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Private Health Insurance rebates for Natural Therapies to be cut April 2019

The Government, on advice by the NHMRC has declared 17 Natural Modalities as NOT effective. - This flies in the face of everyone who is using Natural Therapies and will make it harder to actively seek prevention for lifestyle diseases. - Please read - Health Care System.... and take action, Contact your local member.

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Natural Food

Stop eating refined and processed food, it makes you sick ..... and food companies healthy.

Your state of Health - "Homeostasis", is influenced by the 'Accumulation' and the constant ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption of everything foreign into your body; from the time you where born to this very moment.

Spider Plant cure for Indoor Airpolution

Is your house, unit or office making you sick? Common indoor plants to help detoxify pollution.

Indoor air pollution is an underestimated problem and can cause numerous illnesses, and it is also a question of sustainability. Selecting natural materials for your indoor decor will be less likely cause Sick Building Syndrome.

Supporting all
Natural Therapy Modalities

Supporting all Natural Therapy Modalities

Dispelling misrepresentation

Dispelling the Myth

UseNature is advocating the formation of an Umbrella Body for dispelling the Myth and promoting the Benefits!

Prostate Health Menu

Prostate problems arise not only in older men!
Does drinking Coffee help?

Brain Plasticity Column

Brain Plasticity

Let your Brain do the healing
Capabilities of the brain to change (plasticity) in reaction to body or mental stimuli - more

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