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Coronavirus- COVID-19 - your state of Health - Improving the Odds

EDITORIAL: The fallout from the corona epidemic has been immense, and there is no end in sight. - Blaming, Opinions and Conspiracies are out of control. - BUT, has anyone come up with a solution?
UseNature's recommendation is to take good care of yourself, improve your general health, and try to avoid the virus. - Basically, be responsible for your own health and conduct. Even so "Traditional Naturopathy" has a lot to offer, it is not a magic pill. - What it can do however is to offer common sense health recommendation. And the number 1 recommendation is to firstly recognise that the virus is here to stay. - Secondly, that mainly people with health issues are negatively affected, and thirdly that this is the reason while we have to concentrate on improving our general health. - 60 % of people are affected by "Lifestyle Diseases", which as the name suggest, can be improved by changing ones lifestyle. - Traditional Naturopaths are The Expert's in supporting people to improve their lifestyle and their health. - Even being overweight is counted as a Lifestyle Disease.

See a Naturopath today, and start your journey into a healthier lifestyle.

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Reflexology is a holistic therapy modality.

The desired effect of a reflexology treatment will be achieved by applying pressure to reflex points on your feet, which will have a beneficial effect on your whole being.

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Optimal Nutritional Guidelines

Holistic Foundation of Health ... nutritional strategies to support a healthy lifestyle. - Health is more than a good diet, everything is inter-connected, if anything is out of balance it will effect everything else. 

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