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Numerology and the meaning of Number 7

by Lubomir Dimitrov MSc, - Professional Astrologer, Australia

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The meaning of number 7


Number 7 - stands for: Spirituality, vertical connection between the material and spiritual worlds, spiritual teacher who is also practical, sevenfold vertical hierarchy, sevenfold time period, characteristics and specifications of the spiritual dimensions, unfoldment of space into time (4/7), higher reasons behind every action, spiritual transformation that leads to material transformation.

After we described the first level of spirit manifestation, where only ideas existed and after the second level, where we got acquainted with the forces that bring the matter to life, now we are rising to the third level of spirit manifestation, which deals with the forces that are bestowing soul to the live organism.

The number 7 is symbolic of the transition to an entirely new level of existence. While the second level deals only with the most primitive material forms and their bringing to life, the third level of spirit manifestation deals with the even more important task of embedding the soul into the live matter.

In other words on the third level we have already three distinct bodies - one of which is visible (the physical body) and the other two are invisible (the ethereal and the astral bodies). The ethereal body is associated with the 2 nd level and the keyword for it is "life" , while the astral body (or the so called aura) is associated with the 3 rd level and its keyword is "feelings". There is a huge difference between the frequencies of vibrations on which these two levels operate.

Out of the four major kingdoms that inhabit the Earth, three of them posses ethereal bodies and are therefore alive. These are the kingdoms of plants, animals and humans. The forth kingdom - the one of minerals possess a physical body only and for this reason it cannot be said that it is "alive". Every organism which possesses an ethereal body is characterized with being alive and can grow and proliferate. This is common for plants, animals and humans. On the other side, there is a huge difference between the plants and animals. Animals in addition to their physical and ethereal bodies also possess astral bodies, which make them capable to feel. Feelings belong to the third level and are common only for the kingdom of animals and humans. The difference in the level of vibration between plants and animals is equal to the difference of level of vibration between the second and the third levels of spirit manifestation.

There is a particular spiritual law that describes the connection between the time and space. This law states that the time and space are related in a ratio of 7 to 4. What does this mean?

Everything material is expressed in space as fourfold, but it is manifested in time as sevenfold.

For example there are four kingdoms that exist on this planet and they are fourfold spread in the space as minerals, plants, animals and humans.

There are four elements that comprise everything visible on our planet and these are again fourfold spread in space as fire, air, water and earth.

There are four directions again fourfold spread in space as east, south, west and north.

The four directions, the four elements and the four kingdoms are ruled by the archangels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel respectively. These are shown in the table below.

However, when events are unfolding in time, the fourfold space structure is expressed through seven time periods. For example, the whole evolution of our planet is divided into seven major time periods namely the Polarian, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean, present Arian, and two future epochs.

On the other hand each one of these seven major epochs is divided into seven cultural epochs. For example the present Arian epoch is divided into Ancient Indian, Persian, Egypto-Chaldean, Greek-Roman, Modern day Western, future Slavic and one more to follow after that cultural epoch. And in turn each one of these cultural epochs, (which last approximately 2,100 years each) is subdivided into seven smaller time periods. So as you can see the fourfold space structure is represented in time as sevenfold time periods. Each one of these time periods is ruled by one of the seven elohim, who work really high in the angelic hierarchy. So as you can see the time is ruled by seven great spirits, who alternate their sovereignty in every subsequent time period and the pattern 7 times 7 times 7 is repeating in time.







































Elohim Tzabaoth

Adonai ha Aretz












One of the most common ways to represent this principle is with the horse-shoe spread of the Taro cards. This method of divination is often used by the Tarot card readers. In this way seven cards are drawn from the person asking questions about his or her future and are laid down in the fashion shown on the diagram. The seven cards represent the unfoldment of time for this particular person. The first three depict the past, the forth in the middle symbolizes the present and the last three represent the future. Every event unfolds in time following the number 7 by getting at some starting point, then getting more momentum during the second and the third periods. The most important event or the culmination always happens in the middle during the fourth period and then the intensity of the events gradually eases during the following three time periods.

Also the first period is related to the seventh in this respect that the first period shows us the original problem, while the seventh is the outcome after all seven periods have elapsed. In the same manner the second period is related to the sixth and the third is related to the fifth. For this reason the cards with these numbers are placed at their corresponding levels. The first card shows the origin of the problem, which interests this particular person. The second card shows his or her immediate reaction to this situation, the third card shows the consequences of those actions, which unfolded in the immediate past. The fourth card depicts how the person feels now about this situation. The fifth card shows the events which will follow immediately in the near future, the sixth card can be taken as a tip from the spiritual world and prompts us to take a particular corrective action in case we did not like the previous card and the seventh card is a summary or the eventual outcome, showing us the best that we can achieve in this situation.

