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See your Weight Loss Goal as an exciting journey ...

Part 1 - Holistic Weight Loss - Introduction

article by Dieter Luske - Copyright

Probably one of the most satisfying experiences is to embark on a Goal, and realising that one actually can achieve that goal, and finally after having reached that Goal, experiencing a transformation setting in; feeling more confident, self assured, successful, and ready for everything, charging towards the next goal.

To lose weight can be such as goal, and to achieve resolution of behind the scene personal issues can be an extremely satisfying by-product.

Having said that, I like to stress that I am a great believer in the journey towards the goal. Meaning, the journey is by far the most enjoyable part, reaching the goal is the end-point of the achievement, making you ready for a new goal and another exiting journey.

Therefore, please see your weight loss goal as an exciting journey, and reaching your goal is a start to a new you, and an even more exciting journey.

Is this message for you?

It is, if you have a few pounds to spare, and maybe even more if you are obese; providing, you are willing to change something within and around you.
It is also for you, if you have lost weight and like to maintain your weight.

It’s all about cause and effect, which translates into; "whatever you cause, will have an effect". If that effect is undesired, you may want to cause a different effect. Be truthfull to yourself, the weight hasen't crept up by itself, even if it seem like it, something has caused it.

A bad diet, no exercise or a self-defeating mental attitude, could be all part of the cause that had the effect of gradually gaining weight. However, we will talk a lot about an even deeper and possible more important cause; your mind, and why it allowed you, or seemingly forced you to gain weight.

I will address weight gain topics as issues, rather than as problems.
Anyhow, as you know already, there are no problems only solutions. Start the solution for your issue now!
We will talk a lot about issues, and how to change or even dissolve specific issues to give way for a permanent change regarding the issue you have with weight.

By the way, if you concentrate on a problem, it will get bigger. Wherever you concentrate orput your energy towards that part will get bigger.

Concentrate on health, and health will get bigger, meaning becoming more healthy.

See weight like a smoker who “can’t” stop smoking. The smoker is well aware of the health problems caused by smoking, but still continues to smoke. The cigarettes are not the problem, it is an issue the smoker has, why s/he can’t stop.

For whatever reason you would like to lose weight, be it to enjoy better health with less risk factors, or to create a new you with new opportunities, or because you have a weight related medical problem already, be assured that you can achieve what you have decided upon.

There are plenty of Weight Loss Programs, and most of them work to a certain degree, but if you like to achieve your goals, you are recommended to follow a program designed on a holistic approach with the most up-to-date natural and scientific research, and addressing both physical and mind issues.

Addressing the problem factor for a moment, I am sure you know, that being over-weight is scientifically proven to be a major risk factor in most chronic and metabolic diseases.... and the good news is; it can be changed successfully.

Are you having High Blood Pressure by example? By losing weight you will have succeeded twice, your ideal weight, as well as normalized your blood pressure.

Always remember, losing weight and losing weight can be two different things!

Weight is made up of fat, water and muscle tissue.

Quick and dramatic weight loss is usually >>> Water - fluid, and if you stay on the wrong program, this is followed by loss of muscle.

Fat, on the other hand, may be one of the last things you lose, because you don't lose it, you have to burn it, and that takes some time.

My recommendation right now is; discard any program which promisses "fast and dramatic" weight loss.

You don't want fast weight loss, you want steady fat burning ..

A good weight loss program therefore should stimulate fat burning and prevent loss of critical protein reserves from the intestines, immune tissue and muscle.

A good programme needs to prevent rebound weight gain (Yo Yo syndrome) caused by reduction of lean muscle mass due to low calorie dieting.

And finally, a good program needs to address general common health problems that could interfere with efficient weight loss. Most (80%) obese people are reactive to gluten from wheat and probably have other food allergies or food sensitivities, often caused by years of eating the wrong food.

This program will include information on reactive (allergenic) foods, which you may have to remove from your diet for testing, to normalise hormonal and metabolic problems necessary for reaching desired body weight.

No doubt you may be aware of many other benefits you will gain by embarking on a weight loss program, such as lowering cardio risk factors, regulate inflammatory and immune problems, and generally enhance your physical health as well as your mood.

Lets go, time to start … or just one more note ….  coming back to the question; is this program and message for you?

Anyone interested in mind and physical changes regarding better health will find relevant information within these pages. Further more, many of the techniques discussed are 'general change techniques', and can be customised for almost any problem or issue.

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Article by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast - Brisbane

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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