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Holistic Definition of Age Care:

Age Care has been a term mainly used for providing the ageing population with suitable age care facilities. However, with our forever increasing ageing population this term has become much more broad, encompassing now everything that is recognising the "needs" of anyone over the age of 50.

Obviously, there is a huge distinction to be over the age of 50, be totally fit or on the other side of the equation, be incapacitated in one way or the other.

This distinction is important, as healthy positive aging may mean for some people to be capable of anything they put their mind to.

Positive Ageing is about adopting a Positive Healthy & Happy Lifestyle

"USE IT OR LOSE IT".... most important statement ever!

Activities and info on health & lifestyle for over 50ties.

Have something to share? - We will publish all relevant information ... Contact us ....

  1. Anti Ageing Concepts
    It has been known for a long time that under eating slows down the ageing process ... the same and possible better can be achieved with Intermittent Fasting .. .. read more > Anti Ageing Concepts

  2. Brian Plasticity .. What is it and how it can help YOU
    Brain Plasticity is the now well recognised capability of the brain to change (plasticity) in reaction to body or mental stimuli. It also explains why thinking positive and holistically within life or a therapy strategy is beneficial. - What is Brain Plasticity?

  3. Gardening, can anyone beat gardening as an positive ageing activity?
    I don't think so, here is what you get:
    An activity with a purpose,
    grow your own food, grow your own flowers to decorate the table you will eat the food from.
    How much better can it get?
    Much better actually, gardening is the perfect exercise, it costs nothing and is available most of the time. It trains you to carry right, for weight lifting, it encourages stretching, bending, kneeling, digging, raking ... all your muscles will get their fair share of exercise. In case you find the activity to challenging, you simply get some raised no-dig garden beds.
    It's a great activity to share, and have you ever seen a garden without a garden shed? Could be a great meeting place... while chewing some carrots :-)

  4. Weight, a major destructive force against good health and physical activity .... Free Weight Loss Program

  5. What are Antioxidants?
    Protection against the damaging effects of highly reactive free radicals molecules.

  6. Stop Smoking ... please - Still haven't stopped? If not for yourself than stop for your partner, your children or grandchildren ... info at >> Stop Smoking

  7. "Sugar - a sweet addiction" - Is sugar a drug? This is of vital importance, as we age, our sweet tooth seems to become more active ... don't allow that to happen, it causes too many problems - weight and late onset diabetics by example, only to name two.

  8. Optimal Nutrition Project: Avoid the common pitfalls of getting older, such as eating too much of the wrong food. A good diet, combined with exercise and rewarding social activities is the best way to stay healthy and enjoy a long life.

  9. Hypertension Support Info: An age related common problem and what you can do, to minimise it.

  10. Coconut Oil Health Benefits : Tasting great and it's good for you.. too good to be true ... absolutely not .. go coconut.

  11. Meditation Benefits: Articles to learn about meditation. A life free of stress, worries and doubts is worth learning to meditate. Improves your mind and circulation as well.

  12. Prostate Health Support Menu - Men's Health

  13. FREE Reflexology Course - Foot Massage - a FREE Self Help Project

  14. Recreation or Hobbies are vital - creativity will sustain you forever, that's why at useNature, we call recreation > Re- Creation, as in re-creating yourself... check out our Art Classes

The absolute worse thing anyone can do, is to retire, sit down and watch Telly!

Age related Resource Articles and Information

Art Classes .. a vital aspect of Healing, Happiness and Regeneration.
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Chronic Disease and Herbal Medicine
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