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Use Nature - Supporting Co-Regulation for Complementary Alternative Medicine, the Natural Health Care Model ...

.... by: Dieter L.

What is Co-regulation?

Co-regulation generally means a combination of industry and government regulation.

Co-regulation involves industry in our case, the Natural Therapy Industry and the government as the regulator developing strategies and administering and enforcing a workable solution.

Co-regulation for Natural Therapies means that interest groups or associations of our industry develop guidelines and regulatory arrangements, such as codes of ethics or conduct, in consultation with government.

Natural Therapy Associations will administer their own arrangements, while the government provides legislative backing to enable the arrangements to be enforced. 

Concepts for a Co-regulation Natural Health Care Model:

Uniting Natural Therapies under a Co-regulation System will assure better protection against undue attacks, and will progress our industry forward.

  1. Using the World Health Organisations, WHO Constitution as Guideline:
    "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".

  2. Naturopaths / Natural Therapists are "experts" in promoting "complete physical, mental and social well-being".
    The medical system, " provides the absence of disease or infirmity".

Prevention: We don't need more Hospitals ... we need more Healthy People!

  1. Holistic Preventative & Restorative Healthcare needs to be of equal importance as Primary Medical Care.

  2. Natural Therapy Practitioners take a Holistic Health approach, and can deliver what the "WHO Constitution" is asking for.

  3. The Medical System, even so it is absolutely dedicated helping the sick, is lacking behind in 'active prevention and improving' Health.

  4. The Medical System is a "Disease Management System", we need a "Holistic Health Support System".

  5. The Medical System is a "PASSIVE Patient System", patients are not actively involved enough in supporting their own health.

  6. Medical Practitioners in order to effectively treat someone, "have to diagnose a disease" first.

    If no disease can be diagnosed by any type of medical test, Doctors are in fact unable to treat or help the patient.

  7. We need an "ACTIVE Patient System", where the patient takes responsibility for their own health under Guidance from a "Preventative, Restorative Health Care Practitioners" such as a Naturopath.

  8. It is NOT enough for a medical Doctor to suggest a healthier lifestyle; the motivation and willingness to change needs strong guidance and practical applications for direct active participation or group activities.
    Groups for walking / exercise, weight loss meetings, attitude changes, relaxation /meditation, nutrition / diets have to be provided with government incentives to ensure ongoing compliance. (under guidance of a Holistic orientated Practitioner)

The Co - Regulation Model

  1. Complementary Alternative Medicine and Naturopathy in specific, are deemed as safe and therefore regulation is unnecessary.

  2. Co-Regulation offers recognition, representation and support for accredited practitioners.

  3. Accreditation secures high Education Standards.

  4. Quality Education Standard safeguards are: Requirements for membership; eg accreditation - ongoing training - insurance.

  5. Co-Regulation supports all Natural Therapy modalities, and assures that no fragmentation of holistic principles occurs.
    A 2 tier model of primary modalities and sub-modalities may be considered.

  6. 2 tier system:
    Primary Treatment Modalities:
    (Defined by education standards - and being able to practice as a stand alone modality)
    ( Naturopathy - Herbalist - Nutritionist - Homeopathy) .. possible more ... to be discussed.
    A 2 tier system assures that "Primary Treatment Modalities" are"fully qualified" and eligible to practice in Professional Health Care for insurance purposes and future possible Medi Care Rebates.

  7. Sub-Modalities / Elective Modalities:
    Elective Modalities, such as below are vital for Active Prevention and supporting health. They may be practiced by themselves, but only in their specific area of expertise.
    Alexander Technique - Aroma Therapy - Astrology - Biomesotherapy - BodyTalk - Bowen Therapy - Breathwork - Brain Gym - Building Biologist - Chakra Healing - Colonic Irrigation - Colour Therapy - Craniosacral Therapy - Crystal Healing - Emotional Freedom Technique - Feldenkrais - Feng Shui - Flower Essence - Forensic Healing - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - Hydrotherapy - Iridology - Journey Therapy - Kinesiology - Laughter Therapy - Meditations - Music Therapy - Natural Vision - Neuro Linguistic Programming - Personal Training Pilates - Qigong - Reflexology - Reiki - Remedial Massage - Shiatsu - Stress management - Weight-loss - Yoga..... and many more ...

