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What is Numerology?

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What is Numerology?

by Lubomir Dimitrov MSc, - Professional Astrologer, Australia

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Numerology explained

Almost all of us are curious and want to know more about the meaning of numbers.

The date of our birth, the number plate of our car, the street number that we live in and so on are all made up of numbers and they all have a distinct meaning.

For example by examining closely our birthdate, telephone number or the numbers on our credit card we can gain deep insight into many aspects of ourselves.

I had a friend of mine who lost his credit card and then the bank reissued him with another one. He came to me to ask me what this event meant. Then I examined the numbers on both his old and new credit cards and told him that he is on the brink of a new beginning in the financial area (credit card). The numbers on his new credit card suggested that he will have an increased income probably through a new job. A month later he was offered a new job with a higher salary.

It is not coincidental when these things happen - for example when we have to change a credit card, or move to a new place with a different street number or when we have to change our mobile phone number etc. Numbers represent energies and when we are about to make changes in our lives the numbers associated with us in one sense or another also change in order to reflect the changes of these new energies. Nothing is coincidental and so the numbers that are associated with us are also not coincidental. We can learn how to interpret them in order to get greater insight into various areas of our lives.

In ancient Hebrew language for example there were 22 letters, which at the same time represented a certain number. Arabic numbers with which we are familiar today were invented many centuries later.

The Hebrew letters themselves were used to represent the numbers. This shows that ancient people did not differentiate between words and numbers. For them, both were representing the same energy. Besides that, ancient people also believed that every word that is spoken or written evokes certain energy. For this reason they were extremely careful how they spoke or wrote their letters, because they believed that even one smallest mistake in the way the letter was written would evoke different (most probably malevolent) energy. They believed that letters which were not written correctly to the smallest detail would have very bad consequences for them.

For example, when a new copy of the Bible had to be made it had to be written by hand, letter by letter on a special rolled paper, called papyrus. The priest would then examine all the letters one by one and if he would find even one single letter written incorrectly, for example a bit wider or a bit longer, the whole papyrus would have to be discarded and the work would have to be done again. This is emphasising how serious ancient people were about the energy which is evoked by the written words.

It is difficult in today's time to comprehend completely how people perceived reality back then because we became too materialistic, but even today we should take these ancient beliefs more seriously.

It is a well known fact that there is a link between words and physical actions. Positive words evoke positive actions; negative words have the opposite effect. The same is true with the numbers. Since letters were originally used to represent numbers, they were believed to evoke the same energy. In ancient Hebrew language it was thus possible to reduce every single word to a number. This was done by adding up together the numerical value of each letter that constituted a certain word. Obviously in this way, there always would be words that would reduce to the same number.

The most obvious example can be given with words that are made up exactly with the same letters, but placed in a different order - if we convert the letters to numbers their sum will always be the same. In this case the two words in question will be related. For example the words "sale" and "seal" are made up from the same letters, but placed in a different order. It is not difficult to see the link here - every time when a sale is made it constitutes a certain agreement between the two parties - the one who sells and the one who buys. The seller provides the goods in exchange for a payment from the buyer. In essence this is an agreement, which is "sealed" between the two parties, hence the link between the words "sale" and "seal". There are many other examples like this.

Ancient people understood the link between the words that are reducing to the same number and used it very cleverly to "code" certain messages in their esoteric texts. For example by substituting words from the Bible with different words that reduce to the same number it is possible to make up completely different sentences, which reveal the true text written in it. Some attempts have been made recently to "crack" the code in the Bible with more or less success, but because modern men went too far away from the perception of the ancient people, it will be very difficult for us to find all the truths that are contained in this exceptional by its importance document.

In the table below you can see how you can convert the letters of the modern English alphabet into numbers.

convert letters into numbers.

By using above table you can convert your own name or any other word into a numerical value and then reduce it to a single or a double number.

For example if the sum of the letters of your name comes up to the number 127 you can reduce it by adding up together the numbers that make up this number, i.e. 1+2+7 = 10. Then you can interpret the number 10 or reduce it again to 1+0=1.

Numbers 11 and 22 cannot be reduced, because they are "Master Numbers" and have to be interpreted separately.

Note: It is best not to reduce numbers that are less then 66 because they all have separate meanings. For example 17 is not the same as 8 (although they are related to a certain extent) and have to be interpreted accordingly. Please also be aware of the specifics of the number that you are interpreting. For example the number related to your first name is how are you colloquially known by others, the outcome number of your first name, middle name and your surname by passport will be related to the full energy of your Higher Self, including past lives, present life and future trends; relate the number of your credit card or bank card to your financial situation; tie your street number to your earth connection (i.e. what grounds you); regard the land line phone number to how you communicate with others and link your mobile phone number to your mobility (i.e. to your true self) etc.

Numbers were created consecutively by adding 1 to the last number created. Every time when we add 1 to an existing number we are symbolically going on a new level and step outside certain limitations that existed previously. Every number, which can be divided by another contains within itself the energy of the number on which it can be divided. For example 6 contains within itself the energy of the numbers 2 and 3. We can say that in essence 6 is the higher octave of 2 and 3. The same rule applies to any other number, regardless of how big it is.

Therefore every even number is a repetition of the number 2 on a higher level and it will always contain within itself that energy.

There are numbers, which cannot be divided on any other number, they are called prime numbers. These are for example 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and so on. These numbers represent prime energy - they express something that has never existed before. For this reason they are special and will be given distinctive interpretation.

This concludes the introduction, read on to find the meanings for all numbers:

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  1. Number 1 - Absolute energy source, the Creator, potential, new beginning, creativity

  2. Number 2 - duality, confrontation, polarity, opposition, antagonism, union

  3. Number 3 - synthesis, harmony, equilibrium in local context, "green light" from destiny

  4. Number 4 - initial manifestation of matter, primitive, imperfect, but stable material form ...

  5. Number 5 - coming to life, invention, vitality, enjoyment, play, creativity

  6. Number 6 - life that takes a comfortable form, harmonious life on material plane, house

  7. Number 7 - spirituality, vertical connection between the material and spiritual worlds

  8. Number 8 - three-dimensional model, prototype of the spiritual world, mathematical logic ...

  9. Number 9 - Outer spirituality with inner contradictions, formal harmony with hidden ...

  10. Number 10 – Initial manifestation of spirit self-consciousness, a religious man, religion ...

  11. Number 11 – Going out in the open space for the first time without a space suit ....

  12. Number 12 – Cosmic karma, cosmic harmony implemented in the material world ...

  13. Number 13 – Divergence, Deviation, Distortion, Cleansing, Nihilism, Lucifer

  14. Number 14 – Archangels hierarchy, spiritual teaching, high spiritual teacher, reverence ...

  15. Number 15 – Harmonious life viewed as a synthesis of both matter and spirit

  16. Number 16 – Magic, Using one’s mind to change the reality, being in touch .....


Article supplied by:

Lubomir Dimitrov - Professional Astrologer

Compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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