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Numerology and the meaning of Number 11

by Lubomir Dimitrov MSc, - Professional Astrologer, Australia

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The meaning of number 11


Number 11 - Going out in the open space for the first time without a space suit, “crude innovations”, heralds and messengers from the future and/or from other dimensions, transcendental life problems, ethical shocks, energy tremors, sacrificed human lives in the name of the humanity progress.

Number 11 is the first number of level 4 of spirit manifestation.

These are the numbers from 11 to 15, which deal with matter. On level 1 we dealt with ideas only, on level 2 these ideas were brought to life, on level 3 they were given soul and now on level 4 they begin to materialize.

Since 11 is the first number of this level, when the spiritual ideas begin their first materialization, this course of action happens initially with a great shock. This process is similar to getting out in the open space for a first time, where the presence of the spiritual world is very concrete and it is experienced not through hunches and premonitions (as it was on the level of the number 10), but immediately and directly; the spiritual world becomes, so to speak, a first hand experience. However, the person of the number 11 is totally unprepared to experience the direct vibrations of the spiritual world, since his own vibrations are still very low and therefore this kind of experience is accompanied with shock, turmoil, and trauma. It is like going out in the open space for the first time, but without the space suit.

We said previously, when we were talking about the number 10, that this number periodically experiences panic attacks, when it evolves close to the number 11. This happens, because the energy transition from one level to another is not merely a change of quantity of energy, but rather a change of quality of energy. We know from physics that any input of energy to certain substance has its limits, after which the substance cannot absorb any more input of energy, without changing its phase. For example we can heat up a container filled in with water gradually starting from let’s say 20°C to 30°C, then 40°C and so on, but once the temperature of 100°C is reached the water will change its phase and any further quantity input of energy will lead to quality change of phase of water. From liquid, it will become gas. This transition, from the point of view of the water molecules is nothing less than a total revolution and transformation. To envisage this, imagine our Solar system as a giant molecule that is a part of some huge Cosmic substance and that all of a sudden the whole order of planets and constellations is being suddenly changed!

The same thing happens at the beginning of every new level of spirit manifestation. If before the molecules were bound close together to form a liquid, and they did not have the freedom to change their position in respect to their neighbours, from the moment when the temperature reaches 100°C, they get far apart from each other and are then free to take any position in respect to each other. This change is radical, because it gives the water substance a totally new quality; from this point onwards it has the opportunity to expand without the necessity to be bound in a relatively rigid, dense, liquid form.

Here I have to mention in brackets that it is important for modern scientists today to look at the processes that happen on a molecular level from a spiritual perspective. The reason being is that strictly speaking any substance is not made from molecules, atoms and particles, as they believe, but essentially from spirit. The particles, which scientists observe under their microscopes, are essentially physical manifestations of the spirits, which has created them, just the same as the physical, human body is a physical manifestation of the spirit that lives within it.

So we can see that the transitions to all numbers that begin a new level of spirit manifestation (2, 4, 7, 11, 16, 22, 29) are very difficult. They are ultimately the most rewarding ones too, since they allow the spirit to evolve to a new totally different level and to start a new cycle (the new level of spirit manifestation) that has not been experienced before. Speaking on the language of physics, the transition from the number 10 to the number 11 is similar to changing a phase of a substance. Although the molecules become more free and have the ability to expand, this transition is accompanied with a great shock that totally upsets and distresses (at least initially) the status quo in which they lived previously. This crisis can only be resolved with the transition to the next number 12. Since 12 can be divided by 3 and 6, this means that the number 12 contains in itself, the harmony (3) totally manifested in the material reality (6). However, on the level of the number 11 we are still far away from this.

11 is a prime number and cannot be divided either by 2, nor by 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or any other number smaller than 11. It can only be divided by itself. We mentioned before that any number that cannot be divided by any other smaller number, but itself is called a prime number and as such, it contains a totally new type of energy, which was never experienced before by any other number created previously. Numbers are created in sequence starting from 0 and by always adding 1. In such a way any time when a new prime number is created (such as 11) a new type of energy is established, which was never experienced before. Often, it is not easy to live up with this new type of energy, but it is necessary in order to open up new paths and ways for humanity.

