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1.) Recommended Naturopathic Practitioners

Claudette Wadsworth - Naturopath - Bondi - SydneyClaudette Wadsworth - Bondi Junction - NSW

Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Natural Fertility Specialist, ThetaHealing Practitioner.
Claudette can teach, support and inspire you to improve the quality of your health through the quality of your living. Claudette consults women and men of all ages, specialising in hormonal health and fertility. -
Claudette creates individually tailored health programs that are realistic, manageable and effective.

Dorota Wroblewska ND, BHSc - Randwick, SydneyDorota Wroblewska ND, BHSc - Randwick, Sydney

Experienced Naturopath and Nutritionist in Sydney. - Dorota specialises in women's health, natural fertility, preconception care and reproductive healthcare for men and women. Dorota also offers natural health solutions for all health concerns, including digestive disorders, thyroid problems and adrenal dysfunction. She believes in combining both the traditional principles of natural medicine along with medical research and extensive pathology testing. Dorota is also a Neurofeedback trainer, using NeurOptimal® brain training system.

Dr. Peter Pedersen - Your Health Matters - Naturopathy - Chiropractic - Osteopathy - 63 Warrener St Nerang QLD Australia 4211 - 07 5527 3001

Eliza Ball BSc ND DBT -  Sydney NSW - Wholistic Health Management

Lyn Craven - ND. DMH. DRM. DBT. DPT. Reg. Trainer Cert IV - Sydney NSW - Female Health & Reproductive Disorders, Digestive/Bowel problems, and more..

Andreas Marzini - Naturopathic Clinic - Coomera Qld. - Pain Management - Sports Injury - Internal Health - Allergies - Infertility - Weight Management - Cancer Support, and more
Berris Burgoyne - Greenslopes Qld - Naturopath & Medical Herbalist - specialises in autoimmune diseases, thyroid functions, female problems and more
Ananda Mahony - B.App.SC (Naturopathy): Brisbane Qld - Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathic Medicine, Integrated Pain Management  and more
Amazonia Health - Caterina Morrison BHSc - Victoria - Naturopath - Nutritionist - Herbalist
Dr. Antonia Ruhl, PhD, Melbourne Vic - the creator of the Amazon Natural Fertility Program ..
Michael Blanch ND, Dip Hom Naturopathic & Homeopathy Clinic - Perth WA - General practice, all conditions are dealt with holistically
Susan Deeley - university qualified Naturopath - Hamilton WA - Holistic Wellbeing - Chronic Infections - Auto-Immunity - Healthy Ageing & Prevention.

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2.0 What Is Naturopathy?

Naturopath - Holistic Complementary & Preventative Health Care Practitioner

Naturopathy is based on a wide variety of natural modalities, aimed to advise individuals of how to:

  • stay healthy or become healthy, where health is defined as more than just the absence of symptoms...

  • prevent disease, prevention - defined as advising of suitable lifestyles, diets, sports, relaxation etc, beneficial to healh...

  • to prevent a worsening of diseases, by advising of suitable natural means of regaining health...

  • overcome present health problems... by investigating the cause of the problems and finding natural means of overcoming ill health and disease...

A Naturopath uses a wide variety of treatment modalities, such as: nutrition and nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, homoepathy, therapeutic massage modalities, coaching lifestyle advice and more ... 

Read more, click - Naturopathy 

3.0 Naturopathy and Holistic Active Prevention Articles

  1. Naturopathy & Scientific Evidence - Naturopaths aim to restore optimal health by natural means, free of side-effects...

  2. Naturopathic Medicine Advantages - Why it is important to integrate a drug free, health promoting Natural Health Care System...

  3. Why would you visit a Naturopath? - To improve indicidual health, and for active prevention.

  4. Natural Health ... under attack? - Is the complementary health care industry under attack?

  5. Supporting Natural Therapies is to Support Health

  6. Prevention a Medical Dilemma - The medical system, even so it is helping the sick, is lacking behind in Prevention and improving Health.

  7. Prevention is better than cure - Active Prevention is the Future of Sustainable Health Care.

  8. Who is ultimately responsible for your health? - How much responsibility have patients given away to the Medical System?

  9. Would anyone call it a "Conspiracy" - or is it just coincidence that medical research hasn't found a cure for any Chronic Disease?

  10. Comparing the Medical and Natural Therapy Systems? - is like comparing Apples and Oranges.

  11. Is Naturopathy is Safe? - Skeptics are extremely good in misrepresenting a topic...

  12. The Future of Naturopathy? ... or How to improve our overburdened Health Care System?

  13. Natural Therapy - Code of Ethics & Conduct - ull "unregistered" Holistic Health Care Practitioners need to adhere to those codes.

* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.

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