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Political Goals - Visions and Strategies

Where have all the Visions gone?

Article: The Philosophy of Holistic Political Goals - Visions and Strategies

Holistic Political Goals - Visions and Strategies

Do we have any? ... or .. Where have all the Visions gone, where have they gone?

Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Politics can not exist without a defined holistic constructive vision and a goal for the future.

Politicians as seen from a citizens perspective, seem to have no other purpose than winning an election by promising a lot and shifting around some money.

No doubt, there are problems everywhere, and as politicians constantly tell us, there is only that much money to go around.

What is missing here?

We need a political vision. - I for one, would like to be inspired, excited and motivated about a new vision, comprised of many goals for many sections of society.

Politicians meant to be people with political visions, not glorified accountants, (nothing against accountants) we probably need more accountants within the political system, as politicians seem to have problems with budgeting.

We have a 2 party system, I have written my doubts about that system many times in other articles. In short, a choice between 2 is never a real choice, it is a dilemma, one could even say, a party is never voted "in" anymore, it is more likely voted "out".

Those 2 parties try to hold on to power, unfortunately at all cost, not with visions of the future, but with visions of times past by. They are "warning" us that if we don't vote for either of the major party, the likely outcome will be chaos.

It seems they can't hear the message from the public political arena.

I will spell it out again; the public is disillusioned by political stunts and grandstanding. The public is looking for something new, innovative, something to trust, something to move the country forward, something even to be proud of.

I think, hardly ever has the public been more fed up with politicians than now. Sometimes there is a glimmer of hope, a new prime minister is elected, but only to be quickly dismissed, and business is as usual.

Business as usual is not working anymore, time is progressing quicker than ever.

New innovation everywhere, except in politics, why is that?

Are politicians that entrenched into their own ideologies and party politics that winning is more important than innovation and working in unison for the same goal and vision?

We urgently need an insightful, and dare I say Holistic Political Vision, something where as a country we see the universal value of achieving that vision.

If the fighting within the political arena is expanding even more into the public area, where everyone fights everyone, we all become losers. Obviously the economy is of vital importance, but it is not a political vision, a good economy should be the bonus not the goal, the side effect of an inspired nation working together.

Typical political topics are; economy, health, education, law and order, etc.. That is perfectly fine, but a political solution is not just shifting money around, a political solution is "real innovative change", and to improve by "doing", by instigating action, and less by "spending".

Cause and Effect

We see many effects within our society that are not desirably, however, the causes of these effects are seldom addressed in an innovative, constructive way. Instead, money is used as an universal fixer. Money obviously helps, but without a curative vision and strategy, it is often wasted.

Effects of years of failed policies, such as:

More poverty, drug abuse, criminality, sickness, alcoholism, loneliness, homelessness, unemployment, lack of opportunities, breakdown within section of society, closing down country towns, .... All need a completely new Vision urgently.

And what an exiting vision it would be. I still remember Bob Hawke's speech: "By 1990 No Child will be Living in Poverty'.

That was exciting, at least for me, but it may need a bit more, strategies for community involvement, and sticking to it.

A vision and a "Cause", may come from the top, but needs to engage the whole nation.

Is there space for a political vision, and a cause to inspire a whole nation? Getting the effect we aim for?

I am not able to rattle of a bunch of vision solutions ... just a few examples to demonstrate the idea of a vision.

The Pioneer Spirit Vision

...where is it? - Have we lost it?

Lets instigate a pioneer spirit again .. many young people are totally disillusioned, uninspired.. and no wonder.. everything is painted bleak for young people.. no jobs, no money, no housing, high rents, no future, climate melt down - world wide economic crisis - worldwide terror ..
... and as a result an attitude of "WTF" is established fast, and never will leave again if no solutions are in sight.

Schooling is not preparing students to find jobs or opportunities themselves, or being pioneers in their own right.

A great vision for the future would be to create more inventive successful connections with Regional Australia.

Cities are crowded - Country Towns are empty ... what a tremendous opportunity for a grand vision.

I wonder how many people would love to live in Regional Australia, rather than in large cities.

Housing would be cheaper, land cheaper or even free, environmental friendly communities my bring back activity to country towns.

Each country town could have a brainstorming team to find ways to re-populate towns.

Internet would be absolutely essential. Most country towns or areas would have "something" which could be turned into an attraction for various types of businesses as well as for tourists.

The list of city and country town interaction is virtually unlimited, and the extend of the benefits are vast and will touch on virtually every section of society and business.

Part of welfare payments could be directed to re-locate to the country, to start a new business venture.

Holistic Health Care

We are at a good time where health, fitness and a long happy life is an inspired goal.

The vision here is first of all in the attitude about health, and secondly about the health system itself.

We don't need more Hospitals, we need more healthy people.

The barriers between the medical and natural complementary system needs to be broken down, both systems have the same goals, making people healthy, they may as well work together.

A doctor has a time limit, but system changes can be achieved for special trained nurses and holistic "university trained naturopaths" taking on the role to; "teach and inspire healthy living", such as; weight loss prevention, diet and lifestyles change. This would produce more healthy people, resulting in less cost for the burdened health system.

Active Prevention is the Mantra .. and yes, Naturopaths are good at that ...
... it's all about activation of the individual to take up responsibility for their own health...

Eliminate Poverty

Poverty is connected to many of our societies problems. By eliminating poverty, massive improvement could be achieved.

Health and poverty are strongly related obviously, esp. regarding lifestyle diseases.

There is much more obviously, but one thing I am sure about, if the major parties would fight each other less, and concentrate on finding Holistic Solutions and Inspired Political Visions for the benefit of the whole nation, we all would be much happier.

Article by .... Dieter Luske

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