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Editor - Dieter Luske ...

... I support an active preventative natural holistic health and lifestyle philosophy

Having been in one way or another within this field for over 35 years, has only strengthened my mind that Natural Therapy 'modalities' are a vital part for prevention and natural treatment options.

Holistic Health has come a long way....and a lot of natural therapy advice that natural practitioners have suggested, and which in the past have been "credited" as advice from quacks, are now widely practiced. By example: prevention, a sensible nutritious diet, no smoking, regular exercise, healthy mental attitude and recreational activities.

Please use our Health and Lifestyle articles as guidelines for a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

These guidelines are FREE for everyone, and at no way are they claiming to be the ultimate answer. With too many individual factors to consider, the articles are only ever claim to be sensible information.

Latest Editorial Articles:

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Holistic Self Help Column:

Physical Self Help

  1. Health Foundation - If you have to start somewhere, start at the foundation...
    Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects in relation to your Health.

  2. Zone Type Diet, a Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, ratio balanced diet.
    Backed by scientific data, of how food affects our metabolism has changed the way we think about diet.

  3. Physical Foundation, the responsibility to heal yourself is yours, never give up this responsibility.

  4. Optimal Nutrition - the raw materials which nature requires for building & constantly re-building the cells of your body.

  5. Diet Restrictions, refined & processed food. Stay away from toxic ingredients".

  6. General Diet Suggestions - "Fresh is Best"

  7. Special Foods - Fermenting makes minerals available for absorption, produces vitamin B12 and increases the content of other vitamins and enzymes.

  8. About Tofu - Soy Product - Organic - NON GMO - Non Genetically Modified Organism.

  9. Recipe Section:
    - Lunch - Dinner

  10. Healthy Snacks

  11. Diet Summary and helpful hints

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Living in a “material” success orientated striving society has confused the "goal" setting issue.

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