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Editor - Dieter Luske ...

Author of It Happened In The Seventies and Chaos in Brainland

... I support an active preventative holistic lifestyle philosophy

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Dieter L. - editor - writer - holistic consultant | Editor's Column:


The Self-Publishing RoadmapThe Self-Publishing Roadmap

Congratulation, you have written a book. - Now what? Before considering publishing, ensure you have a 'product' worth publishing. - There are a few steps to take before one decides how to publish.

About Self-Publishing Support - read more

Holistic Health:

Certified Qualified - Holistic Health Care Practitioner Comparing the Medical and Natural Therapy Systems ...

is like comparing Apples and Oranges.

Whoever compares those 2 systems, or is rubbishing one or the other, fails to see the possible benefits of those systems working together for better health.

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Chaos in Brainland - Self help book by Dieter LuskeChaos in Brainland - A Guide for Creating a Stress and Anxiety Free Zone

Author Dieter Luske

The chaos in society is reflected in chaos between the ears, the territory Dieter Luske calls Brainland.

Dieter is a holistic counsellor with decades of experience and has conducted analysis in that most complicated laboratory – the self. You will discover dynamic techniques, different perspectives, and "First Aid Anxiety Response Hacks" to master your mindset and liberate your mind.

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Holistic Relationship PrinciplesHolistic Relationship Principles

Everything on this planet and within our society revolves around relationships; good ones, bad ones, not having one, seeking one, or even not wanting one. When was the last time you read a Fairytale, and did it end in; ”and they lived happily ever after”? Was that a promise, a hope or a denial? Can we deliver what fairytales promise us?

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Holistic Topics - Self Improvement

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Holistic Goal Setting - a holistic approach

Living in a “material” success orientated striving society has confused the "goal" setting issue.

Lifestyle Choices & Creativity

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It happened in the seventies - book by Dieter Luske

It happened in the seventies

A Memoir of Love, Colliding Worlds and a House on a Hill

Intriguing story of personal risk-taking, self-discovery and profound change.

Dieter Luske
author . writer . editor

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