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How to stay Healthy?

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How to stay Healthy - Part 2

Article Column by the Editor of useNature: Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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Topic for this issue:

Develop a good immune system by not "artificially weaken" yourself.

NOTE: We are 'getting weaker'' everyday, just by living in our complex stressful partly artificial society, surrounded by pollution and an overwhelming onslaught of unhealthy, processed, sugar and additive laden foods and drinks.

We are certainly bombarded with all kind of chemical or artificial substances, (warfare) all of which, if consumed, our system has to defend against.

Most of this substances are taken into our body voluntarily, which is not a good idea if you think about it.

Therefore let me ask, why do we eat, drink and inhale all these toxic matters?

Yes, I do understand, if those substances are in food and drinks, one may have to assume they are good for our health.

Surely, if they would be harmful, our government would NOT allow manufacturers to include them in their products, would they?

Yes, I did hear that those chemical substances are allowed, because the amounts are said to be miniscule, and wouldn't do you any harm.

But .....

  • Who controls the amounts of products someone eats and drinks?

  • Who controls how much of the chemicals are accumulated in our bodies during our lifetime?

  • And who controls who eats what products? Some people may be sick already, and there could be a difference of how those substances affect a baby or grown adult, or someone who is elderly with an already compromised immune function.

Actually, NO One controls what you eat ... only you can.

it is up to us, and I don't mind that, I think we all could be responsible enough to make sure what we eat is relatively save to eat.

Why relatively? Lets face it, what do we really know anyhow, apparently, labeling on processed food in inadequate, half the time we may not even know what we eat, where it comes from, and how it is grown or produced.

I am not getting obsessed here, not at all, I am just aiming for common sense, and a reasonable control over the food I eat.

Therefore the best possible option for your Health is to stay away from "Processed Food" altogether.

If you do that, you are not only avoiding a huge amount of artificial chemical additives, preservative and colouring, but you also get the added benefit to consume much less sugar, salt and other modified substances with questionable benefits.

After all food is not processed to make it more healthy, it is processed for many other reasons, such as taste, shelf live, marketable and simply to have products to attract buyers. It may also be processed in order to make you addictive to that product, simply by too much sugar, salt and over seasoning.

With other words go on a Fresh Food Diet, select beautiful fresh grown fruit and vegetables, and it may surprise you, but I would accept frozen food as well, as long as it is not over processed, meaning the vegetables are just cleaned, cut up and frozen. Similar with canned foods, obviously, fresh is best, but unprocessed frozen or canned is acceptable. The same principle works for your protein sources. The ultimate choice would be however to select only organically grown food, including meat. Another general healthy fod option is natural fermented food.

I do believe that the nutritional value is greater in an organic controlled environment, free from pesticide or chemical soil enhancer's, and not a depleted soil from overproduction and heavily fertilizer use.

This may be a questionable statement, but I am convinced that if we all would go on a fresh food diet, we would be all a lot healthier and slimmer, with most of the preventable diseases, like heart disease, late onset diabetics, digestive problems and possible certain cancers, all disappearing.

There are lots of debates about what is the best diet.

Actually there is No Best Diet for all of us, it always comes back to the individual requirements, which often go hand and hand with our genetic inheritance and being able to digest or not digest specific foods.

However, the general basic requirements should be made up of fresh food, or if it comes to preserve foods for specific seasons, stick to naturally fermented foods.

On top of that are your very own individual requirements.

How to stay healthy ? .... yes, start replacing processed food with fresh food, as simple as that.

Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L. - Gold Coast

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