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Prevention is better than cure ...

... and Active Prevention is the Future of Sustainable Health Care 

Active Prevention means a person has to perform a lifestyle changing action, by either including or excluding lifestyle habits.

Active Prevention means getting interested into your own health, and taking back responsibility for your own health.

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Active Prevention

  • ACTIVE Prevention focuses on actual activities to improve health and wellbeing.

  • Active Prevention is Holistic, working on Body - Mind and Spirit to enhance a HealtyhLifestyle.

  • Active Prevention treatment may include; Eating Habits, nutrition, diet, restrictions - exercise, stretching, muscle building, fitness - mindwork, relaxation, meditation, coaching, nlp - spiritual, reiki, meditation, visualisation, healing.

  • Activation of a Patient is one of the the key differences between the Natural and Medical Systems.
    The medical system keeps patients mostly passive, prescribing medication or intervention.

What is Passive Prevention?

  • PASSIVE Prevention, mostly practiced by the Medical System includes; Vaccination & Medical tests. -  Passive, but mostly essential.

Preventable Lifestyle Diseases reaching epidemic numbers - Active Prevention is Essential.

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Active Prevention Article Column:

Free Weight Loss Guide - Holistic Weight Loss Support Program

To lose weight is one of the most quick and beneficial method to Actively Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

Preventative DNA Check Ups - Health App's hardly can be called Future of Medicine anymore ...
Who is ultimately responsible for your health? - "Yes, that would be you ... yes .. you".
Active Prevention for Acne - What does Active Prevention mean in the context of Acne?
Toxic Accumulation - Stop eating refined and processed food 
Health Foundation - Active Prevention foundation... Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects in relation to your Health.
Optimal Nutrition - the raw materials which are required for your health.
Weight & Diabetes Type 2 - Prevention
Anti Ageing Concepts
Alternative therapies potentially dangerous?
Naturopathic philosophy
Art Therapy - Art for Active Prevention
Why would you visit a Naturopath?  - "Why would anyone visit a Naturopath"?; biased skeptics against natural therapies would ask.
Naturopathic Advantages - Naturopathy is a "Non-Invasive and Drug Free", treatment and prevention support system.
How to stay Healthy? - Staying healthy means to focus on two main directions:
1.) Trying to dodge the bullets, or with other words don't get sick.
2.) Actively doing something (prevention) to be healthier and therefore let the bullets bounce off.

Prevention Policies:

Policies to prevent Diseases:

Anti Smoking Policies are a well documented success, but many more similar polices are needed.

Active Prevention Polices must not be confused with the concept of a "Nanny State".

Prevention Policies are to support Health by regulating fraudulent or misleading information.

GMO Labeling would be a good example, as it is a good policy to provide correct information for the consumer to make their preferred food choice.

WHO Constitution:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Prevention Lifestyle Choices

General Self Help Options:

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