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Complementary Alternative Medicine - CAM
Complementary Medicine - CM

The "Natural Medicine Advisory Board"

useNature's "Preliminary" suggestion for the formation of a Natural Medicine Advisory Board, for streamlining, advancements and integration of Holistic Natural Medicine.

Holistic Medicine, Prevention and Wellbeing needs to be embraced by all, to make a real difference to our "Disease and Drug Maintenance" driven Health Care System.

.... by: Dieter L. Editor of useNature

Natural Medicine Advisory Board

Before Natural Medicine Modalities can be accepted into the the Australian Conventional Health System, it needs to overcome its long standing self-imposed problems of division and alienation between the varied Natural Therapists Associations.

NOTE: The "REJECTION" of most Natural Therapy Modalities by the NHMRC , is due to misunderstandings of key Naturopathic principles, and secondly to the un-focused responses, and insufficient explanation by the Natural Therapy Associations.

How to chose an Association?

  • Because it's compulsory? No Choice?

  • Liking what an association stands for? - Pro-registration - Co-Self Regulation - or an Alternative Solution?

  • Because one Association has cheaper Fees? ( Most likely)

NOTE: Natural Practitioners need to have a "Spokes Person/Body, speaking on behalf of Complementary Alternative Medicine as a "united force" explaining their active prevention and health supporting principles.

*Each Association should have a spokes person, meeting on a regular basis to dovetail their messages to the media and to the governing bodies.

Association regrettably are NOT focusing on the difference between Medical and Natural Practitioners, we need a voice to emphasize that difference, and why our complementary role will make the medical system complete.

Complementary Alternative Medicine will provide what Medical Practitioners can't supply, active prevention and drugless individual holistic health support options.

Natural Practitioners are not in competition with GP's.

The first step towards a streamlined approach, would be to set up various task groups.

Task group 1: Establishing a "Natural Medicine Advisory Board" - "NMAB" - .

.. this "suggested board will have no direct powers", other than brain storming and advising.

NMAB may also take on the role as an "independent body of complaints" against Natural Therapies.. (A new code of ethics which is followed voluntary by practitioners may be enough to stop future complaints)

Task group 2: Create a " Code of Ethics - Code of Conduct - Scope of Practice"

Draw up guidelines for the various Natural Therapy Modalities, what to practice and what not. This is seen as the most important task, as most complaints are directed about "treatment claims" - "wrong diagnosis", and "selling supplements for profit", rather than on a "need" value..

If a strict guideline can be established, and "accredited practitioners" honour those guidelines, many of the complaints would be inconsequential.

Further more, if complaints are made, they would be against someone not following the "Code of Ethics" or generally non-practitioners. We as a body for Natural Therapy would complain about the same violation, and therefore make a "Skeptic" complaint obsolete.

We do have "Codes of Professional Ethics" already, as provided by Natural Health Associations.

Advisory Note: It is recommended that those Codes get refined to create "One Code for all".

Existing Codes - click Associations name: (not a comprehensive list)

ANTA's Code - ANPA's Code - Aronah's Code - ATMS's Code of Conduct - NHAA's Code - AAMT's Code - AHA's Code - CMA's Code ..

.... and many more .. probably 60 to 70 associations .. one can see the need for streamlining ...

Natural Therapy Scope of Practice Guidelines Suggestions:

  1. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners do not treat a disease, and they do not claim to heal or make therapeutic claims.
    Instead, they support a body in its inert capability to heal itself.

  2. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners do not diagnose for the purpose of "naming a disease".

  3. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners do not sell supplements for the purpose of making a profit.
    Instead, supplements, and other therapeutic agents are subscribed on the basis of patients needs.
    Reasoning behind the prescription for specific supplements are made accountable on a patient file.

  4. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners do support and treat "Individuals", not a disease name.
    Treatments and Health support is tailored holistically to the individual person, not the disease.