On a mundane level, a person living under the number 11 can be called a crude innovator, or a messenger from another dimension or from another point of time (often the future). It could be that such a person is in a direct contact with representatives of another extraterrestrial civilization (consciously or unconsciously), or that he or she is controlled directly by spirits that live on a very high level in the angelic hierarchy. Usually, people are aware (if at all) only of their guardian angels; the ones who live immediately above the humans. Typically, one angel is responsible to look after several people. Since space and time follow different rules in the angelic hierarchy, it is not a problem for one angel to be at the same time around several people, even if they live very far apart from each other. Above the angels live the archangels; they are “in charge” of the angels and of large masses of people, such as political parties, movements, associations, large corporations, and sometimes even large cities. And above them live the archai. They are the ones who lead the whole humanity in a certain direction. Typically, they rule over nations and take care about the global problems of humanity.

A person of the number 11 can be in a direct contact not only with his or her guardian angel, but also with the archangel or even the archai, who lives above. With the majority of people, this never happens, but in some special cases, it is necessary. This implies a huge problem for the people concerned, if they attempt under these special circumstances to live an ordinary life on this earth. In most cases the vibrations on which they will be exposed to will be far too high to be comprehendible consciously by them. Such people live on strictly individualistic programs, which in most cases will be totally different from the vast majority of people. Their karmic pattern will be utterly out of the ordinary and as a rule will be consciously unknown by them. Not only that, but also in some cases their entire karmic pattern may not be totally revealed even to their immediate guardian angels. This may be done in order to prevent unnecessary “leak” of information that could change these people’s behaviour. How they act in the outer world and the motivation behind their decisions very rarely will be understood by others (often the people concerned will not be able to understand themselves either). Most of the time such people will be considered “weird” (in the best case scenario) or insane (in the worst case scenario) and in some extreme cases, they could be even locked up in mental hospitals. Psychologically, most such people feel very uncomfortable on earth; they have a feeling as if they have come here from another planet and have to put up with a very difficult material reality, to which they have huge difficulties to conform. Their problems typically cannot be solved on the earth plane, and their illnesses usually cannot be healed.

On a low level, such people can develop one mental disorder or another, psychological, or psychiatric symptoms, severe emotional problems, schizophrenia or insanity. This is due to the fact that normal vibration level of the human body is very low and usually cannot withstand a vibration level of a very high order, which is controlling the person in question. On a high level, the number 11 can produce geniuses, people that possess extraordinary and unusual minds or people who invented remarkable and totally brilliant theories, innovations, and methods. After some time, their ideas and methods usually help the humanity to start a journey on a new path, leading to grandiose changes in people’s lives. Notwithstanding this, however, the life of such people is still very difficult, while they are alive and with few exceptions, they gain recognition and acclaim only after their death. The loneliness of these people and their antagonism with the society is symbolized with the two 1’s comprising 11. The reason for this is that as the intelligence of a person increase, so the number of people who are able to understand him decreases. At a certain point, such person remains vastly not understood by the whole humanity and only after some time, when the general level of intelligence of humanity increases, people become able to comprehend and appraise his works. Even today, people like Plato, Pythagoras, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, Einstein (although officially recognized) are largely not understood by ordinary people. Imagine what the attitude of their counterparts were when they were alive.

For example, Albert Einstein, who developed the famous theory of relativity – a work that is outstanding in its brilliance – was extremely absent-minded and eccentric in his every day life, to say the least! Reportedly, he had a cat, for which he sawed a hole in the kitchen door, so the cat would be able to pass from the hall to the kitchen without him having to open and close the door. But one day the cat gave birth to four kittens, and then he sawed four smaller holes next to the first one, so each kitten would have its own, individual hole to pass through. On other times, he reportedly sawed the rudder off his sail boat while at sea. There is another story that happened with him and that is interesting in this respect. On his first meeting with Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein said to him something along these lines: “You are one of the greatest geniuses I know. You have a real talent to take complex human problems and express them in your movies in such a way that everybody understands them.”; to which Charlie Chaplin replied: “You are even bigger genius than me, because nobody understands your Theory of Relativity and you are still well recognized world-wide.”

