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Art Therapy - Fix a broken heartStrictly speaking, Art Therapy is a professional type of counselling, however, anything which can stimulate your right side of the brain and can get you into an Alpha State of brain-wave is essentially healing and therefore therapy. In fact, art therapy or for this matter music therapy or any other creative pursuit belong into the "Holistic Therapy" category.

Holistic Therapy is not a specific treatment modality like Naturopathy, it is more a term used to describe how a specific treatment modality is treating.

The term Holistic is always used, if a practitioner takes the whole body into account when treating, meaning, even if the health problem is a "sore knee", rather than just treating the knee, the rest of the body is also considered, as well as the mind and even the spirit.

Therefore each practitioner may have a different idea how she or he applies a holistic treatment.

For a "sore knee" by example, the fact that movement is impaired, may indicate the patient has a problem with moving forward in a metaphoric way. This can be taken further, by suggesting an art class or a creative expressive activity, where the patient expresses his or her mental struggle to move forward with their life.

The feedback of that art activity may in part be supportive to improve the actual knee problem.

Similar, self-expression in any medium can be seen as therapy as well.

NOTE: However, art and creativity activities in general can not replace processional Art Therapy, the same as a good" heart to heart talk" is not a replacement for professional counselling.

Therefore, if you seek professional Art Therapy for a specific reason either for yourself or someone in your care, make sure you consult a professional Art Therapist.

Art therapy works well with other counselling modalities, where art is used to uncover hidden emotions. Whereas with physical therapy, art activity is used to help build self-confidence and aid rehabilitation.

Family counsellors often use art therapy with children, as they may have difficulties putting feeling and emotions into words.

If you look for general Art Therapy, something where you can feel comfortable and express yourself in a creative way, you may choose to join an art class or art workshop or similar creative activities.


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Article supplied by the editor of use Nature - Dieter Luske

Art in itself is therapeutic - we acknowledge artists who facilitate creative art classes.

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Creative Art example painting by Giselle

Example of a creative art therapy/class painting by Giselle


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Art Therapy - Fix a broken heart

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