Our Preliminary Code of Ethics/Conduct - Naturopathic Code of Conduct

Task group 3: Create "Advertising and Marketing Guidelines"

CMA has a well laid out guideline already: Found on Linkedin under the Title:
Do you know what you can and cannot say in advertising material related to your business and it's services?

Advisory Note: Those Guidelines or similar could be adopted by all associations to demonstrate unity and act as one body for the advancement of Complementary Alternative Medicine.

Task Group 4: Policing - *"Self-Regulation"

... "we need our own surveillance and policing system .. we need to clean up our own act .. before anyone else can complain" ....

"Police" our own industry against violation of guidelines and scope of practice - including supplements marketing.

Volunteers checking clinic and product web-sites for violation, and make recommendations for changes.

Advisory Note: Practitioner and their web-sites that comply to the regulation will get a "Certificate of Ethical Practice".

NOTE*: Self Regulation in above sense stands for "voluntarily" adopting suggested Codes.

Task Group 5 - Communication - Create unified submissions

Communication needs to be established to relevant government bodies to overcome biased representation against our industry, and also need to be send to political parties to lobby for better representation of Complementary Alternative Medicine.

Letters need to be send to associations and colleges, and those bodies are encourage to pass those letters on to their students and practitioners.

Advisory Note: Documents need to be established, and posted on practitioners web-sites to show a united Natural Medicine Therapy System - again with a certificate of "Certificate of Ethical Practice".

Task Group 6 - Investigations into bias against Natural Therapies

Following up on false claims, corruptions, bullying, conflict of interest cases, unfounded attacks on Natural Practitioners or Natural Therapy Modalities.

Question: Are Government Bodies like the NHMRC biased against Complementary Alternative Medicine?

NHMRC. - Nationals Health and Medical Research Council

NHMRC statement of concern:

The NHMRC has been concerned with reports of non-evidence based treatments, including Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM), being used to treat conditions that are chronic, serious, or could become serious, in place of evidence-based treatments.

This point needs urgent addressing. It shows bias influence about Natural Therapies.

NOTE: However, that statement makes it clear which points need to be discussed and clarified about Natural Therapies.

SOLUTION: By having unified "Codes of ethics conduct and scope of practice", clearly outlining what Natural Therapists do, and specifically "Don't DO", their concerns are addressed and eliminated.

In areas where concerns persists, esp. against specific practitioners or modalities, a policing body instigated by a Natural Medicine Advisory Board, needs to investigate those cases and state loud a nd clearly, that Natural Therapies - Complementary Alternative Medicine - CAM bodies are strictly against any form of fraudulent or misguided treatment or claims.

Particular Concerns which need to be addressed within the Scope of Practice:

  1. Natural Therapists do not diagnose for the purpose of "naming a disease". Natural Therapists such as Naturopaths, focus on the pathological drivers of the dis-ease instead, to establish support of health by educating and possibly prescribing (therapeutic agents) nutrition or nutritional and herbal substances.
    All therapeutic agents used by Natural Therapist are evidence based.
    Natural Therapists
    learn pathology & disease process, nutritional & body chemistry etc, to understand how dis-ease impacts on the body & how to support the system and reverse that process as far as possible.

  2. Natural Therapist do not treat a disease, and they do not claim to heal or make therapeutic claims.
    Instead, they support a body in its inert capability to heal itself.

  3. Natural Therapist do uphold the WHO statement of:
    "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".

  4. The Natural System works on prevention and improving Health, aiming for the "complete physical, mental and social well-being".

  5. Learning from the Skeptics:
    They claim; that there is NO evidence that Naturopaths offer a service, which is not already offered within the Conventional Medical Health System.
    NOTE: This needs to be effectively addressed, in my opinion that could be the deciding factor of moving forward, to clearly outline our scope of practice and further more, show evidence that we indeed provide service NOT already provided by the Conventional Medical Health System, and further more, that the Medical Health System is NOT providing services to achieve "complete physical, mental and social well-being".

Natural Therapy has to come to the forefront as primary Active Prevention Practitioners, providing support to achieve complete physical, mental and social well-being.

... compiled by: Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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