Here we see that the principle of "As above, so below" is totally fulfilled and the events happening with the individual, who can be represented as a microcosm follow exactly the same sevenfold time structure, which is inherent to the macrocosm. The time is represented with the seven cards, but the space is represented with the four major types of Tarot Cards -the wands, the swords, the cups and the coins. Each one of those is related to the fire, air, water and earth respectively. So the time unfoldment is represented with the number 7, but the actual events that will take place in space are represented with the number 4. The type of cards that will be drawn, represented by the number 4 will show us the actual people and events that will unfold in space, but the time when this will happen will be shown by the actual position of cards, represented by the number 7.

The number 7 governs also everything that is shown as a vertical unfoldment. This is so because the 7 elohim that govern time created everything visible and invisible alternating their efforts one after another. The Hebrew names for these 7 elohim are El, Elohim, Adonai, Yhwh, Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh, Shaddai, and Zeba'ot. Because the number of the spiritual creators that created everything visible and invisible is essentially 7, you will discover this number in almost everything that surrounds us - 7 rays of the rainbow, 7 musical tones in an octave, 7 major planets, 7 days of the week and so on. Each day of the week is also related to one of the planets. In some languages, such as French and Italian for example, the words denoting the days of the week still retain their original sounding that stems from the names of the seven major planets. For example, in Italian "Lunedi" (from Luna, the Moon) is the first day of the week. "Martedi", which is Tuesday stems from Mars. "Mercoledi" is Wednesday and it is related to Mercury and so on.

The human aura is also related to the number 7 and thus comprises seven major swirling points, which are commonly known as chakras. Each chakra is related to one of the seven elohim and collectively they represent the vertical increase of the energy of vibration. From an esoteric point of view it is not surprising that the aura comprises exactly 7 chakras, because the aura, (or the soul) has been created only on the third level of spirit manifestation of the numbers (look again at the pyramid of numbers). It can be seen there that the third level of spirit manifestation begins with the number 7. The number 7 is extremely spiritual number and rules almost everything of great spiritual importance. The light coming from the Sun, when passed through a prism, for example, segregates exactly into 7 distinct colours, each one of which corresponds to one of the 7 elohim and to one of the human chakras. In turn the 7 human chakras follow the same 7 colour pattern as the rainbow, the 7 sound frequency vibration, the 7 major planets vibrations and so on.

For example the lowest frequency vibration of the visible spectrum is the red light. As the frequency of vibration increases this light is perceived as orange. Further increase of the frequency leads to the yellow colour, then the green, blue, indigo and finally the violet colours. The same pattern is repeated in the chakras in the human aura. The lowest chakra in the genital region (called also the root chakra) is normally red, the colour of the sacral chakra is orange, the navel chakra is yellow (or gold) and so on.

Red Activity, Energy, Stamina, Sexuality, Love Deep connection to nature and everything material Addiction, uncontrolled sexuality, Obesity Garnet, Hematite, Red Jasper, Coral, Onyx, Ruby
Orange Vitality, Ambition, Fertility, Erotic Feelings Openness and enjoyment of life, great vitality Sexual problems, difficult to find meaning in life Orange beryl, Orange jasper, Carnelian, Citrine
Yellow Optimism, Cheerfulness, Success, Generosity Deep sense of inner peace Discontent, Restlessness, Discouragement Tiger's eye, Topaz, Yellow Tourmaline, Citrine
Green Warm-heartedness, Friendship, Openness, Harmony, Peace  The person radiates joy and friendliness, consideration of others and empathy Selfishness, egocentrism, dissatisfaction with others Aventurine, Jade, Moss Agate, Olivine, Emerald, Tourmaline
Blue Faithfulness, Loyalty, Freedom (light-blue), Responsibility (dark-blue) Openness for new experiences, standing up for one's own beliefs Rigidness, Fear to speak up, Bottling up psychological problems which leads to physical ailments Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Celestine, Opal, Turquoise, Blue topaz
Indigo Insight, Spirituality, Transformation, Devotion to others Broad and deep understanding, seeing the "big picture", and world clearly, intuitive sense Narrow mindedness, Too much attention to logic and facts, no attention to intuitional feelings Sodalite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Rock Crystal, Fluorite
Truth, Sincerity Immortality Enlightenment Materialism, Disbelief in spirit, past lives and reincarnation, Lack of inspirational channel Amethyst, Diamonds, Violet fluorite


The chakra is the main frequency of vibration, but as each colour can be subdivided into another 7, so the frequency of vibration of each chakra can be subdivided into another 7. Each of the sub-divisions can be further divided into another 7 sub-sub-divisions as well, giving us again 7 x 7 x 7. The spiritual level of each person can be represented with the frequency of vibration of his main chakra, and the 7 sublevels of this chakra. Let's represent the lowest (base) chakra with the number 1 and the highest (crown) chakra with the number 7. Then the spiritual level of each person can be given with a three digit number, where the first digit represents the main frequency of vibration (or chakra) for this person, the second number is the sub-division for this level, and the third number is the sub-division of the sub-division for the same level. Each one of these numbers can be in the range of 1 to 7, and represents one of the chakras as they are given in the table above.

