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Numerology and the meaning of Number 9

by Lubomir Dimitrov MSc, - Professional Astrologer, Australia

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The meaning of number 9


Number 9 - Outer spirituality with inner contradictions, formal harmony with hidden antagonism, inner crisis, preparation for a development on a higher level, spiritual profanation, rituals, religion, mysticism, 9 is the inverted 6.

9 = 3 2 is the third level of expression of the harmonious number 3.

On the first level (of ideas) we saw that the number 3 itself manifests as a perfect and "in accord in itself" number, which believes that it provides total and ultimate harmony, but we saw that this is not the case. The perfect, unilateral triangle symbolizing the number 3 feels perfect in its two-dimensional plane, but it is totally unaware of the existence of a three-dimensional reality.

On its second level of manifestation (of life-giving forces) this number appears as the number 6 (6 = 3 + 3). The number 6 is dealing with the final touch of the first spirit materialization and manifestation in the material reality. However, we observed that the number 6 is only interested in a functional, well-established and harmonious material life, without taking into account the spiritual element, which ultimately creates the material reality.

On the third level of spirit manifestation (of soul-giving forces) we see the manifestation of the number 3, this time through the number 9 (9 = 3 + 3 + 3). Since we are talking about the level of soul-giving forces, it is logical that this time the number 3 will encompass some soul, or in other words some spiritual element. And indeed, this time we see the number 3 on a different level - not just as an idea (the number 3), or as beautifully organized material reality (the number 6), but this time we see the number 3 reincarnated again in the partially spiritualized, full-of-life matter.

It is interesting to note that the number 9 can also be regarded as the inverted number 6. This is not only apparent in the way we write these numbers, but it is also revealed in their true meanings. The number 6 is primarily concerned with building a perfect material structure, whereas the number 9 is primarily concerned with building a perfect spiritual structure. The number 6 is an even number and can be divided by 2 , while 9 cannot. On the other side the number 6 can be divided also by 3. It is obvious that both numbers have a common base (the number 3) where one is containing it 2 times, and the other is containing it 3 times. We already stated before that the even numbers are close to the Earth and to the matter. They tend to form structures that are well-established on the material plane, but they have difficulties connecting to the spiritual planes (unless they can be divided also by 3 or 7 for example). The odd numbers always introduce a new element that gives a possibility of something new being developed, which ultimately always originates from the Source, or the Creator (the number 1).

Any odd number is formed by adding the number 1 to the previous even number. In such way 9 can be regarded as an inverted 6, and 6 can be regarded as an inverted 9. They are symbolic to the battle between the spiritual and the material, one of them trying to establish a perfect material reality and the other one trying to establish a perfect spiritual reality. As a result of this battle neither one wins, but the whole Universe is built on this duality - day and night, summer and winter, yin and yang and so on. 

The number 9 is next to the last number 10 in the level 3 of spirit manifestation. As such it is dealing with issues preparing the numbers to complete this level and move on to a totally new level of awareness, which would be the 4 th level of spirit manifestation, namely the level 4 of matter. That is to say that when reaching to the number 9 we already feel that a total and entire transformation is about to happen very soon. We still do not see it. The reality of the number 9 is very harmonious and self-sufficient. It looks like everything is all right and perfect on the material plane and yet one can intuitively feel that grandiose changes are around the corner, which are going to transform the number 9 into an entirely new level of existence.

As an example we can use here the image of an old and wise man, who is feeling the approaching of his last moment of life. Outwardly, there are no signs showing this. His body is still functioning relatively well. He is complete in his wisdom and knowledge. He might be even worshiped by others who may perceive him as a perfect, ideal, holly man. And yet, inwardly he knows that he has reached the peak of his potential, that there is nothing more that he can learn from this life, he knows that he has reached his ultimate perfection and there is no possibility for any further development for him in this lifetime. Thus, his soul is getting ready for a total transformation and he is feeling the approaching of death, which will give him the opportunity after some time to start again a new life, full of new possibilities.

This new life is symbolized by the number 10. The number 10 is similar in its essence to the number 1, because it denotes a new beginning, full of new opportunities and a start of a new cycle. However, the difference is that the number 10 contains within itself all the numbers from 1 to 9.

Thus, this new beginning is not an entirely new, blank page of white paper where we can write anything we want (as it was with the number 1). In the beginning of this new page there are a few sentences written already. These sentences are the summary of all the experiences that this man went trough, going all the way from the numbers 1, 2, 3 etc. in sequence until he reached the number 9 and then he died to start again with the number 10. In other words 9 contains the death in itself, it contains the end of a situation, which has been evolving through all the numbers from 1 till 9 and because there is no possibility for any further development or any further perfection of the current situation (as it is perfect already in itself) it has to pass through death, through a total transformation in order to start again a new cycle, but this time on a higher level.

Thus the number 10 is a new beginning, but such that contains within itself the essence of all the experiences of the numbers from 1 to 9. This is symbolised by the few sentences written in the beginning of the new blank page. In other words this is the karma of this man. He starts again at a higher level of existence, but carries out with him the consequences of all his good and bad actions from the previous lifetime, which determine the initial circumstances in his new lifetime.

