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World Health Organisation's Constitution:
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being
and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.


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useNature's support and intent statement

The Australian useNature Registry for 'Qualified Accredited' Natural Holistic Health Care Practitioners is a non-governmental voluntary Registry/Directory of holistic practitioners and Health Service providers that adhere to the 'COAG Health Council National Code of Conduct', Code of Ethics for the safety of the public.

For useNature registered natural therapists and naturopathic practitioners that meet our criteria.

  1. Voluntary participation of practitioners. UseNature supports the principle of freedom of practice and in no way will interfere with the practice of practitioners not registered.

  2. UseNature is a self-governing, self-regulating organization.

  3. UseNature supports and recommends accreditation of practitioners by Australian Associations.

  4. UseNature's registration is a statement of meeting useNature's requirements specific to the particular level of practice.

  5. Certification with useNature, is an independent validation of practitioner’s skills and the resulting emphasis on public protection and confidence.

  6. UseNature’s intent is to be a supporting body for natural therapy and naturopathic practitioners, providing guidelines of practice and supporting high quality education.

  7. UseNature’s intention is to support representation of naturopaths to various regulating bodies, to advance the standing of natural therapy and naturopathy/naturopathic medicine.

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