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Rules of writingRules of Writing

The first rule is that rules are guides. They are not laws, and you can’t be jailed if you break them. - I am not keen on rules, but I like to know them. For me and my writing style, awareness of the rule is more important than the rule itself. When I write, I don’t think about rules, spelling or grammar; I just write. 

The best rule to adhere to is: “Write”; everything else will follow. 

Dieter's blog:

Brainland - Anxiety preventionFeedback for anxiety prevention self help!

I have received some interesting feedback for my last book, Chaos in Brainland.

Some readers have written chapter summaries to help themselves, which could be an excellent adjunct to the book.

Everyone has different needs and will interpret text from the book in different ways.

If you have the book, here is one add-on for the first chapter; Anxiety Prevention From Chaos to Harmony 

Holistc Health News

Olive OIl, the good oilOlive Oil, the good Oil

Half a tablespoon of olive oil a day could reduce the risk of dementia

A study has linked 7g of olive oil a day to a huge reduction in dementia-related death, highlighting its benefit to not only heart health, but also brain health. 

The New Daily - Read the full article

Artificial Sweeteners HarmArtificial sweetener could harm your gut and the microbes that live there

An artificial sweetener called neotame can cause significant harm to the gut.

It does this harm in two ways:
One, by breaking down the layer of cells that line the intestine.
And two, by causing previously healthy gut bacteria to become diseased, resulting in them invading the gut wall.  

The New Daily - Read the full article

Exercise graphic by GiselleDoes evening exercise delivers the greatest benefits?

Doing most of your exercise in the evening “is linked to the greatest health benefits for people living with obesity”, according to a new study from the University of Sydney.
It also suggests, in line with previous research, that evening exercise is the most protective against type 2 diabetes. 
Two-thirds of Australian adults are overweight or obese, while one in four of our children and teens are overweight or obese. 

The New Daily - Read the full article

Books - Writing - Excerpts

A Positive Mindset – Harmony in BrainlandA Positive Mindset – Harmony in Brainland

Change needs a positive mindset enhanced by positive thinking and speaking. The subconscious mind has a problem with negative-based language; it does not understand it.
Check your self-discipline. How strong is it? It is not enough to just read about what to do. Can you muster the self-discipline to do what is suggested and required? You are the observer of your mind, and you have the power to stop negative thoughts by exchanging them with positive ones. (Excerpt from Chaos in Brainland)
... by Dieter Luske

Future CityThe Future? Health Tracker Wearable Devices

November 2033 - Blake Newcome for the Fact File News

Blake Newcome’s latest article examines Health Tracker wearable devices in an exemplary way to encourage the public to proceed cautiously. - Have people become too complacent?

Most inventions, however good, come with two predictable side effects: They can be used for the good and also can be used for the bad and the ugly.  

Follow Blake Newcome on Dieter's blog:

Bondi 1974Going back 50 years to the tumultuous time of the Seventies

Marginalized groups fought for equality, rebellious youth protested the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal shook faith in the American government, and the digital revolution began. - The massacre at the Munich Olympics and the Iran hostage crisis. - The oil crisis, soaring inflation, geopolitical uncertainty, and cultural change. - In Germany the Red Army Faction (RAF) around Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof wants to destabilize the government with attacks and kidnappings.

Change was in the air: from Hamburg to Bondi

Books - Writing - Excerpts

Hi, I am Blake Newcome - the Protagonist in a new book

I am a journalist for the Fact File News. I am writing to you from the year 2034. Some of my articles may come in handy if you ever wonder where life is heading.

Follow Blake Newcome the fictional character - while the book by Dieter Luske is written.

While the book is written, Blake Newcome is writing on technlogical topics, the pros and cons of AI-associated developments.

Follow the adventures of Blake Newcome on Dieter's blog:


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