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Active Prevention & Brain Plasticity

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Article/Research: Brain Plasticity & Active Prevention

Active Prevention & Brain Plasticity
Holistic Natural Therapy Concepts

..... by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H
Holistic Therapy Consultant - Gold Coast - Canungra

Active Prevention - Brain Plasticity - Holistic Natural Therapy

What a fantastic combination, lets examine the logical connections.

Studies into Brain Plasticity have supplied further evidence in the effectiveness of Active Prevention and Holistic Natural Therapies.

7 compelling reasons why Active Prevention works.

Brain Plasticity offers convincing arguments for the effectiveness of Active Prevention and Holistic Therapies.

  1. The obvious one first; Prevention is better than cure. Prevention efforts action which is brain stimulation, which if practiced long enough, effects permanent positive changes towards gaining better health and wellness.
    With preventable lifestyle Disease on the rise to epidemic proportion, this is very compelling to say the least.

  2. Active Prevention means, it is the individuals responsibility to stimulate an 'action', to become active. - This activity provides stimulation for the brain to change.

  3. All Holistic Natural or Complementary Therapies and Brain Plasticity have one important decisive factor in common; "ACTIVITY".
    Individuals are actively involved into their own treatment, or 'brain stimulation', contrary to the medical system where the patient is mainly passive, while receiving a treatment.

  4. Holistic Therapy is explained with Brain Plasticity; the brain, the mind and the rest of the body working as a whole, and NOT as separate entities.
    The foremost stumbling block for Holistic Practitioners to be recognised by "Western Medicine", is their concept and philosophy that Body and Brain are separate entities.

  5. Brain Plasticity research indicates that any type of sense stimuli, can profoundly change both the brain's physical structure, and also the functional organizational aspects.

    With other words, the brain can, and does, change in response to hitherto unsuspected stimuli.
    This unsuspected stimuli, can be activated by most Holistic Therapies that activate patients to perform specific therapeutic tasks, such as, and only to mention a few:

    Feldenkrais - Tai Chi - Yoga - Meditation - Visualisation - physical exercises - mental exercise - nutritional changes - behavioural changes - creative activities such as drawing - writing - dancing ... the list is nearly endless, which is a good thing, because, treatment and activity is always directed to the individual.

  6. The dilemma of Evidence - or .... does Active Prevention actually need Evidence?
    Medical Scientific Evidence is obtained by 'double blind placebo controlled study', and it is obvously essential for medical treatments.
    However, there is NO Evidence NEEDED for 'Individual focused holistic treatments', as each individual is different and each activity directed as a treatment is different and individual and NEVER can be subjected to a properly designed randomised controlled trial.
    The evidence needed is the scientific data that brain change in relation to active prevention, or holistic therapy, is possible.
    Furthermore, the proof is in the individual outcome, or as the saying goes: "The proof is in the pudding"
    NOTE: Possible devices used in brain activity stimulation fall into the medical science category, and will need controlled evidence.

  7. Brain Plasticity Therapy development is NOT exclusive to the medical research profession, .... in fact, Holistic Complementary Therapists who for hundred of years have used brain change techniques like meditation, visualisation, hypnosis and energy based healing methods for brain change stimuli, are well equipped to work on functional non-invasive therapy within this new field of "Holistic Brain Change Therapy".

Holistic Brain Plasticity

Brain Plasticity has always been a concept within the Holistic Health System, however, the term obviously is new and with that comes a new perspective and focus, to view many traditional age old healing techniques in a new light.

Article by :: Dieter L. - Editor
- N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.


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Neuroplasticity - Scientists once thought that the brain stopped developing after the first few years of life. 

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