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Numerology and the meaning of Number 10

by Lubomir Dimitrov MSc, - Professional Astrologer, Australia

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The meaning of number 10


Number 10 – Initial manifestation of spirit self-consciousness, a religious person, religion, humanity, first manifestation of a two-way influence from above towards below and the vice versa.

The number 10 is the last number of level 3 of spirit manifestation. This is the level of soul-giving forces. Therefore, this number completes the process of giving a soul to the matter. Since the matter obtains a soul (in some initial form), this means that the spirit will develop some initial consciousness about itself. This is not the type of self-consciousness, which will be developed later, when we consider the numbers that are divisible by 10 and which will be fully manifested on level 10 of spirit manifestation (numbers from 56 to 66). 

Nevertheless, it is the first step in this direction. On a mundane level the number 10 is represented by a human being. Or, if we want to be more precise, it is a human being that possesses some spirituality or rather some religious inclination. What makes the person of number 10 different is that he knows about the presence of spirit. The presence of spirit for him is something intangible, but nevertheless real. He can “sense it” in the manifestation of the nature around, or as an inner voice, which gives him a guidance.

How he acts on it is another question. A person born under the number 10 in its most developed stage can become a priest, a monk or a holy man. He can be locked up in a cell, voluntarily obeying a strict routine leading him towards a greater spiritual development. On the other hand he may be acting in the society, fulfilling some spiritual mission, being guided by specific spiritual forces. On a lower level a person born under the number 10 will feel within himself the call of the spiritual world, but will do anything possible to suppress it and act as he pleases. The number 10 is the first number from which onwards the Higher Spiritual Principle is represented in people’s conscious mind in its very initial form. The conscious mind is not in a position at this stage to formulate clear and solid concepts about the interconnections between the spiritual and material worlds. The conscious mind does not understand the mechanisms and principles that interconnect these worlds and how they cooperate with each other. At this stage this collaboration is experienced just as flashes of instant inspirations that are occurring times to times, or as a general feeling of connection with something invisible and of a spiritual nature.

The number 10 amplifies many times vertically the spiritual energy of the number 7. While the number 7 represents spirituality in its purest form, the number 10 is the collaboration of the spiritual and material worlds. Moreover, this is the first number where this becomes a two-way process; it goes as from below to above, so from above to below. In other words, for the first time, the direction of influence can be directed from below towards to what is above. Up to the number 10 the influence is one way only – the spiritual world exercises its influence over the material. From the number 10 onwards, the man who has obtained already some spirituality and can be called a religious man in the broadest sense of the word (the number 10) can also produce a certain effect on the spiritual world. This influence is only in its initial form and often it is not felt by the individual, but nevertheless he is applying it by exercising his free will. Often busy in our daily tasks we do not see that we are actually producing a change in the spiritual worlds by the decisions that we make. This change is done by acting or not acting on the calls, which are placed on us from the spiritual world. By acting positively on these calls we are modifying and preparing our soul for a greater and greater spiritual development. This will improve the spirit world immediately upon our death, when our spiritual part enters the spiritual world. If on the other hand if we feel the call of the spiritual world, but prefer not to act on it, or rather act in opposite of what we feel we should do, then our spiritual development is delayed or downgraded, which will have a negative effect on the spiritual world upon our death.

10 = 5 + 5 The major difference between humans and animals is not the fact that humans possess logic and ability to think. It is a proven fact that some highly developed animals also possess some of the ability to apply some logic and use certain reason. The major difference between humans and animals is this type of consciousness, which is intentionally connected with the spiritual world. Animals are connected to the spiritual world unconsciously therefore we say that they act on instinct. Instincts are nothing else, but direct commands from the spiritual world, which control the animal. Humans are also controlled by instincts to a certain extent, but in addition to that they have the ability to consciously feel the spiritual world and cooperate with it.  This is symbolized with the number 10 = 5 + 5.

