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Numerology and the meaning of Number 6

by Lubomir Dimitrov MSc, - Professional Astrologer, Australia

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The meaning of number 6


The number 6 stands for: life that takes a comfortable form, harmonious life on material plane, house

The number 6 is completing the second level of spirit manifestation.

We called this level the level of the life-giving forces. While on the first level of spirit manifestation we were talking more about the abstract ideas that were observable in the spiritual world only, on the second level of spirit manifestation we are dealing with the materialization of those ideas.

The task of the first two numbers in the second level was to manifest the spirit into the material world (the number 4) and to bring the whole structure to life (the number 5). However, the number 6 is completing the task of this level by making the life in a material form comfortable for the spirit. In other words the number 6 is dealing with the final touch of the spirit materialization and manifestation in the material reality.

The matter and the spirit were originally created in the number 4. However, the spirit felt extremely restricted there. Then later the number 5 brought the rigid structure of the number 4 into life, thus giving the spirit an opportunity to manifest for the first time its creative potential. But the number 5 does not provide comfortable conditions for the spirit to do so - this is done by the number 6.

The symbol of the number 6 is a beehive with bees and honey-combs. This is one perfect example of the life (represented by the bees) that inhabits comfortably in the matter (represented by the well-built beehive and the honey-combs). Such cosy level of existence was unthinkable with the number 5, where the grass stroke was struggling to get through the asphalt. In other words, the number 6 represents the final stage of implementation of a harmonious, well-established, material life.

The idea of such well-organized and well-functioning life first originated on the first level of spirit manifestation (numbers 1, 2 and 3), continued its realization on the second level of spirit manifestation with the numbers 4 and 5, but it reached its final, concluding form with the last number of this level - the number 6. In such way, as 3 represents absolute harmony on the first level of ideas, so does 6 represents absolute harmony on the second level of life in matter. This is so, because 6 can be divided by 3. However, the second level of spirit manifestation is still very low and primitive - all we have on this level is spirit, manifested as life in material form.

We will see later as we progress through the other numbers that there are much higher worlds in the hierarchy of numbers. However, the number 6 is not aware of them at this stage and it feels perfectly secure in its solid, comfortable, material structure. In a similar fashion, the number 3 used to feel perfectly harmonious in its 2-dimensional plane without being aware of the existence of a 3-dimensional world.

The harmony of the number 6 can be observed on the material plane in everything that has a pretty and functional appearance. For example this can be a nice, edible mushroom with beautiful forms. If the mushroom is poisonous, it means that it is of no use to us and therefore it is not ruled by the number 6. On the other hand, if the mushroom is edible, but of extraordinary beauty, then it will become a piece of art and again will be ruled by another, higher number.

The number 6 is only interested in a functional, well-established and harmonious material life. In the similar fashion, the number 6 rules for example a small-to-medium-size house that is designed and built exclusively for practical reasons, or a chair, which is very comfortable to sit on, or an ant-hill that is built in the best possible location in regards to the type of soil, access to food etc. and at the same time is engineered in the most optimal way in regards to security issues, food storage, internal passages and so on.

In astrology the number 6 is represented by an aspect called a "sextile". This aspect is derived by dividing the wheel on six parts and since the wheel is 360º, a sextile is actually an angle of 60º. This is one of the most harmonious aspects in astrology, denoting easy flow of events, plenty of positive opportunities and general good luck in the area of life, denoted by the planets in signs and astrological houses. The only stronger positive aspect is the trine, which is formed by dividing the wheel into 3. As we can see, 6 is a higher octave (or a higher harmonic) of the number 3, and it is repeating it on a higher level.

The interpretation of the numbers is directly derived by the planetary positions and follows the cosmic laws of spirit manifestation.

You can read about the meaning of numbers in many different books, but it is very unlikely that you will find an explanation where exactly the meaning of all numbers is derived from. For example why 2 means confrontation and why 3 means harmony and not the vice versa? The answer to this question lies in the planetary positions and how they affect us. When two planets are in opposition to each other (the circle divided by 2) they bring to people tense and difficult events in their lives.

When the same planets are on 120º from each other (the circle divided by 3) they bring us harmonious and happy events. All the other numbers follow the same pattern. The number 6 can be divided by 3 and therefore contains the positive energy of the number 3 within itself. The number 4 can be divided by 2 and contains the antagonism, inherent to the number 2 within itself, but repeating it on a higher level. The number 6, however, can also be divided by 2 as well, which means that there is a price that we have to pay for the ability to live harmonious and well-established material life. The price is the polarisation and the conflict between the material and the spiritual, which cannot be resolved on this level, since 6 is an even number. 

6 = 5 + 1 The number 6 solves the main problem of the number 5, i.e. its indefensibility. But the availability of protection and comfort comes at a price. Since 6 is an even number it lacks the spontaneity and the ability to enjoy life, inherent to the number 5.

6 = 4 + 2 The problem of the number 4 being inharmonious is solved by introducing strong polarisation, which energizes it and brings life to a certain finished forms

6 = 3 + 3 Life is established on the base of two diverse realities. They are very different from each other but at the same time they are both harmonious, each of them in a different way.

For example, this effect can be reached when we try to combine the theory with the practice. These two realities can be both harmonious, but from their own point of view only. From the point of view of the other reality the things may look different. In general, the number 6 rules all engineering trades and all people who try to implement in practice some theoretical knowledge.

6 = 2 + 4 Some antagonism (the number 2) is materialized (the number 4). In doing so, the conflict becomes solved to a great extent, because now both parties are working together in order to bring harmony (the number 6) into this new way of mutual existence.

6 = 1 + 5 The absolute energy (the number 1) comes to life (the number 5). This process is similar to what we described in relation to the number 4, where 4 = 1 + 3 meant that the absolute energy had to be harmonized (the number 3). However, in the case of 4 the absolute energy was severely limited in its expression, while in 6 it has more freedom.

Nevertheless, even in 6 this freedom is also limited to a great extent. Since both numbers are relatively small, in both cases the materialization of the sprit takes place with great distortions.

6 = 1 + 2 + 3 The absolute energy (the number 1) manifests itself through polarisation (the number 2), which however, reaches harmonious form (the number 3) in the material reality (the number 6).


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Article supplied by:

Lubomir Dimitrov - Professional Astrologer

Compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast

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