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Stop eating refined and processed food

It makes you sick ..... and food companies healthy .... 

... practice Active Prevention

*Active Prevention means a person has to perform a lifestyle changing action, by either including or excluding lifestyle habits.

Accumulation of "foreign chemicals" into our systems - "Xenobiotics”

... comments by Dieter Luske - Editor for useNature

Accumulation of chemicals - "the numbers in processed food items"!

Natural Food

Your state of Health - "Homeostasis", is influenced by the 'Accumulation' of the constant ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption of everything foreign into your body; from the time you where born to this very moment.

With other words, if you present with a sign or symptom of any type of disease, understand that this is not a sudden occurrence, to the contrary, it is the result of a lifetime of accumulating those factors which caused or influenced your health and therefore an illness or disease.

Actually, there is no specific point of time when you become ill, it is just ongoing accumulation with ongoing inflammation, developing into ongoing diseases, which finally is termed; “chronic disease”.

Preventable Lifestyle Diseases have become epidemic!

One form of 'therapy' I always suggest is: “change your self”; change into something where your problem does not exist.

By example, a smoker “changes” into a non-smoker, and over time, with a good lifestyle, the accumulation caused by smoking hopefully will be cleaned out.

With other words, the emphasis of treatment is not just taking another pill, it is in fact; “change”, change in the physical, mental and if you like even spiritual part of your being, change in a holistic way, changing your lifestyle.

Basically that is what Naturopathy is all about, changing your lifestyle, adopt a health lifestyle behaviour, and this is also classed as Active Prevention

Don't attempt to kill yourself with junk food, it's a slow painful process.

A heart attack may seem sudden, but it will have needed many accumulative factors to cause it.

We all understand this principle if it comes to smoking, long time accumulation of nicotine, cadmium, tar and other toxic chemicals, all related factors may at the end cause lung-cancer. There seems to be no dispute about it.

Similar thinking applies with heavy drinking, everyone knows, one day you liver will pack it in.

We don't even have to see it that drastic, these days it is a scientific fact, that even passive smoking will cause problems in the long run, again explaining the principle of accumulation, .... it just takes longer.

Swedish researchers published results, which showed that women who dye their hair for at least 20years have nearly double the chances of developing rheumatic arthritis. That's a classic slow accumulative factor, which causes a classic chronic disease, based on inflammation.

Understanding this will make us aware, that all “xenobiotics”, those foreign chemicals to our systems, like preservatives, colourings, herbicides, etc., belong to this class, and guess what, so do medical drugs and their side-effects, particularly after taking them for a prolonged time.
Unfortunately, most of our medical drug treatments are "maintenance" treatments, meaning
they are ongoing, they will not heal you, and they will cause side-effects eventually.

Knowing further, that most diseases are caused by factors such as; inflammation and immune system problems, and knowing also, that all "stressors" cause inflammation and in the long run immune system problems, we know that diseases are partly caused by the additional problem of accumulation, and the body's reaction to those accumulations.

Accumulative causes are: elevated homocystine, nutritional deficiencies, insulin resistance, toxicity, hormonal imbalance, mental stress, chemical toxins, and inflammation/infection.

Most of those causes are preventable.

I mentioned treatment before, in the form of change, but obviously there is more direct treatment.

Various methods of detoxification are a vital part of clearing long-standing accumulations of any toxic matters, and so are specific nutritional supplements that have an ability to carry toxic substances from your system.

I believe, as more one understand the reasons, of why a body is not working properly, as more likely one will respond in a positive way to the right active prevention or treatment suggestion.

We are talking; cause and effect.

Do you know the effect you would like to feel in yourself? If it is, health, fitness, vitality, happiness, than you have to find the right way to cause that effect.

Key-points of accumulation:

Most toxins enter through the gut; food – water.

Our digestive tract has 2 functions; absorption and defence, and that at the same time, not an easy task.

70% of the immune system is associated with the gut. Defence failure is activating the immune system, resulting in inflammation.

Your digestive tract needs all the help you can muster.

Help your digestive tract by consuming real food, fresh food and not refined and processed food.

Health is not always the main prerogative for Food manufacturers, taste, colour, cost factors and shelf life are often much more important.

Unfortunately that is something we all have to pay for at the end. We may get sick, the medical system can't cope, to many lifestyle diseases, the health system has become unsustainable, and the cost factor of propping up sick people with maintenance has become too expensive.

... and what is the Active Prevention recommendation?

... pretty simple, cut down, or don't eat processed and refined food, the 'Numbers' in those products are too hard to digest.


For a fresh food diet outline see > Nutrition & Diet - Optimal Lifestyle Diet

... also see > Active Prevention for .. Weight and Diabetes Type 2


Comment by:
Dieter Luske - Editor for useNature.com - useNature's Critical News


* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor. 


Science Compared Every Diet, and the Winner Is Real Food 
"A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention." 

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