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Article: The Philosophy of Holistic Health Politics

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Natural Therapies for Health, Wellness & Prevention

Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

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Natural Therapies united for Health, Wellness and Prevention

Having practiced Holistic Natural Therapies for close to 40 years often makes me wonder;

"How come Natural Therapies (Complementary Medicine) are not fully recognised by our government and medical establishments"?

What terrible thread to society could we be, other than promoting health as outlined by the 'WHO - World Health Regulation"?

WHO Constitution

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being
and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

The medical system, even so it is absolutely dedicated to helping the sick, is lacking behind in Prevention and improving Health. 

Prevention and improving Health is what Natural Therapies of various modalities do best. Natural Therapists are destined to promote well-being, why than are we not seeing a constructive mechanism to include Natural Therapies in a balanced and holistic way into the "Overall Health System"?

The answers are varied, ranging from "lacking evidence" to "fraud and quacks", and everything inbetween.

BUT, by far the most damaging aspect is the long standing division and alienation between the varied Natural Therapists and associated bodies themselves.

Critics, skeptics and some medical people surely are delighted seeing Natural Therapies Organisations and Practitioners self-destruct.

There is only one way forward to improve our Health System, and that is an overriding philosophy to combine and align Natural Therapies.

Any further division or forcing an issue against the "Common Good of Natural Therapies" may well be the end of this topic altogether.

As far back as I care to remember, questions of "Registration" or "Regulation" (Co-Regulation) have been passionately discussed. Further more, the never ending internal competition of who or which treatment modality is more or less important has caused even more aggravation and division. Add to that, bruised ego's and our "industry is in a hell of disarray".

Just lets remember, by far the most important part, is to "Support Natural Therapies", everything else is second.

Division is NOT supporting Natural Therapies.

The entire Natural Therapy profession needs your "support and protection" against well organised and well funded efforts to drive natural therapy and therapists out of business, and to prevent Australians from being able to freely choose the forms of healthcare they wish to use.

The major stumbling blocks to progress, are the different "opinions" about "Registration" or "Regulation".

This one subject needs now more attention than ever.

"Registration" or "Regulation", to have only 2 options is not a true choice:

"to decide between Black and White is always a dilemma, even more so if you like Colour".

There are plenty of pro and cons for either "Registration" or "Regulation", however, continuously fighting for those Black and White options have had no success in the past.

On the positive side, both interest groups have done very valuable work for their respective individual goals.

I urge everyone to stop arguing, and start being constructive, by either:

Combining those 2 solutions, ..... or

Discussing a new solution, a "Re-solution".

In addition, "education" for future Natural Therapists has to stand up to scrutiny and needs to be streamlined in accordance with our general education system. There is always room for additional education, seminars and workshops on various natural modalities outside the main educational system.

To be taken seriously within the mainstream health system, a university degree would be most appropriate.

To start the discussion, here are some suggestions:

Combining the 2 systems into a 2 tier system, similar to "GP's and Specialists", or "degree and master degree", where the "Specialist" or the "Master Degree" may apply for "registration, depending on education - training levels, grandfather clausal should apply.

However, registration under the current AHPRA system may not be to our advantage. A possible self-regulated registration body may be more acceaptable.

A system that combines both "Registration" or "Regulation", (Co-Regulation) has the obvious effect of stopping destructive divisions, while at the same time, providing all the flexibility for practitioners to be accredited and regulated without choosing to become registered, whereas practitioners who would like to qualify for registration and possible safety of being registered could apply for Registration with their "specific chosen modality", most likely Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine. ( I will explain in my next article) .

Article by .... Dieter Luske

The question is: To be or not to be? Statutory Registration - Co-regulation or a Combination? 

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