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Part 2 - Holistic Weight Loss - Lifestyle Change

article by Dieter Luske - Copyright

Embrace change – without it, nothing ever happens…

Change is just a simple word and yet, it may be one of the most important words we know.

Everything is forever changing, and fighting against change, is entirely fruitless.

Change can have profound effects on people, just the mere mentioning of the word may stimulate you into action and wild enthusiasm, or the complete opposite, throw you into a numbing anxiety, paralysing you with fear for the black unknown, the void of certainty which lays behind the change, the not knowing what is behind the corner.

Lets talk about change and “issues” deriving from it, starting with a question;

“What stops you from losing weight”?

Does this question raises any issues within you?

Is the fear of change one of the issues, which needs to be addressed?

After all, any successful program dealing with weight or health improvement will mean you have to change something within your lifestyle.

Does that knowledge trigger excitement or fear?

Have you tried diets before and failed because you couldn’t cope with the diet changes? That, by the way, is one of the reasons why there are so many weight loss programs promising you don’t need to change, like having the cake and eating it too. Actually, I never have met anyone where this type of program has ever worked, and my wholehearted recommendation is:
“Please spare yourself the pain of trying these programs “.

I hope you will be able to embrace the changes outlined within this weightl loss guide. All changes will be explained, which will help your attitude and will make the changes plausible and possible.

Lets work here with familiar terms and phrases.  Recognising a thought or idea or common phrase as something you have used in the past and acknowledged it as true, will make it easier to use it again.

No doubt you know the following well-known phrase:
“If you do what you always do, you get what you always get.” How true is this?
Would you have any objection to that statement, and do you feel you can embrace it and use it as a helpful guide towards your goal of living with a healthier weight, body and mind?

If you like that phrase, make sure you copy it and place it on your fridge, in your pantry, in your exercise room, if you have one, indeed place it everywhere, where it will support the changes you have to make, simply because it is a true believable statement.

Now, before we go into what changes to make, ask yourself the proper follow up question;

Do you like what you always get?

This is a good time as any to write down what you don’t like getting, starting with the weight, and continuing with the “collateral damages”, like being out of breath while climbing stairs, indigestion, sweating, not looking attractive to attract a partner, high blood pressure and surely some others.

Sorry, I didn’t intend to make the list for you, as I am sure everyone will have a different list, including items of chocolate addiction, mood changes, low self esteem … anyhow I am sure you get the idea …    now ..  write them all down.

And just to make sure you will not accidently change something you would like to keep, why don’t you continue the list and write down the good things you get, and what have you always done, to always get those good things.

It is very important, to keep doing good things to receive the good things. Do not mix up bad habits with the good ones.

I am absolutely sure you have a whole host of excellent qualities, and what this article is all about is to enhance and strengthen your good qualities and let go of the ones which stopping you from achieving what you would like to achieve.

This writing down should keep you busy for a while, and when you are ready to read on, I have a promising short story, which you may find surprising and which therefore may open new possibilities in thinking about your weight.

Just in case you haven’t found a pen yet to start using this article in an active participating manner, by responding in writing to questions …. here is another nice phrase, I am sure you hold for true as well.

The only failure is the failure to participate.

.. now you know what to do ... :-)


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Article by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast - Brisbane

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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