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A Holistic Democratic Political System

Article: The Philosophy of Holistic and Synergistic Politics

Holistic Constructive Politics - part 1

Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Have we arrived at a point in our History, where it is essential for political systems to change?

I must confess, I am skeptical of the effectiveness and genuine positive progressiveness of our general political systems.

How can a political system ever work, when winning an election is more important than running the country?

Our political systems are no longer working or possibly have never worked.

Is there any evidence that the above statement is true?

Yes, just look around you, if world politics would have worked, we would live in peace, without poverty and with purpose, not only with technical evolution, but also with human evolution.

Now imagine for a moment ...

... how much could be achieved with a well functioning system, where political parties and governments share their ideas for the common good and inspire a whole nation, a whole planet?

The hostility and absolute uselessness of political discourse is depressive and offensive, and it inflicts all levels of society with negative messages and behavioural models.

How can we ever have a constructive political system while major parties main objective is to win and to rubbish the other party?

Time for making politics “Holistic”, and aiming for an all encompassing system to support and construct on all levels.

Parties working together for the same goal creating "Synergy", instead of conflict and division.

Politicians were meant to be role models for our young generation; now, the opposite seems to be true.

It’s probably too ambitious to attempt to change a political system. For starters, most  politician would reject it, after all it may cost them their job, or they may find it too boring, because they can’t play their political games anymore.

Maybe there could be a "Hypothetical Political Party", and it could be called "Holistic Democratic Party", maybe that way one can find out what type of ideas are feasible and what could be changed.

Wouldn't it be funny if a hypothetical political party would get more votes than a real one .. ?

If you feel like to contribute some workable ideas yourself, please comment …. contact me > Dieter L. - Editor

Possible questions to find answers to:

  1. Is it possible to have a system that is not focused on winning, but is focused on creating synergy and a grand plan of what is best for the country?

  2. How and for what would we vote?
    Would we vote for specific policies rather than a political party?

  3. If a political party achieves to win an election with roughly 50% of the votes in their favour, do they really have a mandate to govern?

  4. Is the role of the opposition to “oppose” everything, just to make sure the ruling party is not getting their way?

  5. Will it be ever possible, to have a system where parties support each other,  corruption will not be possible, and powerful companies, organization or individuals have no power over political decisions?
    The fear of losing an election, coupled with proving ones ideology is the right one, seems to be the main barrier towards a more harmonious and synergistic working political system.

You tell me …..   in the meantime, I will continue thinking out loud .. 

.. the next article will show the difference between a holistic political party and a conventional ideology based party.

Next Article: Holistic Political Attitudes

Article by .... Dieter Luske

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Please contact me directly for more info or Research Participation: Dieter L. - Editor

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