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Article: The Philosophy of Synergistic Politics

Could Politics be Holistic & Synergistic? - Part 3

Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Holistic Synergistic Politics

Holistic means “whole”, and if something is whole it works at its best if it stays whole.

If it is divided, it makes no sense and falls apart.

Our present political system, is a classical, non-sensible, non-constructive, non-working divisional ideological 2 party system.

We are living in a “plural” society, meaning the “whole” is at least combined from 2 parts. Those two parts come together to be whole.

The first Example for this principle is a battery:

Take a battery, the whole battery has 2 poles, positive and negative. They are opposite to each other, but they are not opposing each other, quiet to the contrary, they are working together to produce energy.

Here comes the next example, one that often represents politics on a micro scale:

A husband and wife team, they are of opposite genders, together they are “whole”, and they should not oppose each other, but sadly they often do.
However, if they work well together, they become whole and have a great relationship.

If they work really well together, they achieve synergy, which means they outperform their own individual capabilities.

If however, they play politics, and "try to be right", and play point scoring, and diminishing each other, than they under perform to such a degree that the sum of their achievement equals Zero.

In mathematical terms the equation for the under performing couple is:
1 minus 1 = 0
A good relationship equals; 1 + 1 = 2

A synergistic relationship however is; 1 + 1 = 5 or even more;

…. and that’s what we want to achieve in a relationship,
and that is the philosophy behind a successful political system as well.

Everyone knows that some couples or relationships need counseling; I think we have to extend that to the political participants as well, instead of relationship counselling, we may have to call it political interaction counselling.

How can we make the political system whole, to be and act holistic in the interest of all, not just for approximately 50% in a 2 party system country?

How can we stimulate politicians to perform in a synergistic fashion?

Political disharmony and hostile behaviours are partly caused by ideologies.

There is nothing wrong with an ideology; it’s just a specific perspective and thinking about life. Ideologies are great for delivering ideas. However, if ideologies are to be right, and defended at all cost, the effect will be always negative.

An ideology is not a holistic way of thinking, it is one sided, biased and ultimately destructive in nature.

However there are many more disturbances in political behaviours and strategies.

Not only are politicians wary of confronting ideology, they are probably even more petrified of being trapped by the media, and by the opposing political parties, of giving away perceived value information.

The lack of forthcoming info from any party is astounding. One may as well conclude, that no politician is voicing straight answers anymore, let alone a suggestion about a possible alternative solution or a re-solution for a compacted problem.

How can new and innovative politics be created for the welfare of all in such a petrified environment?

The guessing, no doubt influenced highly by political polls and statistics, of what may be the right political subject to bring forward, has nothing to do with politic anymore. It is virtually all construed to win the next election.

Apparently the political discourse is getting worse every year. By now, it has become that bad, that political opposition leaders are applauded for their magnificent leadership and political qualities, because they know how to say the word “NO”, which they seem to do at nearly all occasions.

Where are the real political leaders, those leaders you look up to, those with ideas and visions, those with humanity, compassion, empathy and most of all integrity?

Can politics be Holistic, encompassing the needs of all?

To be holistic, one needs different policies altogether. Concentrating on topics that may convince voters to vote for a party is not a sensible way to go.

Education ... would be one of the main topics.

Not the funding of it, even so that is important as well, but how and what to educate our children.

  • Learning to think individually
  • Learning to take responsibility and making choices
  • Learning about supportive communication
  • Understanding values, compassion and empathy
  • Installing a natural drive for learning and new discoveries
  • Appreciating the arts and the creative process.
  • Learning to be come self- motivated and self reliant ... not everyone wants to work for someone else.

Those topics and more seem much more important than just data-driven facts.

Why are we so un-healthy, so overweight, why is it cool to eat junk food?

Health ...

... and especially nutrition, alcohol and drug education needs to be part to of the education process, and the medical health system needs to embrace holistic practices.

Poverty ...

Why do people have to live in poverty? Just another topic for education, Students need to be prepared for life in the real world, not everyone wants to attain a university degree. Self-reliance, spotting opportunities, and self-employment are topics to be addressed within the education system.

Crime ...

Why is there such a high crime rate?

We don’t need more police; we need less crime. I don’t think happy and content people contribute to the high crime rate. Crime rate is another topic for politicians to address from a different perspective.

People are unhappy, un-motivated, un-inspired and disillusioned.

There needs to be political motivation to address those topics. After all, happy people shop more, which is good for the economy.

Peace ...

Holistic also means to drop the hostile reaction to everything confronting a party or for that matter a country.

If there would be less hostility and more holistic goodwill, most problems between countries would simply dissolve; instead there is still this confrontational attitude, which is more attuned to an unruly preschooler than leaders of whole countries.

Peace is holistic; war and confrontation is first of all obsolete, and secondly an isolating idealistic and power driven factor.

Isn’t it interesting that politicians, not in a political situation any longer, seem to have all the answers, and seem to be full of wisdom?

By performing differently as a politician, with a hostile, aggressive attitude, lacking of consistency and integrity, how can we ever again trust politicians.

Lack of integrity is caused by having to win an election, which is similar to a bribe, and leaves no door open for constructive holistic discussions.

This media intensive political game has no end, and no real winner.

To politically fight to win, or to fight in order of not losing an election leads to corruption.

More real reforms are needed, not just marketing strategies to win elections or arguments.

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Article by .... Dieter Luske


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