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Holistic Healthy Relationship Philosophy

Article: The Philosophy of Relationships

5 aspects of achieving a Holistic Healthy Relationship

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How to create a loving, happy, healthy and equallity based Relationship?

Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Holistic Relationship Principles

Everything on this planet and within our society somehow revolves around relationships; good ones, bad ones, not having one, seeking one, or even not wanting one.

When was the last time you read a Fairytale, and did it end in; ”and they lived happily ever after”?

Was that a promise, a hope or a denial?

Can we deliver what fairytales promise us?

Sounds like Utopia, doesn't it, but not necessarily, I am sure we are capable of  having, or creating lasting, loving and happy relationships.

Could Holistic Philosophies have some answers?

Possibly, maybe not, who knows. However having a more holistic attitude may save the day.

Thinking Holistically is all about expanding awareness. A Partnerships is not just about survival and getting through those petty arguments, it's  about something far bigger and better. Concentrating on the larger picture may disperse the importance of the arguments.

For anyone being in, or seeking a relationship, applying holistic thinking recognizes that one is only a half of a partnership in quest of the other half. The saying; “my other half”, it's not just an empty phrase.

In the case of a holistic relationship, the whole package means 2 people sharing their individual knowledge and acknowledgement to create one wholesome and  awesome team.

We all know the usual relationship breakdown clichés; such as;  nagging, constant arguments or fighting, accusing each other of any possible misbehaviour, point scoring, belittling and unfortunately sometimes it escalates into violence..

a Holistic RelationshipLuckily, there are plenty of happy relationships, even so happiness often seems to get unnoticed, and is overshadowed by a society hooked on “drama”.

Applying some of the Holistic Philosophies could not only improve relationships, but maybe even turn them into that elusive, living happily ever after couple.


What are the 5 aspects of a Holistic Relationship?

    If each person is one half of a relationship, in order for that team to work, each partner needs to be absolute equal to the other. No one would be more or less important. If anyone seeks to be the boss, the likelihood of the partnership to slowly destruct is greatly increased.
    Having established equality and each person is aware and feels comfortable about it; one can move on, the first obstacle to a happy relationship has been overcome.

    Next in line is acceptance of each other’s “reality”. Equality just stands for Value, not for being the same. We are all different, coming from different backgrounds with personal different realities. However, most arguments start with minor disagreements about something, quite often a conflict about who is right, which further develops into a typical point scoring exercise. Avoiding a lot of pointless arguments undoubtedly would improve relationships.
    Thinking holistically, we would be aware that we all have, and live in different realities. We live in realities we have been born into, and which have been manifested in our minds over many years, being subjected to ideologies within each person’s individual society.
    Partners obviously will have different perspectives on many subjects. Being aware of that will help couples to argue less, and accept more, or at least have fun arguing.
    We all have different perspectives, and yet, we still argue rather then discuss why we have the differences. Getting to know one another helps to create a unique relationship, not set on any formal patterns, always sharing and growing perspectives together, to improve the well being of the whole.
    After all, trying to be right only shows ones insecurity.
    In most instances, arguing is worthless and destructive, whereas sharing and discussing is constructive.
    Not accepting the partners realities or insisting that your own reality is the only true one will lead to a break down in relation ship.

  3. COMMUNICATION and planning a holistic Lifestyle
    Instead of arguing, try communication, it really works.
    In a holistic relationship, great conversation surpasses most typical day-to-day topics. The real holistic communication is about the new holistic you, the couple and the new frontiers a couple likes to open up to. It is communication about life, and lifestyle.
    Most normal day-to-day communication is reactive to situations, such as not having enough money, job problems, what’s for dinner etc.; whereas holistic communication is about creating your reality and your desired lifestyle, and what each of you want to achieve in addition to what you want to achieve as a couple, by drawing on each others talents and knowledge, something to get excited about.
    What life do you want to live? What lifestyle would you like to adopt? What would you like to achieve as a couple?
    And going even further, how can you support each other to fulfil each individual's aspiration?

    A holistic relationship is all about synergy.
    Synergy is when the sum of the individual parts is larger than the individual together.
    Actually, Synergy is best expressed as equations;
    In a mathematical equation, 1 plus 1 equals 2.
    In a synergistic equation, 1 plus 1 equals 5, or 7, or even more.
    In a well working relationship, you will be able to achieve things you wouldn’t have been able to achieve by yourself.
    This is possible, because your partner, to quote from a movie, may have said “you make me complete”.
    The opposite of synergy is a bad relationship, which again can be expressed as an equation, which is; 1 minus 1 equals 0, each partner fights the other, at the end, there is nothing left.
    Work on your synergy, beats arguing anytime.

    All of the above will not work without trust, and I just noticed, I haven’t even mentioned love, which I took for granted.
    Someone has to start trusting, there is really no choice, by loving and supporting your partner, you add trust into the equation. The trust in order to work, needs to be selfless, without constantly checking if you get an equal amount of trust, love and support back.
    Unconditioned trust and love is always holistic, as it takes in every aspect of ones life.

This is probably not the end of the holistic relationship philosophy discussion; no doubt many more articles will follow. Talking to relationship counselors makes one aware how complex and problematic relationships can be.

Article by .... Dieter Luske


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