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Dieter Luske - Writer and editor for useNature - Author of It happened in the seventies and Chaos in Brainland

The Self-Publishing Roadmap

Congratulation, you have written a book. - Now what?

Before considering publishing, ensure you have a 'product' worth publishing. - There are a few steps to take before one decides how to publish.

  1. The book is written. - I am sure you love your book and think it is ready for the public to see and read. - (and maybe a tiny bit of hope that it becomes a bestseller) -

  2. Have you had your book edited? - If you walk the self-publishing road, you may think you can do your own editing to save money. I recommend finding a good editor to ensure your book has the quality it deserves.
    There are different types of editing; the editor will suggest what kind of editing you need and usually will offer a sample edit to help you determine if you have found the right editor for you and your book genre or category.

  3. The Editing Road - A cost factor -
    Start with Self-editing to make it easier and cheaper for your editor.
    Your book may need 'Story Editing', also called Developmental, Content or Structural Editing. -
    Line Editing can be part of Developmental Editing, aiming to improve the clarity of a piece of writing, line by line.
    You always need Copy Editing; it considers grammar, punctuation and spelling.
    Finally, once all corrections have been made, comes proofreading.

  4. Beta Reader - If you are still determining how your book may be perceived, you may have your book read by a 'Beta Reader'. That may incur a fee unless you know people willing to read your book for free and tell you what they think. - A point of warning, don't give your book to anyone closely related. Find someone who would be unbiased.

  5. The Book - So far, we have been dealing with your manuscript. The following steps are about designing your book. - Like editing, this is a part you could do yourself, but for some elements like the cover design, unless you are a designer, I recommend getting a professional.

  6. Internal Design - Layout, size, index, copy info, acknowledgments, author profile, and possibly a page highlighting books you have written before, all have to look good and professional. - If you feel game to do it yourself, I recommend an online program called Atticus. - For straightforward designing, this is perfect. But like everything, there is a steep learning curve if you want something special. - I am not a friend of subscriptions; therefore, Atticus ticks my boxes; it is a budget-priced one-off payment with nothing more to pay. - ( Here are their headlines: Write and Format Stunning Books - Create professional print books and eBooks easily with the all-in-one book writing software. - I only use it for formatting. - This program is not for book cover design.

  7. Book Cover Design - If you want to try designing your book cover, Cava could be the cheapest option or use any good graphic design software. - I have used Pixelmator in the past; it does the trick, but remember, it's not the program that makes a difference; it's the designer. The design is not just the front cover but also the back cover and what text to place, and the spine needs design. - Before you can design your complete cover, you need to know your book's exact dimensions, including the spine's size.

  8. ISBN - To be in control of your book and the whole publishing process, I recommend getting your own ISBN. That will incur a cost but is not a fortune, and if you buy a package of numbers, the price will decrease. - You need a new ISBN for each new book and also for each format, paperback and hardback; you can use one for your e-book as well, but you don't have to. - Amazon KDP will give you a free ISBN, which is tempting but will list Amazon as the publisher. - To publish your book on Amazon KDP is entirely FREE. - And strictly speaking, Amazon KDP is not a publisher but a distributor; you are the publisher.

  9. You as a Publisher - To be listed as a publisher, you need to come up with your publishing name, that way, your name is listed as the author, and your publisher's name is listed as the publisher.

I am sure this summary of self-publishing information has opened more questions than answers.

Feel free to message me with your questions - Contact Dieter L. on FB - Direct Message

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