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Independent Natural Medicine Advisory Board (NMAB)

Blueprint only - inviting input

Suggestions for streamlining and advancements of Holistic Natural Medicine.

Improving the Natural Health Care Regulation System, correcting misinformation about Natural Therapy and promoting the Benefits! 

Vision: Improving Australia’s health through excellence in preventative health with Natural Therapy Health Care Modalities

Holistic Medicine, Prevention and Wellbeing to be embraced by all, to make a real difference to our "Disease and Drug Maintenance" driven Health Care System.

Naturopathy, as well as 17 other Natural Therapies the NHMRC has rejected, will need to come to the forefront and have a precise outline of Government's Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice, to set themselves apart from the medical system and from un-related attacks.

Natural Therapy Bodies have to clearly state their supportive, and active preventative role within the sector of "Improving Health and Lifestyle. - ( examples of Scope of practice for 17 Natural Therapy Modalities )

A comprehensive "Accredited Natural Health Practitioner Registry" needs to be established to find and support "accredited" natural health practitioners.

The concept of Active Prevention has to be focused upon, as a vital part of Natural Medicine.

The NMAB is NOT, and will NOT be an Association

Blueprint by ... Dieter Luske - To comment or make suggestion CONTACT

For discussion please offer feedback or questions to > Friends of Holistic Health or

Natural Medicine Advisory Board (NMAB)

Before Natural Medicine Modalities can be accepted into the the Australian Conventional Health System, it needs to overcome its long standing self-imposed problems of division and alienation between the varied Associations, interest groups, related bodies as well as individuals.

"NMAB" envisage to be a supportive body for the Holistic Natural Therapy/Medicine - Complementary Alternative Medicine field in Australia.

"NMAB" supports the development, research and practice of All Modalities, AND also respects and supports the diversity of approaches within the profession.

"NMAB" supports our present Self/Co Regulation System - facilitated by the Association/Accreditation on one side, and the Governments "Code of Ethics for unregistered practitioners", on the other side.

NMAB's Goals and Purpose

The Goal is to protect, advance and achieve recognition for Natural Therapies in General, and for Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and other primary modalities such as Ayurveda and Homeopathy specifically.

  • Strictly adopting and adhering to the "Unified Code of Ethics - Code of Conduct & Scope of Practice" - based on the Code for "unregistered practitioners". - Public safety is guaranteed under the Code for "unregistered practitioners", as well as the Association's accreditation standards.

  • A "Unified, agreed upon Standard of Education and Standard of Accreditation

  • A "Unified, Association enforced policing system, ensuring new and old members adhere to the Code of Ethics.

  • A Registry for accredited Practitioners

  • A Trademark Registered Logo for accredited practitioners who adhere to the Code of Ethics. - A NMAB "Certificate of Ethical Practice".

  • The Purpose is to demonstrate the unique, and vital role within our society that Natural Medicine has to offer to eliminate Lifestyle Diseases and for Active Prevention, keeping the population healthy.

NMAB - addressing The "REJECTION" of most Natural Therapy Modalities by the NHMRC

  1. Biased research against Natural Therapy, based on Medical System Standards, such as double blind testing and evidence.
    The Natural Therapy System can Only be validated by it's own standards, and by it's "Clinical Evidence".
    One can not compare the 2 systems! - One is NOT better than the other. - One can NOT replace the other.
    The medical system
    uses prescription drugs and surgical intervention, which absolutely have to have full evidence and need double blind testing.
    The natural system uses natural means and ingestible's, and it's focus is on the individual to improve health and sub-optimal nutrition and lifestyle.

  2. NMAB acting as a hub to collect and publish vital information to support our industry

The NMAB is "FOR" the advancement of Preventative Holistic Natural Therapies in all it's different forms.

  • NMAB will seek to find a mutual, common ground approach, goals and outcomes that can be accepted by all, while giving space to individual bodies for their own specific purpose.

  • NMAB will outline ideas and recommendation open for discussions, and it will invite everyone to take part, esp Associations, and specific interest groups, including Facebook Groups.

  • THE NMAB will have ZERO POWER, IT IS NOT AN ASSOCIATION - it is designed strictly for Coordination, Brainstorming, and making suggestion generated by practitioners and associations.

  • The NMAB would consist of voluntary members enlisted from associations and practitioners alike.


Natural Therapy Skeptics, such as the FoSM have "misrepresented" facts, they have used "Medical System Standards" and applied them to Natural Therapies, which is a deliberate attempt to work against the Natural Therapy System.

Inadvertently FoSM is 'teaching us' "What NOT to do", and what to do instead.

FoSM main complaints:

  1. Treatment Claims

  2. Diagnosing Diseases, and misdiagnosing

  3. Marketing of "unnecessary supplements" and non-evidence treatments.

  4. Claiming that there is NO evidence that naturopathic consultations improve health.

  5. Claiming that Naturopaths do NOT ADD anything to the health system, which is not provided already by the medical system.

