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Holistic Democratic Party - Part 2

Article: The Philosophy of Synergistic Politics

Holistic Political Attitudes

The difference between a "holistic" political party and a conventional ideology based political party!

Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

What are the differences between a holistic political party and an ideology based party?

The main differences are the "attitudes" about policies and how those policies are created:

Holistically based:

Holistically based attitudes are directed towards the positive and concentrating on working "FOR" something, rather than "AGAINST" something. - Therefore creating progress and harmony. Holistic policies are not reactive, they are proactive, and concentrating on the cause of a problem, creating a vision for the future, and an all encompassing solution.

Ideology based:

Ideology based attitudes are directed towards proving itself "right", therefore dismissing or criticising any other logical or ideology based solutions. - Ideology stops progress and always creates conflict.

Basic examples of Holistic based Attitudes:

"Working for Peace - rather than - working against War"

"Working for Health - rather than - working against Disease"

"Working for the Environment - rather than - working against Global Warming".

That may sound like an exercise in semantics, but in reality the difference is profound.

As simple as this change in attitude seems, it commands different energies and actions that will have a positive flow on effect.

It can be further explained: "where ever energy is concentrated that part will grow".

If you focus your energy and efforts on fighting diseases, diseases will grow, because the flow on effect of the "war against disease", are the side effects of that war, in military talk it would be called; "dying under friendly fire" or "lateral damages". Or in simple terms, no war is without casualties.

Before anyone is jumping up to defend our medical system, please .. no need to.

Holistic Policies are not here to destroy something existing, it is here to "ADD" something to make a system more whole, and work on the positive side with greater effort and research resources.

Working on someone's Health, concentrating energy on health, improving health and prevention, rather than just concentrating all the energy on fighting, will result in healthier people.

Healthier people are getting less sick.

Or to put it in other ways;

"We don't need more Hospitals, we need more Healthy People"

"We don't need more Police, we need more Honest People"

"We don't need more "Weapons", we need more Peace"

Are politicians and governments creating Peace, or Conflict?

Has a political party a mandate to "govern" with 50% of their citizens votes, or do they have just created another conflict?

One could say that "holistic politics", is the yin and yang of politics.

( Yin & Yang - (Female / Male principles) - The equilibrium principle within nature, the cosmos, humans, politics and our pluralistic society - it needs two to tango)

At the moment there is too much yang, (the male principle). - Lets add more yin, the female, nourishing, caring and creating aspects, and therefore make politics more whole .... Holistic.

Male - Female Equality - A solution to have equality in our political system.

For each portfolio, have 2 ministers, 1 female and 1 male. Instead of one minister, we would have a Team of 2 ministers, vote for Your Dream Team. 

All types of policies can be improved by being holistic, by adding the "yin" part, that part of working "for" something, rather than "against" something.

Holistic is always "all encompassing", and policies are NOT decided to entice voters or to win an election; but on genuine information, justice and fairness, for the best solutions with the best possible outcomes for all.

More political attitude differences:

  • Holistic Politic is NOT ideological, as mentioned it is all encompassing, taking aspects and "ideas" from all ideologies.
    It is not a "centre" party either, it is all encompassing. It is not working on yes or no, it is working on Re-Solutions.

  • Holistic Politic is NOT competitive, it does not work on "defending" a policy just because of party ideology principles, and it is not rubbishing other political ideologies in order to prove itself right either.
    Politics should not be about winning, politics should be about plausible working solutions and re-solutions.

  • Holistic Politic is NOT in favour of 'Compromising'. A 'compromise' is seen as everyone is loosing. Holistic Policies always aspire a workable best possible re-solution for all concerned.

  • Holistic Politic "IS" for equality on all levels.

  • Holistic Politic "IS" for compassion, empathy and integrity.

  • Holistic Policies "SEEK" solutions by addressing the cause of a problem.

  • Holistic Policies "SEEK" emphasis and good will from all.

  • Holistic Policies "SEEK" inclusiveness for all people, of all genders, all abilities, all ideologies, all religions.

.. next article... Holistic Synergistic Politics

Article by .... Dieter Luske

... and feel free to "join" the hypothetical "Holistic Democratic Party".

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