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How to stay Healthy - ... in a Toxic World ... part 1

... in a Toxic World ...

... Toxic is defined as: Everything which elevates stress levels. refined food - drinks - polluted environment - corruption - unethical marketing - politics - wars - terror.

Article by the Editor of useNature: Dieter L. Editor

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How to stay healthy ..  part 1

Regular  column with tips and hints … How to stay Healthy” issues”.

Health is such a huge topic, it includes, physical, mental and spiritual issues, and it obviously affects all of us, and it may well be the time that we deeply acknowledge the fact that without health, life can become pretty meaningless …

Staying healthy means to focus in two main directions:

1.) Trying to dodge the bullets, or with other words don’t get sick ... and ..

2.) Actively doing something to be healthier and therefore let the bullets bounce off.

Lets look at how to dodge the bullets...

.. do we do the right thing if we follow mainstream television commercial marketing advice?

What are the bullets?

If we are going to believe the happy marketing guys for the anti-septic, anti bacterial, anti-everything brigade, we need to immerse our self in liquid anti-septic and live happily and healthy ever after, as long as we use everyday the following products:

  • Gurgle Anti-septic mouthwash

  • Wipe off everything with Antibacterial wipes

  • Wash your hands a 1000 times with anti-bacterial hand washes / sanitizers.

We have used products like this for ages, and even with increased advertising and therefore usage, I doubt people have dodged the bullets and have stayed free from bacterial or any other infections.

The important question to ask; .... are we overusing "anti" products, are we trying to cocoon ourselves in a haze of antiseptic in the hope not to get infected?

Just imagine for a moment you live in a bubble, totally free of bacterial bullets, and yes you probably will never catch a cold, but what happens if you leave the bubble, will your immune system be able to cope with the onslaught of everything which is out there?

The answer is, no, it will not, you probably would die from any minor bacterial infection.

We know for a long time, that overuse of anti-biotic's have had dire consequences, not for the bacteria but for us. Bacteria with their short breeding cycles, will simply re-develop into new nasty strains, which may become anti-biotic resistant.

This probably has intensified the seemingly perfect solution to kill off everything before it touches us.

The problem is, by doing that we put ourselves into a bubble.

What will happen, if we step out of the bubble, running out of anti-septic for a few days?

Will our immune system have become that weak that we get an infection on the first contact with air or any surface not protected by an anti-septic?

It is probably not that bad yet, but we surely progressing towards that direction.

It’s all about simple common sense balance.  Obviously, it is a good idea to have sensible hygienic procedures.  But there is no point of over doing it, and even worse, it may have the opposite effect.

In fact, over-using ant-septic products may be harmful in the long run.

It is probably more important for kids not to be over protected, than for adults. A healthy immune system is developing at a young age.

To place a baby or toddler into an artificial bubble environment will be detrimental for the kid’s future.

Kids need to be given a chance to develop their immune system.

I am not saying, go out and eat some dirt, I am saying go out and play, have fun, get strong, build resistance and immunity, and have a good diet, free from added chemicals.

By the way, that refreshing anti-septic mouthwash is not just killing possible harmful bacteria, but also your friendly bacteria.

Never forget that our bodies are loaded with all kind of organisms, some bad some good, as long as the good guys are winning you are winning. But to force new strains of bacteria to develop, resistant to anti-biotic or anti-septic will not only kill off your good bacteria, but also will stop the proliferation of new friendly bacteria, which are part of our natural resistance.

There is obviously evidence for all this, scientist say antibacterial hand washes may even be encouraging Superbugs to develop and flourish.

Research claims, that "triclosan", one of the main ingredients in most antibacterial hand-washes can become resistant to common antibiotics, such as the likes of amoxillin.

This occurs because triclosoan targets bacteria in the same manner as antibiotics, by destroying vital parts of their cells, and because bacteria is very adaptable they can develop resistance as the result of overexposure.

To sum up, how do we dodge the bullets and stay healthy on a bacteria infested planet?

Live in it, develop a good immune system and resistance by not artificially weaken yourself with toxic chemical foods, drinks and toiletries, and wash your hands with warm water and soap, unless you are a Doctor about to operate on someone :-)

In today’s world, with eating artificial processed food, confronted with ever increasing pollution, pesticides, and bombarded with chemicals...

... the way to stay healthy; is making informed choices , and giving your body a helping hand by focusing on positive sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L. - Gold Coast

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