We see that there is a very fine line between being classified as an idiot or as a genius. One can say that the genius is recognized by the society idiot, while the idiot is an unrecognized genius. It is important to bear this in mind, since there is a big branch in the official medicine today, which is dedicated exactly to this: to classify one person or another according to the type of mental disorders they presumably have and then to force them on medication, which in most cases is doing them much more harm than good. If somehow some of our modern medical psychiatrists could go back in time, they will be probably tempted to find one kind or another of “mental disorder” even in the behaviour of Jesus, which was by all means not “normal”, i.e. not as everybody else’s’. In order to classify a person as not normal we first have to agree on what is normal and this is almost impossible, since “normality” for one person can be classified as “abnormality” for another.

The people living under the number 11 rarely can be classified as “normal,” since they live according to a very different karmic program. However, the society usually is not tolerant towards such people and tries to make them fit into their own “normality,” which in most cases makes the life of these people very difficult. For instance, some gay people, living back in the 60’s and the 70’s are good example of people living under the number 11. The society was extremely intolerant to them back then and lots of these people suffered oppression, were locked up in prisons, were beaten up, terrorised and so on.

Notwithstanding that, however, they slowly built a new path on which eventually many more people started to walk, reaching a point today when almost half a million people attend Mardi Grass Festival in Sydney annually. This process, however, is relatively still only in its infant stage and it will continue to grow in the future. Today, the majority of gay people in Australia, however, do not live under the number 11 any more (except in some very small towns), because homosexuality in our society at present day is considered “normal.”

Other manifestations of the number 11 are people that are being born with one physical disability or another; or who had very difficult childhood, having to go constantly through abuse and molestation; orphans, raised in institutions and also people exhibiting hundreds of kinds of various psychological disorders that lead to their isolation from the society and that make their integration in the society very difficult. All these unfortunate, ill-fated people may contain in themselves potentially ideas, paths and methods that are new to humanity. These people can be called “crude innovators.” I have picked up this term, because when an innovation becomes refined, then it becomes useful for the society, thus accepted and recognized. In its initial stage, however, the innovation is in its crude form, and because it is still not integrated with the society, the society does not see any usefulness of such an invention, which often brings a lot trouble for the inventor in question. 

The number 11 is beyond doubt not a social number. Not only it does not fit into any social group, but also it constantly challenges the society with its manifestations. “Normal” people prefer not to deal with it or pretend that they do not notice it. The reason for that is that the society by large does not know how to deal with it, since the expression of number 11 is so different from what is considered “normal.” And yet it teaches us to open up to new paths, look at different ways to deal with common problems and challenges us to solve irrational tasks. This leads to eventually finding solutions to some transcendal life problems. For example, how the society should deal with children that are born deformed, misshapen or terratoid and how these children are supposed to live in the society when they grow up?

11 = 10 + 1 The number 10 feels very comfortable within itself, at least formally. Going out from this level (adding 1) brings shock and turmoil, leading to a total re-building of the structure.

11 = 9 + 2 A strong polarisation (2) of the harmonious structure that looks spiritual only on the outside (9) leads to a connection to a tremendously powerful cosmic channel.   

11 = 1 + 10 Humanity (10) exploring the idea of the Creator (1) comes to the realization that there is a lot more work to be done in regards to the so called established, normal, moral and ethical values (11)

11 = 7 + 4 Spirituality (7) finds itself locked up in the rigid material reality (4), and being unable to express itself, this leads to antagonism and isolation (11)

11 = 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 = (5 X 2) + 1 Life (5) is full of contradictions (2), whose entire meaning and purpose is known only by the Creator (1)

11 = 3 + 8 An inventor (11) can take a harmonious idea (3) and implement it as a new mathematical prototype or innovation (8)

11 = 8 + 2 + 1 This new innovation, (8) however, may not be recognized by the society, leading to confrontation, (2) but this is the plan of the Creator (1) in order to advance the whole society (11)


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