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Medical Research Conspiracy?

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Medical science research conspiracy?

Article by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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Would anyone call it a "Conspiracy" or is it just coincidence, that medical research hasn't found a cure for Cancer, Arthritis or indeed for any Chronic Disease as yet?

No doubt, medical research has brought us amazing discoveries and advantages. It borders on the "Super Natural" to see how human life's can be brought back from the near death or how accident victims recover.

I must express my honest respect and gratitude for the endless dedication of those people who have brought us all what we have now.

I simply wonder ....

"how come that with such a tremendous progress in medical science and research, we seem not to be any closer of "curing" anything"?

Actually, to the contrary, diseases and ill health in general get progressively worse, there seem to be more sick people now than ever, statistics for cancer and chronic diseases have gone up, not down.

Chronic Diseases, Cancer, Auto-immune diseases, Allergy Condition, even Infections - are constantly treated and researched, but for the sufferer the pain stays the same, there is no cure in sight.

Add to that the genuine concerns of a new possible epidemic, "Super Bugs", even with concerns about anti-biotic overuse, known for at least 30 years, overmedication in addition to anti biotic use in animal husbandry has gone up not down, with the unprecedented fact of antibiotic resistance super bugs.

Are Research and Drug Companies focusing on "disease maintenance" or cure?

Take Arthritis for example, a seemingly well researched disease. Millions - Billions of Dollars pumped into it... into what? New anti-inflammatory medication to maintain a patient, or maybe a possible cure? Not only that, apparently the taking of non steroid anti inflammatory drugs seem to speed up bone and cartilage degeneration, actually progressing the disease, rather than curing it.

Treatment focus on most diseases still seem to be the same, a wait and see practice and treat the symptoms.

First painkillers - than anti-inflammatories - than some harder drugs - and finally, if there is a possibility, a corrective operation. The last probably the greatest blessing for the long term sufferer.... a new hip, no pain, more mobility instead of years of pain and inflammation.

But nothing to cure the condition before it develops into a degenerative disease which needs surgical intervention!

Actually, is anything ever cured?

Or is everything just patched up or medicated for the rest of our lives?

What has that to do with Conspiracy? .... probably nothing.

I don't really believe in conspiracy, it's much too complicated, and I am a person who can't imagine that someone would plan to prolong the suffering of humans just to make more money.

I think it is just a normal progression of a huge Industry with huge powers, money driven for shareholder's satisfaction, and much to hard to change directions.

Basically, it could be asked and argued;

  • is the money which is flowing into research going there because of a genuine interest to find cures?

  • or ... to keep people alive with maintenance treatment?

  • or .. is it to make more profit, or maybe all of the above?

However, if the research funds go towards "maintaining" a disease, rather than into new possible ideas and direction to cure a disease, a cure will be a long way off.

You may see on that statement, that I don't really blame the drug companies or anyone else in particular, it's a system problem and how funding is directed, and how research money is distributed.

The question, however remains, if there could be a universal cure for most diseases, would something like that be promoted?

There is not much money to be made with a cure.

Same with Natural Therapies that can't be patented, the medical industry may not be interested in that at all, again, no money to be made.

But it's not only the drug companies, would anyone adopt and stay with a "fail save health program" if something like that would be available?

Or would it be like smoking, drinking and junk food; we all know it is not good for us, but most of us still do it?

I simply wonder how this huge "machine" can be turned into a different direction, where the fear of not making any money dissolves and the excitement of finding cures increases.

Medical treatment always seem to involve drugs which suppress or kill something within our system, and most of the time with side effects, which over a long period will make it necessary to take more drugs to treat those side effects, in the end, making people even more sick.

Statistics about iatrogenic* conditions within the medical system is mind boggling.
I wouldn't even be game to publish any data, but I would like to hear about recent statistics and if the stats are getting worse or improving.

*( Iatrogenesis - side effects or complication resulting from medical treatment or advice. Some studies indicate 30% of all illnesses are iatrogenic )

Active Prevention

Sooner or later the bulk of modern research has to involve methods in supporting the body - healing the body - finding cures - strengthening immune systems, with other words, supporting health in a holistic way, not fighting against diseases.

Actually the word "fighting" should disappear from the medical - health system, fighting always leads to destruction, and the "Co-lateral Damage" can't be sustained any longer.

The medical system is not good at treating "functional" symptoms, your Doctor knows what treatment protocol to apply if you have a stomach ulcer, or any other diagnostically proven problem, but if all tests are negative, the good Doctor is helpless, and you are stuck with your functional problem.

This is where Natural Therapy is at it's best, PREVENTING a functional problem, and helping the patient to recover with lifestyle advice, and therapeutic nutritional supplements or herbs to support the patients health.

It is quiet ridiculous that there is so much misgivings towards Natural Therapies, after all what is wrong with supporting health.

I find it incomprehensible that the medical system prescribes chemicals, which have huge side-effects, without prescribing anything to support the system.

Surely anyone understands, that in various states of sickness, the human system has much higher needs of specific nutrients.

My appeal is for understanding and a change for the better.

Article Compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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