  6. Skeptics do not see Naturopathy as a profession, they see it as a general term like Natural Therapists.

All these "complaints", are easily explained by Natural Medicine Principles, and by an effective "implemented" Code of Ethics - Conduct and Scope of Practice.

NOTE: Attempts by some groups to compete against those complaints, which are based on the Medical System Standards are doomed to fail and have failed.

BUT demonstrating that Natural Therapy is working within it's own system is possible!

Task 1: Establishing a "Natural Medicine Advisory Board" - "NMAB"

  1. Asking for dedicated volunteers to join to create a Natural Medicine Advisory Board - (this may not be the final Name)
    Asking Associations to join, by creating the new position of an "Association Spokes Person".

  2. The new formed Board will adopt, create or strengthen the "Code of Ethics for unregistered practitioners" and communicating with Association to adopt ONE CODE FOR ALL, with room to add specifics for specific modalities.

Task 2: Adopt a "Code of Ethics - Code of Conduct - Scope of Practice"

Draw up guidelines for the various Natural Therapy Modalities, what to practice and what not. This is seen as the most important task, as most complaints are directed about treatment claims" - "wrong diagnosis", and "selling supplements for profit", rather than on "patients needs".

If a strict guideline can be established, and "accredited practitioners" honour those guidelines, many of the complaints would be inconsequential.

Further more, if complaints are made, they would be against someone NOT following the "Code of Ethics" or generally non-practitioners.

The "Codes of Ethics for Unregistered Health Practitioners", needs to be streamlined and extended into "One Code for all".

Please recognise that we are already under that code, everything we add will make that code even stronger.

Existing Association Codes: (not a comprehensive list)

ANTA's Code - ANPA's Code - Aronah's Code - ATMS's Code of Conduct - NHAA's Code - AAMT's Code - AHA's Code - CMA's Code ..

.... and many more .. probably 60 to 70 associations .. one can see the need for streamlining ...

Recommending the following guidelines to the be added to the Codes of Ethics for Unregistered Health Practitioners:

NOTE: Natural Therapy is NOT a treatment modality or profession in itself. It is merely used as a descriptive term to encompass the large range of modalities, from Alexander Technique to Yoga.

  1. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners do not treat a disease, and they do not claim to heal or make therapeutic claims.
    Instead, they support a body in its inert capability to heal itself.

  2. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners do not diagnose for the purpose of "naming a disease".

  3. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners do not sell supplements for the purpose of making a profit.
    Instead, supplements, and other therapeutic agents are subscribed on the basis of patients needs.
    Reasoning behind the prescription for specific supplements are made accountable on a patient file, and a written script has to be provided including a practitioner's provider number.

  4. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners do support and treat "Individuals", not a "Disease Name".
    Treatments and Health supports are tailored holistically to the individual person, not the disease.

Preliminary Example Code of Ethics/Conduct see > Naturopathic Code of Conduct

Task 3: Policing

The Natural Health Care System needs its own surveillance and policing system ..

Association are advice to police if NEWLY accepted Members adhere to the Code of Ethics.

"Policing" our own industry against violation of guidelines and scope of practice - including supplements marketing.

Advisory Note: for Associations or voluntary policing bodies:

Clinics or Practitioners have to display the following Documents at their practice rooms.

  1. Clinics/Practitioners must display a copy of each of the following documents at all premises where the health practitioner carries on his or her practice:
    (a) The code of ethics/conduct,
    (b) A document that gives information about the way in which clients may make a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission, being a document in a form approved by the Director General. ( See below > Document for Patients )

  2. Copies of those documents must be displayed in a position and manner that makes them easily visible to clients entering the relevant premises.

  3. Practitioners are advised to display the same documents to their web-sites.

Document for Patients:


The Code of Ethics/Conduct for Holistic Health Care Practitioners™ sets out what you can expect from your provider.

If you are concerned about the health service that was provided to you or your next of kin, talk to the practitioner immediately. In most cases the health service provider will try to resolve them.

If you are not satisfied with the provider’s response, contact the Inquiry Service of the Health Care Complaints Commission on (02) 9219 7444
or toll free on 1800 043 159 for a confidential discussion.

If your complaint is about sexual or physical assault or relates to the immediate health or safety of a person, you should contact the Commission immediately.

What is the Health Care Complaints Commission - HCCC?

The Health Care Complaints Commission is an independent body dealing with complaints about health services to protect the public health and

For more information about the Health Care Complaints Commission, please visit the website

Contact the Health Care Complaints Commission

Office address: Level 13, 323 Castlereagh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

Post address: Locked Mail Bag 18, STRAWBERRY HILLS NSW 2012

Telephone: (02) 9219 7444

Toll Free in NSW: 1800 043 159


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