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Article: The Philosophy of Holistic and Synergistic Politics

Holistic Democratic "Ideology Free" Politics and Policies

Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Is a "political ideological system" just Mushroom management?
... from the proverbial way mushrooms are grown: "Keep them in the dark and feed them scraps ". 

Ideologies are good for delivering ideas, but that's about it;

... in a political system, ideologies stop progress, and human evolution.

Believing in ideologies is a bit like believing in Religion ... one has the tendency to protect ones religion or ideology, and that's when it gets problematic.

Who decides; who or what is "Right or Wrong"?

It would be all good, if there would be only one Religion or one Ideology, but no such luck ... the fighting continues.

Thinking, that one ideology is the "right one", with all the right answers and solutions for our earthly civilisation, automatically creates tension and aggravation with anyone coming up with any other ideas.

We do have a lot of political upheaval at this point of time - actually ... all the time.

Citizens are pretty much fed up with promises not being delivered, and problems not being solved.

New politicians and political parties springing up all over the place, some have reasonable policies, others are extremely "populist", or too far left or right, once again trying to prove they are "right", possessing the truth.

Political mantra usually focuses around topics of money and the economy, "not that here is anything wrong with that", but that is only a minor part of the "real" issues humanity is confronted with.

Where are the policies for creating world wide peace, or eliminating; poverty, hunger, war, corruption, bribery, false marketing and unscrupulous greed?

Those topics are virtually non existing ... instead we get to hear, how much money is available for our health or education systems, or other goodies, such as more roads ... all important, but not really politics, those are just "bites" to fish for voters.

Can new "disruptive" policies or politicians wake up our major political parties? Will major parties ever sit together to create a constructive vision for the future, solving problems, instead of creating new ones? One would think so ....

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Article by .... Dieter Luske

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