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Numerology and the meaning of Number 2

by Lubomir Dimitrov MSc, - Professional Astrologer, Australia

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The meaning of number 2

Number 2 stands for > duality, confrontation, polarity, opposition, antagonism, union

The operation of adding 1 to any number symbolizes going out of the previously existing limiting situation.

The number 1 existed by itself, but now all that it is (symbolized by 1), is divided into 2 distinct categories.

Usually this happens after some kind of upheaval, revolution or opposition, when one part is totally disagreeing with the other.

Since this is the first manifestation after the 1, it is not difficult to see that the whole Universe is built on duality, or the number 2.

The number 2 symbolizes the disturbance, caused by the disagreement between the God and the Devil. From the moment when 2 was created, all numbers, which contain 2 within themselves (in other words all even numbers), contain the energy of the number 2 within itself. It doesn't matter how big the number is. Even if it is 2 million, it still can be divided into two equal parts of 1 million each, which symbolizes the antagonism and the confrontation contained within any even number.

It is painfully obvious that the whole purpose of the evolution of the Universe is exactly this - to find a resolution of the conflict, which happened millions of years ago, when the Absolute energy was divided into two parts - the good and the evil.

Editors Note: The good and evil is one interpretation, which in my view has limited true understanding, and has caused more conflict than solutions. - Another viewpoint is; there are simply 2 forces, (no value attached) which are needed for earthly creation, as in Men and Woman, and for energy positive in negative poles.

The whole Universe with its millions of life-forms is nothing else but a manifestation of the battle between the good and the evil. The problem of the number 2 is that it believes that everything can be expressed with simple opposition.

These are the people who perceive the world in black and white colours; they either totally agree with something or totally disagree with something else. In fact the world contains many shades of grey as well, but the number 2 cannot differentiate between the shades. Its purpose is to totally deny, that what it is, by turning into its opposite.

Allegorically the number 2 can be represented with the antagonism between the parents and the children, when they grow up; or with the black and the white colours; or with the zeros and ones that are constantly flowing in our computers and so on.

In astrology the number two is represented by a circle, which is divided into two parts. Any circle has 360°. When the circle is divided into two, the result is 180°. When two planets stand in two opposite positions in the chart (in other words when they are 180° apart) they cause a very tense astrological aspect, which logically is called an opposition.

A native with this aspect in his or her chart experiences very tense events in life, according to the nature of the planets and the signs involved. The usual scenario is that on one level he or she will want to do one thing, but will not be able to do so, because the other planet will pull him or her in a totally opposite direction. As you can see the meanings of the numbers are not arbitrary, but they are directly derived from the planetary positions that essentially rule to a great extent our lives.

In this respect we can say that numerology is basically stemming directly from astrology.

On a low level the number 2 looks very disharmonious because it implies confrontation and constant vacillation between two totally opposite states.

On a higher level, though, 2 looks harmonious, since the constant change of states is necessary from a higher purpose point of view. For example, the constant change of day and night, winter and summer, high tides and low tides etc. are absolutely necessary for the existence of life on our planet.

The number 2 sometimes can also represent a union; hence it is symbolic of a marriage (not without the usual confrontation within the family, of course). The antagonism of the number 2 is impossible to be resolved on this level; it can only be resolved with the introduction of a third element.

The typical statement of people born with this number is; "I cannot live with you, but I also cannot live without you". 


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Article supplied by:

Lubomir Dimitrov - Professional Astrologer

Compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast

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