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Self Help Articles for body, mind and spirit, with a peaceful attitude, to help not only yourself but to create a peaceful planet.

... compiled by Dieter L. - Gold Coast

The ability to help yourself, is an amazing power and is able to speed up human evolution.

Help yourself to evolve into a state where disease, suffering, hate and revenge are obsolete, just with responsibility, attitudes, understanding and positive action...

Holistic Health is more than a good diet, everything is inter-connected.


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The following articles are extracted from years of naturopathic consulting services, patient handouts and diet guidelines:

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* NOTE: There is a tendency to confuse health benefits with medical treatments. But Health benefits are NOT medical treatments, they merely describe constituents and their properties recognised by scientific evidence. - Often, to exchange a food item with 'bad' properties for one with 'good' properties can have a already health benefits. - Health benefits are aimed holistically at individuals, and definitely NOT as a treatment for a specific Disease.

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