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EDITORIAL - 10.06.2020 : Social reforms in light of Covid 19 and racial inequality

With recent events highlighting the forever, seemingly unsolvable problems of racial inequality, the Covid 19 virus had to step back to make room for social reforms.

We have many problems on our beautiful planet, all of which could be solved easily if we would support each other. Just imagine, countries, political systems, religions, people would support each other, rather than fighting each other, what a beautiful world would we live in.

Even so creating peace is the most important issue, lets focus on issues people are demonstrating for now; Climate Change, the Covid policy fall out, and Racial inequality.

Today, I like to write about Aboriginals, and the sadness I feel that equality has not been achieved. - A long time ago, in 1975, North Qld, I was standing on a remote beach observing an Aboriginal with a long stick, standing knee deep in water, hunting for fish, and he got one. - I was fascinated, and went to talk to him. Thirty minutes later I had a new perspective about Aboriginals. He had educated me, and in that process wiped out everything I had heard before.

That aboriginal, a teacher, but labeled 'trouble maker' because he spoke his mind, told me the solution, - "the Government is NOT listening to what Aboriginals want".

That is what I learnt in 1975 - Today in 2020 the Uluru Statement of the Heart, as a voice to parliament, a representative body giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a say in law and policy affecting them, - 'has been rejected', - "the Government is still not listening". - Maybe, just maybe, the latest demonstrations will change this.

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