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The Lifestyle Disease Epidemic - the number one killer on the planet (WHO)

Lifestyle Diseases … as we all know…. are Preventable!

So ….. why don’t we prevent Lifestyle Disease? - What stops us? - Or is it 'who' stops us?

Even by ‘just’ concentrating on the elimination of lifestyle diseases, societies’ health issues would be dramatically reduced.

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The Power of Music

The Power of Music

The Alpha Brainwave - Alpha Music - influence your personal space, by playing appropriate music ...

Music is extremely powerful, we all know how certain songs can affect us, music is a powerful medium to trigger emotions ...

Active Preventative Holistic Health Care

Active Preventative Natural Holistic Health Care

The defining "Split" of the Natural and Medical Systems.* - Medical History re-visited.

We need both, the Medical System & Holistic Natural Preventative System - Read Health Care

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useNature Editor Interviewed by the "Eco Conscious Movement"

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