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Coronavirus- COVID-19 - and your state of Health - Improving the Odds

EDITORIAL - 26.05.2020 : All Lifestyle diseases are preventable and all lifestyle diseases carry the risk of a fatal ending if one contracts Covid 19.

The Covid 19 epidemic situation has been relaxed slightly, we are doing well and more relaxation is eagerly awaited. - Qld is pressured to open it’s borders, but to no avail. - Is that the right move? Who knows. It is always easier to judge in hindsight. - However, we are living in an artificial bubble. It may feel save for the moment, but it causes a lot of hardship. - One thing seems for sure, waiting for a vaccine will not be the ultimate solution, and it may not even eventuate. - Some scientist argue that because of the nature of the virus it is unlikely that we will be able to create an effective vaccination.

My personal wish list is to concentrate on treatment and prevention. - We all know by now that for most people the viral infection comes with only mild symptoms. Therefore the main aim should be concentrated on people who are vulnerable, and those people need a treatment to dampen the inflammation. The vulnerable population should also be encouraged to become extremely responsible for their own health and practice active prevention.

Is it time the government initiates effective campaigns to lower “Lifestyle Diseases? It has worked to a certain degree for smoking. And as we know smoking is one of the issues to make you more vulnerable to Covid 19. - Even without the virus, cardiovascular disease, a lifestyle disease, has a death rate of over 15000 per year. (2018 - 17,533)

Read More - What will be the next step in keeping our citizens healthy?

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