Since the number 5 is depicting life, the number 10 is depicting the symbioses of two life forms (one material and one spiritual), which make up one body, that we call a human being. On a higher level that means that not only do we need God to take care of us and guide us in everything that we do, but Gods also need humans in order to progress in their own development. The first number which dares to establish a vertical communication from below to above (in other words men influencing Gods) is done at number 10. At this stage, though, the signal that is transmitted is very weak. Partially, this is happening because the number 10 is often not aware that it is transmitting anything. In other cases, there is a vague realisation that something is transmitted, but the individual is not aware what, when and how it is done.

Even at the most advanced stage of development, where the number 10 puts a lot of efforts to transmit a consciously directed message, the channel is still weak and it is often broken. The efforts may be made as from below, so from above, but at this stage the communication is very unstable, the signal is very insubstantial and can be overlapped easily by other influences. This is so, because at this stage the spiritual world has not manifested clearly itself, and therefore the faith in it is still weak and the doubts of what is heard or felt about it are great. Nevertheless, the number 10 (which is symbolizing the whole humanity) has the potential for the first time to establish a two-way communication with the spiritual world, something that never has been done before this number.

Because the number 10 represents the very first attempts for a two-way spiritual communication and growth, it is very easy to ignore the fragile signal from outside and from inside. Often people operating on the level of the number 10 will resist hearing the real message and will tend to slide down to the level of the number 9. In this case, a typical example would be religious people who observe fanatically the rites and customs of a particular religion, while in fact forgetting about the real communication with the spiritual world, which these very rites and customs are suppose to lead to.

10 = 9 + 1 The inner contradictions of the number 9 become apparent by introducing a new element (1) and the abyss between the body (9) and the spirit (1) becomes now painfully obvious. Nevertheless, as a result of this process a great inner harmonisation and purification can take place. For example, let’s take somebody who operates on the level of the number 9. Such a man may strictly observe the cannons of some particular religion and on the outside it may look like this man is really spiritual and holy, while in fact he may be a total atheist without even realising this on a conscious level. Regardless of how holy he may look on the outside he may be observing the customs and traditions of his religion just formally. Once this man grows to the level of the number 10, he may all of a sudden realise consciously his inner atheism. Of course, in this situation his formal, outer harmony will be totally destroyed, but nevertheless this man may find a weak, inner impulse of real spirituality. At this stage this man may not know what exactly to do with this new impulse and he may not be too sure how to use it, but nevertheless he will know that this time his faith (regardless of how small it is) is real and not just formal. In its initial stage of development the man of number 10 can go to extremes; for example he may become an ascetic.  

The number 10 is religious, but lacks self-confidence. Because the established vertical channel of two-way communication is still very weak, this number is a doubter, which may frequently swing in one or other direction. It is a creative number, but not as much as the numbers 5 or 7. It is all too easy for the number 10 to skid down to number 9, where it feels comfortable at least on the outside. The number 10 has frequent panic attacks, when it evolves close to the number 11, since it has to jump to the following level of spirit manifestation and it is dead frightened to do it.   

10 = 7 + 3 The amalgamation of spirituality (7) and harmony (3) leads to a new level, which is called religion (10).

10 = 8 + 2 A human (10) may look as a harmonious and well organized simply material structure (8), but is in fact a polarized being (2) (since contains also a spiritual element 10 = 5 + 5).

10 = 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 5 X 2   Humans are full of inner conflicts (2); in fact life (5) is in essence a perpetual conflict (2), the result of which however becomes a religious human (10)      

10 = 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 A human is a materialised (4), harmonised (3) and polarized (2), spiritual (1) form.

Now try for yourself: 10 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = ?

10 = 6 + 4 A human can be regarded as a material structure (4) well established in the material world (6). However don’t forget that 4 = 2 + 2 and 6 = 3 + 3, so try this 10 = 2 + 2 + 3 + 3 = ?


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Article supplied by:

Lubomir Dimitrov - Professional Astrologer

Compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast

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