In this respect 10 is different to 1. Whilst 1 is a new beginning with endless possibilities (blank piece of paper), 10 is wiser, since it contains in itself the experiences of all the numbers from 1 to 9, but it is somewhat more limited in the possibilities into which it can develop, since the first few sentences on this new piece of paper are already written. If these sentences are the first lines of a love poem, we cannot continue on this page with writing a manual for a combustion engine. We have to continue with the love poem until we finish it and this will determine the new circumstances into which the individual will be born. On the other hand, if we started writing a technical manual, then we have to continue in the same manner further and there is not much space left here to write poems about love.

Similarly people progressing in their lives from the energy of one number to another, write their own sentences on their own pieces of paper and when the final day comes and they pass through the gate of the death, they carry out with themselves the essence of everything written by themselves in the present lifetime. This will determine the first few sentences on their new piece of paper later (symbolized by the new life and the number 10). And then they will be bound to continue writing in the same manner until the end of the page, since the topic is already being chosen.

The number 9 represents cosmic harmony, which is manifested into the spiritualized matter. However, on the level of the number 9 this spiritualized matter is still not ready to accept within itself the cosmic harmony completely. Thus, this is leading to an inner conflict, which only can be solved on a level of the number 10, but not on the level of the number 9. The number 9 is aware of this conflict, but because it knows that it is not in a position to resolve it, it does everything possible to mask the conflict with an outer harmony. Looking at the number 9 from outside we will see only harmony, self-sufficiency, spirituality and so on, but in reality, the number 9 is in fact a symbol of transition, crisis and transformation. The number 9 can be better understood with the image of a pregnant woman.

The pregnant woman is self-sufficient and outwardly she looks as if she represents one single entity. She may even pretend that everything is as it used to be before; she may not even want to change something in her lifestyle. However, consciously or subconsciously she realizes that this is only a temporary stage, before a total transformation occurs and with this transformation all her life will change. So, regardless of if she ignores the signs or not, the crisis in transforming the current structure approaches and this is apparent through frequent changes of mood, cravings for food, inability to move quickly around as before and so on.

The inner conflict inherent to the number 9 has its roots in the fact that this is the third manifestation of the number 3, in other words the number 9 consists of three elements, each one of which has created another two. But we know that the number 2 always implies antagonism. Thus, on a outer level it looks like the number 9 is harmonious, because it consists from 3 main elements and we know that the number 3 constitutes harmony, but each one of those elements has created another 2 which are in conflict with each other and this problem cannot be solved by the number 9. This is represented on the diagram below.

Similar to the number 8, the number 9 is not connected directly to the spiritual realms above it; therefore it represents the maximum harmony that can be built in the world, however without establishing a direct contact with the spiritual creative forces above it. In this way, the number 8 represents the reality of the formal methods while the number 9 represents the well established and harmonious formal methods in their ideal form (for example the official, material science). In such way the inherent antagonism of the number 9 makes it impossible for the spirit to be adequately and harmoniously manifested in the material reality (not on the third level of spirit manifestation anyway). On the other side, the number 9 attempts to ignore this fact and tries to built partially spiritual material structures, based on what is available to this number. However, this is done without establishing a real contact with the higher spiritual, creative forces. In such way the inner antagonism inbuilt into the number 9 is not obviously apparent and it is not visible from outside.

The number 9 pretends that it is perfect and makes us believe that its inner conflicts are not conflicts at all, but inner forces that will make this number evolve and develop further. However, this is not true. To start with, the number 9 symbolizes a perfect harmony that is already reached (or at least the number 9 makes us believe so). Therefore, the number 9 does not want to develop, grow and evolve by default. This is so, because this number believes that it is perfect in itself and does not think that any further growth is possible or necessary. On the other hand, the number 9 feels consciously or subconsciously the inner conflicts that are inherent to it, since there are many signs indicating the approaching crisis and the imminent transformation. The number 9 is not in a position to resolve these conflicts (this would be only possible with the number 10) and try to mask them, so that from the outside it looks like they are not there at all.

9 = 8 + 1 the number 9 is in a possession of perfect instruments (8) with which to work on the spiritual plane (9), but because it lacks a direct connection with it, the number 9 tries to build its harmony in the partially spiritual material reality (1), ignoring the spiritual forces from above. As a result, the number 9 builds formal, material harmony only that looks spiritual, but lacks the direct connection with the true spirituality. Example: a musician who is putting a lot of effort to improve his skills working on a particular musical instrument, but who is ignoring the spiritual feeling of love, which is ultimately the only one that would be able to inspire him to truly play that piece of music as it should be. The perfect technique by itself will not give "soul" to the music.

9 = 7 + 2 The number 9 contains within itself great spirituality (7), which leads to development in the vertical structure, but which contains inner conflicts (2) that are not possible to resolve on this level

9 = 6 + 3 Perfect material forms (6) embed within themselves some harmonious spirituality (3) and look outwardly perfect and harmonious (9), however they contain well-masked inner conflicts (6 = 2 X 3).

9 = 5 + 4 Life (5) that has been materialized at the initial stage (4) looks formally harmonious (9)

9 = 3 + 6 Harmonious idea (3) has been implemented as a perfect material form (6), which however contains inner antagonism (6 = 2 X 3)

9 = 2 + 7 The idea of confrontation (2) is expressed through a structure that looks very spiritual (7)

9 = 3 + 3 + 3 = (1 + 2) + (1 + 2) + (1 + 2) The number 9 looks very harmonious (3) since it is formed by 3 times 3 elements, but each one of them contains inner confrontation (2) which is impossible to resolve on this level.


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Article supplied by:

Lubomir Dimitrov - Professional Astrologer

Compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast

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