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Article: Nutritional Health - Healthy Breakfast Recipes - Part 9

Balanced Diet - Diet Suggestions - Breakfast Menu

..... by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Holistic Therapy Consultant - Gold Coast - Canungra

Breakfast Choices

Do not eat everyday the same kind of breakfast, rotate food items and have plenty of variety. Eat according to the season, as outlined before.

I will mark food as follows:

C : Carbohydrate - P : Protein - F : Fat

Within a balanced meal you should have all 3. Make sure that the protein part is large enough.

Protein for a full meal, is equivalent to the palm of your hand

Upon arising have something to drink, to help to flush your kidneys.

1 glass of room temp. water...

1 glass of your favourite herb tea

1 glass lemon juice, diluted with water.

To get the best nutrients from your lemon, buy organic lemons, freeze the lemons and grade them, peel and all, use a tablespoon of this lemon pulp to make your lemon drink.

After your basic hygienic procedure and some exercise, settle down comfortably for a relaxed breakfast.

Please allow some time, never rush, rather get up 30 minutes earlier, and try to do some exercise to set an active metabolism for the rest of the day.

Important Rule: Have your Breakfast within 1 hour of getting up, good for blood sugar levels.

Breakfast Choice 1: Cereals

Basic Breakfast Cereal can be changed according to taste, allergies and variety.

Don't mix too many different items, stick to 5 or 6 and enjoy a distinctive flavour. -

1 tbs. of dried cereal (rolled oats) C

1 tsp. of sunflower seeds F

1 tsp. of sesame seeds F

1 tsp. of slivered almonds F
2 tbs. of Organic Soy-Protein Powder or Organic Whey Powder or a Protein Powder of your choice - P
* NOTE: The protein content in a protein powder should be more then 75%, otherwise it's just Carbohydrate with some added Protein
1/2 cup of low fat yogurt C / P
1/2 apple C

Soak mixture over night in previously boiled water, take just enough water to cover mixture.

The water will have been absorbed by the morning, top up with fresh fruit and yogurt .

Warm up in winter if desired, but don't boil.

Note: Feel free to add some psyllium husk, linseeds or LSA meal, to promote weight loss and cleanse your colon.

Breakfast Choice 2: Fish & Veggies

90 gm. grilled fish - P
1 cup tomato's C
1/2 cup onions and
1 cup mushrooms C
1 cup Zucchini C
1 tsp. Olive Oil F

Breakfast Choice 3: Poached Eggs

2 poached eggs P

1/4 cup Cottage Cheese P

1 Slice toasted rye bread C

1/2 cup Pineapple C

1/3 tsp. Olive Oil F

1 tbs. Avocado F

Spices: Freshly ground black pepper - sea salt - chilly or similar

Breakfast Choice 4: Omelette

3 eggs P

Choice of Tomato - Mushrooms - Parsley - Onions - C

Once cooked top with 1/2 Avocado - F

Spices: Freshly ground black pepper - sea salt - chilly or similar

Breakfast Choice 5: Scrambled Eggs Florentine

1 whole egg P

2 egg whites P

mixed with chopped onions and mushrooms C

30 gm. shredded low-fat- mozzarella cheese P

1.1/3 cups sauteed spinach C

1 cup of light canned fruit cocktail as side dish C

1tsp. Olive Oil or 9 Olives - F

Spices: Freshly ground black pepper - sea salt - chilly or similar

Breakfast Choice 6: Fruit Salad

1/2 cup yogurt P1 C1

2 tbs. Organic Soy-Protein Powder or Whey Powder P2

1 cup Fruit Salad C2

3 tsp. slivered Almonds F3

Breakfast Choice 7: Bread or Ryvitte

1.1/2 slice Rye or Wholemeal C

60g Cheese P

1 soft boiled egg P

1 cup plain yogurt P - C

1/2 tsp. Tahini F

1 1/2 tbs .Avocado F

Common Substitutes :

Milk - use soy, nut, coconut milk, yogurt milk or whey.

Nutmilk - Use 1 cup of any nut or nutmix, about 2 1/2 cups of water and honey to taste. Variation - Use juice instead of water - add vanilla, carob, or lemon.

Soymilk or Whey - Mix powder with water or fruit juice, add fresh or dried fruit or anything you fancy.

Yogurt Milk - Mix yogurt with water or fruit juice, add like above.

Vegemite substitute - Hatcho miso or mix miso & tahini.


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Article by ... the editor of Use Nature, Dieter Luske

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