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Stress - Anxiety - Depression

How to take charge of your own Mind Health

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... compiled by Dieter L. - Gold Coast

Author of It happened in the seventies

The sheer amount of people suffering from chronic stress, anxiety or depression seems to grow daily.

It could be argued that this is due to the hectic lifestyle we mostly seem to be living now.

On the other hand, how would that fact help anyone?

The key point of our support is to encourage sufferers to either seek help, or develop their own "Self Help Strategies".


Chaos in Brainland - Self help book by Dieter Luske

Chaos in Brainland - BUY NOW - Author Dieter Luske

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The chaos in society is reflected in chaos between the ears, the territory Dieter Luske calls Brainland.

Dieter is a holistic counsellor with decades of experience and has conducted analysis in that most complicated laboratory – the self. - He has pooled his accumulated knowledge to turn chaos into harmony, favouring a mind, body and spirit approach to mediate mental distress and moderate between the conscious and subconscious mind.

You will discover dynamic techniques, different perspectives, and "First Aid Anxiety Response Hacks" to master your mindset and liberate your mind.
As Dieter says … "helping maximize people's happiness potential is what it's all about.”
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NOTE FOR PRACTITIONERS: Combining Natural Therapies with Counselling modalities is what a Holistic Health is all about. - The Chaos in Brainland Book addresses this issue and provides a wide array of counselling techniques suitable to enrich a Holistic Natural Health Clinic for practitioners and patients alike. - BUY NOW


Stress, Anxiety & Depression Disorders - ("SADD")

Disclaimer: No attempt has been made to correctly diagnose a specific disorder. - Guide only -

Symptom chart:

You may have SADD, if you have any of the following Mood related Symptoms for a minimum of 4 weeks and periodically recurring.

Typically symptoms could be, but not limited to:

Difficult concentrating, overwhelmed feeling, disturbed sleep, tiredness, fatigue, irritable, nervous, fearful, worrying, crying easily, heightened sensory sensations, negative mood, expecting the worst, feeling hopeless, lacking any optimism or motivation, generally low self esteem, feeling worthless and inadequate to do any task, don’t want to do anything, doesn't want to be bothered at all, withdrawn.

Symptoms stopping you to live a normal social or working life.

  • Be aware of your own risk factors; money stress, poverty, lack of social or family support, drug or specific medication use, childhood traumas, and any kind of stress, or activities you relate to stress.

  • If you know, that the symptoms are related to medications, drugs, or any specific serious health condition, we recommend more specific treatment action.

  • It is nearly impossible to help "yourself" if you have an "Acute Attack" of anything.

    SADD, seems to occur periodically; the time to help yourself by developing your personal help strategy is precisely at the time when you feel better.

    Each person is different, and each person will need a different strategy, although certain techniques and lifestyle choices will be helpful to everyone.

    We first will discuss the basic underlying support techniques.

    Right from the onset, and I can’t stress this enough, seek help from your partner or family to make the recommended lifestyle choices and techniques happen.

    NOTE: If you are working with a medical Doctor or any other support organization, please let them know what you try to do.

    NOTE: At no time stop your medication without discussing it with your Doctor.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Self Help Menu:

Anything that can alter brain chemistry can have a positive or negative influence on your stress level.

  1. Mind Self Help Techniques - admitting the issue - causative factors - general health - happiness level, are you too serious?

  2. Stress Awareness - Your Stress Thermometer - Chronic stress can lead to anxiety and depression ...

  3. Brainwaves- in relation to stress…

  4. Association & Dis-association (Dissociation) - Stepping out of yourself - Sometimes, it’s all just too much, have you ever felt like that?


Major important daily mood influences:

Anything "Diet and Nutrition" related !

Make sure you have a well balanced diet. Don’t let diet to be your downfall, cut out processed food, sugar, fast and junk food, soft drinks, diet soda.
In addition, there are specific diets to elevate mood, there are also specific nutrients which can support stress or mood disorders.

For a well balanced diet, please read and study these articles > Holistic Health Foundation

Anything "Exercise - Activity & Breathing" related.

Prescribe yourself to a rigorous exercise routine, maybe a specific sport you like, otherwise go for the 3 essentials; cardio vascular exercise – weight exercise and mobility exercise as in yoga stretching.
It has been proven, that short burst of activity 3 times weekly for 5 minutes will be effective in stimulating happy hormones – Endorphins, read > Physical Health Foundation

Anything "Light" related,

...... yes that’s right, daylight and sunlight are directly related to depression levels.

Get more sun and possibly take some Vitamin D. However there seems to be more to the Sun that makes us having a better mood.
.. more on Vitamin D, which has proven to be of great benefit.

Anything "Behavioural".

What does that mean you may ask…  anyone under stress, anxiety or depression manifests a certain behaviours. These behaviours are like “acting” your problem, which in turn makes your problem worse. You can reverse that, by acting the way you would like to be, act yourself out of depression.

LOOK UP ! > looking down means you are accessing your Emotions, which you don’t want if you are depressed.
LOOK UP means you are accessing Visualisation,.. actually lift your head and lift up your eyes, look up to your forhead.

POSTURE: Do not bend forward; stand straight, sit straight, act confident and happy, and your mind will pick up your physical signals as a guide to more happy feelings.

Read about "Activating Emotional Change" and please read on to > Triggering New Emotions

Enforce it with simple affirmation; “I am OK the way I am, and day by day I will feel more happy and healthy.
.. see here >> Affirmation

Anything "Weight Issue" associated.

Losing weight has an influence on moods, and further more, losing weight is a similar journey than the journey out of depression. In either problem, you are not looking for a cure, you are looking to journey into a better suited lifestyle, and it will be important to love your journey, as it is interesting, exiting and full of new learning and experiences.

Have  a look at the weight loss strategy, you will find similarities of how to approach it in regards to SADD.
Read articles, starting with > Holistic Weight loss

Anything aiding "Relaxation" may be helpful ..

.. and yes, that includes walking on the beach, in the sunshine and having a good time ...
.. and learn how to Meditate.


... and Read about - Brain Plasticity

Information supplied by the editor of Use Nature - Dieter Luske

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It happened in the seventies

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Stress - Anxiety & Depression

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