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A story of “unintentional massive weight loss”.

Part 3 - Massive Weight Loss - Phillip and Joan’s Story

article by Dieter Luske - Copyright

Living close to London, Phillip and Joan have been married for over 30 years. They have 2 daughters, one of them will be part of the story, and the other one will never be mentioned again. (Do I hear; “story of my life”… from the second daughter … sorry about that)

Their first daughter, Karen is young, slim and healthy with a strapping young husband called Brian, in similar shape, and to make matters worse, they live in Australia.

Phillip works as an account, and probably not noticing first, but then becoming more and more evident, has gained some weight, which protrudes unsightly over his low set trouser.

Even so, he sometimes pads his tummy in a sympathising fashion; he can’t deny that he is not too happy about it.

For the statistically minded, Phillip is 56 years old – 178cm tall – and lately his scale shows 92kg. Only 5 years ago, still playing a bit of soccer, he felt reasonable fit with a weight of only 78kg.

We all know Phillips problems, or should I say issues, after all it’s not a problem, more like an affliction. A bit older, a bit lazier, a bit more to eat and an extra glass of his favourite liquid have tipped the scale into the dreaded area.

Anyhow, he was not worried, he knew he could get it under control easily, after all he is not stupid, he knew what to do. The only problem with that according to Joan his loving wife; “yes, he knows what to do, but he doesn’t do it”.

For reasons of self-preservation, Joan kept only whispering these types of statements, more or less talking to her self. Joan, you see, has been overweight all her life, or to put it more correctly, the weight started with pregnancy and never wanted to leave again.

Further more, Joan, while pregnant, believed the old wife’s tale, “pregnant lady’s have to eat for two”, … and she did.

Has this phrase be coined by an old wife or by the food industry lobby?
No idea, but these days with marketing having gone too far, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a marketing campaign created on that idea, just to sell more processed food.

Just to hold you a bit in suspense of how our story will proceed, I would like to agree with you, yes the food industry and marketing in general is not something you could term as ethical. It is definitely focused more on sales and money than on health. I am just quickly adding this, to show you; yes I do understand the temptation out there in our society. We are literally bombarded with information trying to convince us to stuff our faces.

I wonder if it will change, it may…  we have seen it with cigarettes and alcohol already, unethical or warning information on food advertising may be next.

Maybe similar to cigarettes, each food package, next to the list of ingredients will have a warning label. Sugar makes you fat.

Back to our lovely couple, and a treat is waiting for them.
Their daughter has become a mum, joy all around and a big long holiday, including some long leave has resulted in planning a 3-month holiday in the land of OZ.

Lets quickly have a look at Joan’s vital statistics.

Joan, bringing to the scale a feisty 89kg, actually I suspect it could have been a few more kilograms, but pronouncing ninety would have been a cause for serious depression.

However, the story gets better, Joan is very active, she hasn’t got much of a tummy, the weight seems to be a bit all over, but she is only 164 cm tall. All in all, Joan is your favourite jolly little ball of fun. She has a bit of blood pressure problems and suffers a bit with hot flushes.

There you have it, 2 nice people, in the prime of their life and still reasonable healthy and fun to be with.

At this state, please let me point out the distinct differences between those 2 body types.

First of all, obviously they are of a different gender. Secondly, even more important, different weight distribution and thirdly different onset.

Putting myself into therapy mode now; years ago, if they would have consulted me, I would have probably treated them both differently, advising them of different programs, having only learnt much later in life that there are other factors in play than just diet and exercise.

Finally the day has arrived, Phillip and Joan can take their daughter and new family into their arms, joy and happiness all around.

Have I mentioned that Karen and Brian are fit and healthy, having planned the pregnancy very well, good diet, yoga exercise, long walks, relaxation, deep breathing, and you name it, very responsible thinking young people.

Yes, yes… don’t be so sceptical, they are around everywhere.

There is no need to get into details of describing the diet, other than to say, for 3 month Phillip and Joan ate exactly what came to the table. They embraced their daughters diet, they had too much of a good time playing with their grand daughter, attending to the garden and having a good time all around, than complaining about not having a roast.

In case any of you readers like to copy their diet, it’s easy, simply stick to fresh food, nothing processed, no sugar, nothing artificial, all just great fresh food. Nice vegies, salads, fresh meat, chicken and fish, fruit and some home made whole grain sourdough bread. Nothing special really, no diet tricks, no calorie counting or anything like that.

Anyhow, slowly but surely, after the third week, both, Phillip and Joan noticed, that their dresses seem to be a bit too large, belts had to be fasten tighter, and they seemed to be a bit lighter and quicker on their feet.

Cutting a long story short, after 3 month; to fly home, they needed to buy new cloth. Both had lost the same amount of weight, both had lost 12 kg each.

By the way, an average loss of 1 kg per week is probably the most healthy and natural way to lose weight. Usually you lose a bit more weight at the beginning, which simply is fluid, before you start some gentle fat burning.

Why is this story so remarkable?

I may be wrong, but I think, if someone had suggested to Phillip and Joan to lose some weight in London, they wouldn’t have made it. They never would have accepted a dramatic change from going to a so called normal way of eating to a fresh food no added sugar diet, the change would have been to frightful. Unless someone would have explained to them that change is all in ones mind.

Your mind is your biggest downfall, not your fork!

By working on your mind issues, fears of changes and understanding underlying habit type of addiction, you can gently slip into a natural way of losing your weight.

No need to hurry, please remember, it took often years to add some weight, it may take some time to lose it as well. But who cares, as long as the journey is a journey you can enjoy.

I hope this story demonstrated that weight loss can be simple, not quick, but simple. All you have to do is to change your attitude and make it into a desirable journey.

Guess what, Phillip and Joan kept the weight off, after 3 month on food they liked, they found it easy to do the same at home, and they noticed that the occasional outing with friends and dinner parties made no difference. They have adopted a more physical lifestyle, Phil is coaching soccer to the little league, and Joan loves yoga that much, she kept it going, and guess what…. The hot flushes have stopped.

Still on the major topic of addressing change, lets look at ….

... Part 4 - Eating Habits

… or .....  why do you eat what you eat ... ?

...  that's next on the menu :-) 


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Article by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast - Brisbane

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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