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How to stay Healthy - Part 5 - Signs of Nutrient Deficiencies

Article Column by the Editor of useNature:

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Author of It happened in the seventies


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Topic for this issue:

Signs of possible Nutrient Deficiencies

Learn to recognise telltale signs of possible nutrient deficiencies ....

Funny isn't it, we seem to be overfed and over nourished, and still we show telltale signs of deficiency. - Why is that?

For starters, a huge percentage of what we eat may do us more harm than good.

It helps to recognise signs of deficiency to have a new look at what we actually put into our bodies, and change it for the better.

I am sure you are aware of the RDA, the Recommended Daily Allowance of nutrients from the food and "pseudo" food we eat.

The RDA figures may be questionable anyhow, but lets assume for a moment they are sufficient to live a healthy life.

Do you think you get enough nutrients to stay within those guide lines?

Or do you have a deficiency in vitamins and minerals such as Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron Zinc, B-vitamins .. and the list goes on.

How often do you hear that we don't need to take any supplements, because we do get enough nutrients from our diet? - Is that "Fake News?

If this would be true, I wonder why certain food is fortified with vitamins, or why even the medical establishment now recommends Folic Acid for pregnant women.

Here is some more fake news, what do you think, if you hear the message; "if you have a balanced diet you don't need any supplements?"

Do you know anyone who has a perfectly balanced diet, or do you know what a balanced diet actually is? - Or ... "a balanced diet for whom exactly"?

It should be obvious that even so it may be possible to get all required nutrients from a diet, most people simply don't!

Coming back to the RDA, lets discuss; "Biochemical Individuality".

I am sure you regard yourself as an individual, and your genetic build up, combined with your lifestyle, will dictate specific requirements just for you. Variation of up to 600% have been noticed in individual requirements for any of the about 40 nutrients needed by the body, not even considering all trace elements.

OK, what can we do, what can we learn about all that?

First of all, try to live a healthy lifestyle, be as good as possible, and have a good diet, which in this case means, stay off processed food and try to achieve a good balance of fresh foods from all food groups. - ( to read about a balance diet see > Optimal Nutrition. )

Secondly, without getting paranoid .... become aware of your body and signs and symptoms you may have. One would think, that this is obvious, but you will be surprise to know that humans are amazingly adaptive, and are able to keep up with the weirdest symptoms, just getting used to it, shifting awareness away from it. - It's quiet a typical story, to hear that someone has certain symptoms, but simply gets used to it and sees those symptoms as normal.

Another factor is being in denial about your health, on the other hand, denial has a positive factor as well, it is a coping factor that gives you time to adjust to a more serious situation about your health.

Anyhow, now is the time to forget about denial, and get into awareness, and maybe you will detect a few telltale signs which can be eliminated and make you feel more healthy and energetic. Talking about energetic, yes... that's how you should feel, it's amazing how many people except to be constantly tired.

By the way, some symptoms can be extremely confusing, a huge amount of people do have minor or major allergies and sensitivities which may produce all kind of weird and wonderful symptoms, which are hard to decipher.

Telltale signs of possible deficiencies:

*Note: A word of warning ...., before you go and buy a truck load of vitamins, please be aware that just because you have one symptom which indicates a deficiency, taking a supplement will not make you automatically super healthy. - NO - it is just an indication for you to notice to do something about your diet or lifestyle first, and in addition taking a supplement for a certain time, may speed up healing. It is also not recommended to take one specific vitamin in isolation, in the case of a deficiency of B3 by example, it may be better to consider a B-complex.


Poke out your tongue ... in front of a mirror ..

Historically the tongue has been used to diagnose lots of health problems, but it is associated most with the digestive tract. Generally speaking, if your tongue shows any adverse signs, take attention towards your diet and digestion.

Here are a few signs .... and an illustration of a common sign ... see side-column >

  1. Is your tongue a bit too red, shiny smooth and maybe a touch sensitive/painful?
    Look at your requirements for B2 and B12, Folic Acid and Iron.

  2. Does your tongue have cracks? ( see illustration > )
    This is usually attributed to digestive function problems and a deficiency of B3.
    Check your diet and eating habits.

  3. Do you have so-called bite-marks on your tongue edges, indentations on both sides of the tongue?
    This is often due to anaemia, iron deficiency, B12 .. allergies or infections.

  4. Does your tongue sometimes swells up for short periods of time?
    This is often due to an allergy, check what you have eaten, start a diet dairy.

  5. Are the Blood vessels under your tongue enlarged?
    Possible Vitamin C deficiency

  6. Do you have cracks in the corners of your mouth?
    This is attributed to B2 and B6, however generally speaking it is an indication for a B complex, Folic Acid and Iron included.

  7. Do you get mouth ulcers?
    Once again B12 - Folic acid and Iron, but very often it is a response to certain food. Some people get mouth ulcers if they eat fruit which is not washed or peeled, or they react to specific food sources only, such as pineapple, or walnuts. It is advisable to keep a diet diary if you suffer from regularly mouth ulcers.
    Gurgling with saltwater, chamomile or a couple of drops of tea tree oil may help.

  8. Do you have a sensation of poor taste, or diminished taste?
    Possible Zinc deficiency.
    Interestingly, sometimes a strong body or feet odour can also be an indicator of a Zinc deficiency.

  9. Do your gums bleed when brushing your teeth?
    Possible Vit C and Bioflavanoids


  1. Do you have very rough kind of skin ( crocodile - skin) on your arms, legs, etc.?
    This could be an indication for Vit. A .. as in Cod Liver Oil.

  2. Do you have or get lots of brown discoloured spots ( age spots) ?
    Chromium and Vit. C

  3. Do you bruise easily?
    Indicating a Vit C deficiency.

  4. Do you have lots of broken capillaries or bloodshot eyes?
    Possible Vit C and Bioflavanoids


I am sure you know about Iridology, the study of the signs in your eyes. There are virtually hundreds of signs, which are better left to the professional iridologist, however ... some signs are very obvious for the lay person and are a good indication of deficiencies.

  1. Does the white of your eyes have a bluish tint?
    Likely deficiency Iron, it may indicate anaemia.

  2. Are your eyes very dry?
    .. I am sure you know that already ... everything to do with the eyes... Vit A or Carrots.. a Vit. A precursor.


Another prominent area which is used for diagnosis. ..

  1. Do your nail split easily, or are they brittle?
    Possible indication for Iron, Zinc, Essential Fatty Acids.

  2. Do your nails show white spots or lines?
    Possible Deficiency, Zinc .... interestingly, a lot of people notice white spots after a bout of high sugar intake, cakes, sweets, etc.


  1. Do you get night muscle cramps?
    Possible deficiency of Calcium, Magnesium, B Complex and Vitamin E.
  2. Do you have sensation of tingling or burning in your hands and feet?
    Possible deficiency of B1 and 2 or B Complex
    ... and finally .... just as a reminder ...

Headaches ... are NOT are deficiency of Painkillers

if you need painkillers, see it as a warning sign that something needs to change.

Heartburn ... is NOT a deficiency of Antacids .. check your diet - your stress level

Just because there is a lot of marketing for painkillers, doesn't mean they are good for you :-)

Sleeplessness ... is NOT a deficiency of Sleeping Pills ..

... check your diet - your stress level

Weight problems ... are Not a deficiency of weight loss products

For people wanting to start a weight loss program, see: Free Weight loss  Program.


Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L. - Gold Coast

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