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Chaos in Brainland - Self help book by Dieter Luske

Chaos in Brainland - BUY NOW - Author Dieter Luske

A Guide for Creating a Stress and Anxiety Free Zone

The chaos in society is reflected in chaos between the ears, the territory Dieter Luske calls Brainland.

Dieter is a holistic counsellor with decades of experience and has conducted analysis in that most complicated laboratory – the self. - He has pooled his accumulated knowledge to turn chaos into harmony, favouring a mind, body and spirit approach to mediate mental distress and moderate between the conscious and subconscious mind.

You will discover dynamic techniques, different perspectives, and "First Aid Anxiety Response Hacks" to master your mindset and liberate your mind.
As Dieter says … "helping maximize people's happiness potential is what it's all about.”
FREE for Kindle Unlimited or Paperback: $26.95 - BUY NOW

NOTE FOR PRACTITIONERS: Combining Natural Therapies with Counselling modalities is what a Holistic Health is all about. - The Chaos in Brainland Book addresses this issue and provides a wide array of counselling techniques suitable to enrich a Holistic Natural Health Clinic for practitioners and patients alike. - BUY NOW

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Infrared Sauna - Anti Ageing

The Anti-Aging Wonders of

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It happened in the seventies - book by Dieter Luske

It happened in the seventies
Intriguing story of personal risk-taking, self-discovery & profound change

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