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Naturopathy is Safe

Here is a question often asked, esp in the Media or from Natural Therapy Skeptics;

"Is Naturopathy safe?"

What is the saying? .... As safe as safe can be!

With constant attacks from Skeptics to destroy Natural Therapy, above question and many other similar questions are spread out onto the Internet, Social Media and General Media.

If that question would be asked out of concern, no one would object. If however, that question is a deliberate attempt to misrepresent Naturopathy and Natural Therapy in general, simply out of contempt and to destroy everything related to Natural Therapy, than it is high time the whole Industry corrects the misinformation.

... and the answer is; Yes, Naturopathy and Natural Therapy are as safe as safe can be.

.. but wait.... there is more ... don't mind my funny streak, but the accusations against Naturopathy are just too ridiculous, but unfortunately are presented with such a strong force and in a seemingly logical way, that it is understandable that people may be confused of whom to believe.

Skeptics are extremely good in misrepresenting a topic.

My objective in this article is to explain some of the misrepresentation and misconceptions.

Misrepresentation are usually made in a certain order, and basically repeated for all Natural type of topics.

5 typical misconception made by Skeptics:

  1. Skeptics often "Compare" Natural Therapies to the "Medical System", to discredit and judge Natural Therapies.
    Here is the First Truth:
    The medical and natural system are placed at opposite ends of the scale, one can not compare the Natural System with the Medical System.
    As the saying goes, you can't compare apples and oranges.
    NOTE: The Medical System is a "Disease Management System", and while it is absolutely essential in "keeping us alive", it is NOT making us more Healthy.
    The Natural System is a Health Support and Prevention System, and it is absolutely essential for Prevention and "Optimising Health", it is Preventative, Restorative, and Regenerative.
    Most of the Skeptic's arguments are based on the concept of "Comparing", and therefore misleading.

  2. Skeptics claim that the Natural System is not practicing anything which is not practiced by the Medical System already.
    Here is the Second Truth:
    The Medical System is a mainly "Patient Passive System", meaning patients have little or no influence over their treatment. The patient is passive.

    The Natural System
    , is a "Patient Active System", meaning patients are "ACTIVE". The patients are educated and motivated and supported to change their lifestyle for the better, along with treatment advice relating only to one particular patient.

    That "Active" principle and the change in lifestyle
    with it's strong emphasis in Prevention and Restoring, is what Natural Therapists are experts in, and which is "NOT practiced by the Medical System". - The Medical System is NOT optimising Health!

  3. Skeptics claim that Natural Therapy is not safe.
    Here is the Third Truth:
    Natural Therapy, practiced by 'qualified accredited Practitioners', is safe.
    Here are the reasons:
    1.) Qualified Practitioners do NOT use "drugs or surgical intervention", therefore the possibility of causing harm, is"Less than crossing a Road".
    2.) Qualified Practitioners do NOT use any type of substance deemed as unsafe.

  4. Skeptics deliberately causing confusions, by claiming that Natural type of Therapeutics (supplements) are not safe.
    Here is the Forth Truth:
    Be assured that Practitioner's prescribed supplements or other therapeutics are registered with the TGA, and are safe.
    Do not confuse untrained people or over the counter medicine with qualified Natural Therapists.
    For lifestyle advice, for better Health, for prevention and for general health problems please visit a qualified Natural Therapist, such as a Naturopath.
    Always make sure you visit your local GP first, to rule out any serious diseases!
    Qualified Natural Therapy Practitioners do NOT "treat" a "disease", or notifiable conditions (infectious diseases) or Cancer.

  5. Skeptics claim that there is no evidence of effectiveness.
    Here is the Fifth Truth:
    Again, one must not fall into the trap of comparing the systems.
    Natural Therapists are not fighting against a single disease with a specific supplement, and are NOT claiming to treat that way.

    Qualified Natural Therapists are always supporting a patient's Health holistically, searching for possible causes of a problem and supporting under active body systems or organs or deficiencies with appropriate natural therapeutics.

    The effectiveness of Natural Therapy is in it's preventative and wellness increasing therapeutic applications, it is measured not by double blind testing, but by clinical outcomes for an individual patient.


Not only is the Natural System safe, it is absolutely vital for improving our Health System, making it into a Health "Care" System.

ACTIVE PREVENTION is better than a cure, and it is more economical.

We don't need more Hospitals, we need more healthy people.

Final Point:

The medical system does Not treat patients if no diagnosis is established. - Patients will go home with the same symptoms they presented with. 

70 to 80% of people visiting a Naturopaths do so, because they have not received supportive health answers from their Doctors. 

Natural Therapy and ACTIVE Prevention is more important than ever!


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Article by: Dieter L. Editor of useNature


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.


  1. Natural Therapy is still an unregulated industry, therefore patients have to assure themselves to consult only a verified qualified accredited practitioner. Patients should ask for proper credentials.

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