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Weight and Diabetes Type 2 - Lifestyle Diseases

by Dieter Luske - Editor for useNature

Author of It happened in the seventies

I sometime wonder if I should start a "Weight and Diabetes Type 2 Anonymous Group"?
If anyone is interested, for the time being, join the Weight Loss Support Group..

*Just having embarked on a "stop eating refined and processed food" campaign, makes this article very appropriate.

Lifestyle Diseases, as the name suggest, are preventable by Lifestyle Changes ...

Diabetes Type 2

Even so, this news item article is titled "Weight and Diabetes type 2", it is actually much more than that. It is the accumulated risk of wrong "Lifestyle Choices", which has brought on, weight problems and the likelihood of developing:

Diabetes type 2 - Hypertension - Stroke - Metabolic Syndrome - Osteoarthritis - Sleep Apnea - Gallstones - Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome, and more related health issues.

The diet and nutrition factors are nothing new to Natural Health Practitioners, such as Naturopaths, however the more trusted medical establishment in conjunction with medical dieticians, and various national peak bodies for diabetes have in the past, and still do, to a certain extend, recommend diets high in carbohydrates, which are not optimal for people with diabetes type 2.

Fat Phobia

Weight is still seen as a Fat consumption problem, that's why during the last 30 years the whole world has become "Fat Phobic".

BUT, look around you, has it helped? No, it hasn't, because fat in most instances has not been the problem, esp. not in type 2 diabetes.

NOTE: There is a possibility, that low fat products have contributed to our epidemic of overweight and diabetes type 2.

Why would low fat cause weight problems?

  1. Fat is tasty, in order to make low fat products taste like full fat products, the real culprit of weight gain has been added, SUGAR.

  2. Fat is a valuable therapeutic "tool" to slow down the "up-take of sugar".
    With other words, if you include fat into a meal, you will not experience a "sugar spike" from your refined carbohydrates (sugars) in that meal.
    Consuming only low fat products may worsen the sugar spikes and the insulin responses, which sooner or later will be exhausted.

  3. NOTE: Yes, fat is a high caloric food, don't over do it, but it can be beneficial in the right amounts.
    Fat, in combination with a natural diet consisting of vegetables, only should represent a small amount, balanced with protein and complex carbohydrate consumption.
    This is not as confusing as it may sound, it simply means, eat heaps of veggies, some "protein", fish, poultry, meat, and occasionally some high density unprocessed grain products, (optional), you will get better and more beneficial fiber from your vegetables than from grains.

Ask yourself a question; "how do farmers fatten their cattle"?

Answer: By feeding them lots of low-fat grain.

Next question: How do you fatten humans?

The same way... you feed them lots of low fat grains, such as pasta, bread, pizzas, cakes, crackers etc..

The simple message is, "most people eat too much Carbohydrate".

The most interesting Fact about Diet, Weight and Diabetes Type 2

Over the last 35 years I have supported many people with weight and diabetes type 2 problems. In fact, some of my diabetes clients are healthier now, compared to how they have been before being diagnosed with diabetes type 2.

*Please Note: I didn't treat those patients for anything, I don't treat diseases, I support a Healthy Lifestyle.

By changing their lifestyle, recommending healthy attitudes, nutrition and exercise, most of the patients virtually became better by themselves.

Unfortunately, some "fell of the wagon". Many of those consulted me again, just to get to hear the same message ...., with other words, people may need re-motivation, re-education, and most importantly support with compliance.

It had been only after I studied counselling, NLP, and Hypnosis that it become clear to me that "DIET IS NOT THE Whole PROBLEM", sticking to the diet, and understanding the problem are the main factors. Attitudes, understanding and motivation have to change, and often that involves constant support. We know those factors already from successful therapy groups like "Alcohol Anonymous", we probably need a Food Anonymous Group as well.

"The mental issues may "carry more weight" than the physical issues, the excess fat."

We do have a lot of problems within our Medical Health System, basically speaking, it has become unsustainable.

The effort of the medical establishment is applaudable, however much more is needed.

There is a huge bias within parts of our Community, sadly also including the medical establishment, against living a healthy lifestyle, against natural therapies, and against true Active Prevention, all this needs to change before we can have a truly caring and healthy society.

A society, where health is ridiculed and is regarded as "not cool", has chosen a destructive path.

Imagine instead:

People would eat good quality food, not processed food (sugar - salt - chemicals); no one would become overweight, all associated diseases would decline by at least 50%, some more. Hospitals would be able to cope again, the nation would be healthy.

All this is possible if optimal educational triggers would be introduced.

Anyhow, lets stop dreaming and concentrate on the individual, we are after all responsible for ourselves, therefore;

"embark on your own journey to health, and set an example for others to follow".

Lifestyle Diseases are Preventable!

Here are some more Healthy Weight and Diabetes type 2 Resources:

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Article by:

Dieter Luske - Editor for - useNature's Critical News

Weight Loss Support Group

* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor. 

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