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Merchandise & Original Art by Giselle

Welcome to useNature Holistic Art & Design Shop

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Yes, you are allowed to admire our beautiful, slightly quirky, natural, organic designs and art works.

All works are available in a variety of formats, such as:

Greeting Cards - Framed Art - Posters - Pillows - Eco Bags -T-shirts

Below are just a few examples, please click on any design, it will take you to a larger image and you will be able to select your preferred format of art.

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To request more information, please contact me, Dieter L.

Pillow cases anyone?

Astrology Planet Painting by Giselle

Click > Astrology Pillow

surely, you need a bag?

Eco - Home Biology Painting by Giselle

Click > Eco Bags

... framed work of Art?

Cow Painting by Giselle

Click > Activist Cow

Greeting Cards Galore

Volkswagen - Beetle Paiinting by Giselle

click > VW - Volkswagen

The Beetle

... shop for coffee?

Painting of a old fashion Coffee Grinder by Giselle

Click > Coffee Grinder

... framed work of Art?

Elton John Portrait by Giselle

Sir Elton John

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Dieter Luske - Editor for useNatureDieter Lüske - Editor

Giselle Lüske, Artist & Designer of "Organic Design Elements"

Giselle Lüske - Artist

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