  8. Co-Regulation supports streamlining Education... and "dictate" which courses and education facilities are accepted by the Association's Standards and Accreditation.
    Any courses outside of standards, would be classed as NOT accredited, and seen as 'general interest courses'.
    To study a Prime Modality, a number of elective sub-modalities will need to be studied as well.
    Sub-Modalities have an important role to play in specific "Active Prevention - Recuperation or Treatment Goals".

  9. Suggestion:
    Accreditation for a new umbrella term; "General Naturopathic Practitioner" or GNP.
    This accreditation would be the most qualified one, with the highest education requirements, and would include: Naturopath - Herbalists - Homeopaths and Nutritionists. In addition a number of "Electives" have to be added. The elective modalities also need to be accredited to be of appropriate standards.

Regulation for Practitioner Only Products (POPs)

Associations have to establish a policy, that only accredited Naturopaths or other "Primary" modality practitioners are permitted to buy and prescribe "Practitioner Only Products".

To assure this process, the provider number of each practitioner needs to be listed next to a purchase order or in case of a "Patient" a script for POP's "Practitioner Only Products".

Any products sold without a provider number reference should be investigated, and the supplier of the products, should be first cautioned, and on reoccurrence the supplier should not be allowed to sell "Practitioner Only Products".

"Code of Ethics - Code of Conduct - Scope of Practice"

Guidelines for the various Complementary Modalities, what to practice and what not.

Most complaints are directed about "treatment claims" - "wrong diagnosis", and "selling supplements for profit".

If a strict guideline can be established, and Accredited Practitioners honour those guidelines, many of the complaints would be inconsequential.

Further more, if complaints are made, they would be against someone not following the "Code of Ethics" or generally non-practitioners.

Natural Therapy Scope of Practice Guidelines Suggestions:

  1. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners DO NOT TREAT A DISEASE - THEY TREAT THE INDIVDUAL, and they do not claim to heal or make therapeutic claims.
    Instead, they support a body in its inert capability to heal itself.

  2. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners DO NOT DIAGNOSE for the purpose of "naming a disease".

  3. Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners DO NOT sell supplements for the purpose of making a profit.
    Instead, supplements, and other therapeutic agents are subscribed on the basis of patients needs.
    Reasoning behind the prescription for specific supplements are made accountable on a patient's file.

  4. Summary - Accredited Natural Therapy practitioners do support and treat "Individuals", not a disease name.
    Treatments and Health support is tailored holistically to the individual person, not the disease.

Code of Ethics/Conduct - Naturopathic Code of Conduct

Advertising and Marketing Guidelines

CMA has a well laid out guideline already: Found on Linkedin under the Title:
Do you know what you can and cannot say in advertising material related to your business and it's services?

Note: Those Guidelines or similar need to be adopted by all associations to demonstrate unity and act as one body for the advancement of Natural Therapy.

Policing "Self-Regulation"

The Complementary Health System, needs its own surveillance and policing system. We need to clean up our own act.

"Police" our own industry against violation of guidelines and scope of practice - including supplement marketing.

Practitioners and their web-sites that comply to the regulation will get a "Certificate of Ethical Practice".

NOTE*: Self Regulation in above sense stands for "voluntarily" adopting suggested Codes.

Co-Regulation Goals

  1. Standardization of Education by means of "Accreditation" guidelines.
    Association and Accreditation standards should dictate the college curriculum .. not the other way around ..

  2. A uniform code of ethics and scope of practice for all association and practitioners.

  3. A "new" single government neutral regulatory body to monitor the industry and provide legislative backing to enable the Associations concepts and arrangements to be enforced. 

  4. Associations to have a dedicated "spokes person" to communicate for the benefit of Natural Therapies and instill confidence from the public.

  5. Uniting Associations, goals and education,

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... compiled by: Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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