If we take for example a person with a spiritual level of 3-5-7 this means that his major, spiritual level corresponds to his third (navel) chakra, the sub-level of his navel chakra is related to the fifth (throat) chakra and the sub-level of this fifth sub-level is related to the seventh (crown) chakra. As he already has reached the highest (7 th ) sub-sub-level, his next stage of development will be jumping on the next level up on the sublevel. In other words, as this person develops more spiritually, his next stage of spiritual development will be naturally 3-6-1, which means a quite a bit of change, because now he is jumping to a brand new sub-level. Before his sub-level was 5 and now it is 6. The change from the 5 th to the 6 th sub-level is in fact a change from the throat to the eye-brows chakra and if until now the person in question were more preoccupied with convincing other people in the rightness of his convictions, by raising to the next sub-level he may "know" when it is the right time to speak and when it is the right time to remain silent. As he progresses further in his spiritual development this person will move towards the level of 3-6-2, then 3-6-3 and so on up to 3-6-7 and then another major shift of energies is indicated when he progresses to 3-7-1.

The best spiritual teacher is this one, who is exactly one major chakra up in this hierarchy.

For example a person on a spiritual level of 3-5-7 will find the best spiritual teacher for him if that teacher operates on a level of 4-5-7. Then a perfect harmony exists between a teacher and a student, as their sub-levels and sub-sub-levels operate exactly on the same frequency. A black teacher operating on the level of 2-5-7 will present a maximum temptation for this person, trying to drag him down on one major level. The overwhelming majority of the people living on the earth today operate on a main level of 2 or 3. People operating on the frequency of the seventh major chakra are not from this world. There have been only very few of them, indeed, incarnated on our planet. Because the frequency of vibration of this chakra is extremely high, normal people do not understand (and therefore often fear) those frequency vibrations, but the few people born with major spiritual level 7 are extraordinary by their purity and spiritual development. One typical example is Jesus of Nazareth.

The number 7 also relates to the 7 major planets in the solar system as known in antiquity - the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The three "modern" planets were discovered relatively late in the history of humanity and are nothing else, but higher octaves of vibration of the major 7 planets. For example, Uranus (ruling the universal mind of all humanity) is the higher octave of Mercury, which is ruling the individual's mind with its simple logic and everyday communications. Neptune, (ruling universal, total and unconditional love) is the higher octave of Venus, ruling love and devotion for a particular person or persons. Pluto rules the global laws of physical energy, such as birth and death and it is therefore the higher octave of Mars which rules the levels of physical energy on an individual level. Similarly, there are seven musical tones, which can be expressed in higher octaves as the frequency of vibration increases. The number 7 also rules the seven major metals, associated with each one of the 7 major planets. Thus iron is connected with Mars, copper with Venus, silver with the Moon, tin with Jupiter, gold with the Sun, quicksilver with Mercury, and lead with Saturn. This sequence describes the increasing atomic numbers of the metals.

All that we said so far shows that the number 7 is so spiritual, that it appears as if it is not from this world. The number 7 radiates a strong spiritual light, but this number is not at all confronting the material reality. Quite the opposite - it envelopes it and reveals to it its higher spiritual purpose. Under the influence of the number 7 the material reality is often subtly changed and transformed in such way that it starts to glow itself with some spiritual light.            

7 = 6 + 1 The number 7 is overcoming the material self-sufficiency of the number 6 and adds to it a new (spiritual) element (1). This means that the matter in addition to being comfortable and harmonious (6), now becomes also spiritual (7).

7 = 5 + 2 The polarization (2) of the live material form (5) leads to the creation of a direct vertical connection to the spiritual world (7).

7 = 5 + 2 The life on the planet Earth (5) operates on the principle of constant battle of the opposites (2), such as day and night, black and white, spirit and matter and so on, but this battle reveals to us a higher spiritual meaning to it (7).

7 = 4 + 3 The rigid material form (4) becomes harmonized (3) when it is inspired by a direct spiritual channel (7). 

7 = 3 + 4 The harmonious idea (3) when properly implemented and materialized on earth (4) leads to the creation of a highly spiritual form (7)

7 = 2 + 5 The apparent battle of the opposites (2) in everything that surrounds us gets a higher meaning and purpose (7) when considering the life (5) on this planet.

7 = 1 + 6 The Absolute energy (1) taking a comfortable material form (6) does so to reach a higher spiritual state (7).

7 = 1 + 2 + 4 The Absolute energy (1) manifest itself through a constant confrontation of the opposite (2) material forms (4), which however has a higher spiritual meaning (7)


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