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a Holistic RelationshipThe social relationships between men and women have never been brought to a desired outcome. - Inequality on all levels is being misused and hijacked by politics, greed and power, corporate attitudes, religion, ideologies and the age old problem of living under a patriarchal system. - To achieve change, solutions have to be implemented on all levels of society - worldwide. - That fact makes a solutions for equality unlikly, one may as well ask for World Peace. - For this reason, progress will need to be implemented in baby steps, one topic at a time. - Holistic Relationships

NEWS: Coronavirus- COVID-19 - your state of Health - Improving the Odds

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Reflexology is a holistic therapy modality.

The desired effect of a reflexology treatment will be achieved by applying pressure to reflex points on your feet, which will have a beneficial effect on your whole being.

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Holistic Foundation of Health ... nutritional strategies to support a healthy lifestyle. - Health is more than a good diet, everything is inter-connected, if anything is out of balance it will effect everything else. 

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