavour to look closely at the attitude why something Natural creates such a negative response in some people.

First of all, we should all be naturally healthy, and health should be considered a birthright.

It could be assumed that natural human beings who live in a natural environment should be naturally healthy. This would also assume, that their health is not compromised by negative outside influences and that food and water is of plenty, and of good natural quality.

It comes as no surprise, that with the lifestyle most of us live today, within a mostly unnatural environment, natural health can not be considered a birthright any longer.

We have traded our birthright for the temptation and lifestyle of a modern and in part artificial life.

Therefore, it would be only too natural and may I say logical, that the first priority to gain back health, would be to strive for a more natural type of lifestyle to the best of our abilities, everything else could be considered as self-sabotage.

I like the term self-sabotage, it certainly brings home the fact that everyone is responsible for their own health.

To be quiet frank, we commit self sabotage every time, we eat, drink or inhale anything which could harm our body. This unfortunately includes, chemicals in food production, obviously smokes and drugs, and we should be thinking twice before we take medical prescribed drugs to maintain health.

Please do not misunderstand; anyone with any type of disease which requires taking prescription drugs to stay alive obviously should do so.

For anyone else, I would suggest to look at the first priority again, which is to live as close as one can to a natural lifestyle.

Therefore anyone who actually practices Natural Therapy, such as a Naturopath, the treatment will commence with teaching lifestyle improvements; such as good balanced diet habits, advising of proper sleep and rest habits, eliminating stress as much as possible and recommending a proper exercise regime.

In essence, a qualified Naturopath is formost an Active Prevention Practitioner, supporting health rather than fighting disease.

How anyone could proclaim that such advice is quackery is beyond me, it is just logical.

Having said that, I need to address the next step, the natural intervention with natural derived medicines, is it really necessary, and yes, I say it is.

Natural Medicines - Nutritional Supplements

We are not living in a natural environment and lifestyle any longer, and even if we strive towards a natural lifestyle, our body and lifestyle may still be compromise by our surroundings or the work we do and other society necessities.

Whenever our body is confronted with stress, our body to be able to cope with the added lifestyle stresses will require more of certain nutrients or elements, and that's where natural nutrient supplements can be of great benefit.

The first rule of medicine is that of "doing no harm".

Natural Therapeutic agents or supplements endeavour to stand by that principle. The supplement is taken to supply a needed nutrient, whereas most medical drugs are taken to counteract some body function or to suppress or kill something.

As mentioned before, unfortunately no one has the answer yet of how to cure a disease like arthritis, diabetics or even high blood pressure; but the natural way of treating, by supporting health, will give everyone the chance to improve general health and by doing that overcome many health problems without adding to the problem or causing harm.

Disease and it's cost on our society expands in a seemingly never ending upward spiral.

Is no one asking why that is?

We hear of ever progressing better treatment, but seemingly we are not getting any healthier. We may live longer, but not healthier.

Attitude needs to be changed, it has to be "cool" to be healthy, and definitely un-cool to engage in self-sabotaging lifestyle activities.

Parents have a great responsibility to demonstrate that attitude in front of their children. Dishing out tons of sweets and junk food to a toddler is not doing them a favour, it's condemning them to an ill-health lifestyle.

Lets embrace a natural healthy lifestyle.... lets practice Active Prevention!

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Information and recommendation provided by Dieter L. - useNature - Editor

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