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Free Online Self Help Reflexology Course

... by Dieter Luske - Editor for useNature

Author of It happened in the seventies

Reflexology is a "holistic" approach to health.

This means, a reflexologist treats the body and mind as a whole, not in separate little pieces of flesh, organs or other body parts.

Reflexology is also a great adjunct in supporting therapy based on the concept of Brain Plasticity.

The concept of Brain Plasticity or Brain Change relies heavily on Self Help.

A patients needs to be actively involve in treatment, treatment modalities usually involve; meditation, visualisation, specific exercise, and stimuli by touch, as in reflexology. All these therapy modalities can be practiced by the patient.

Reflexology, or similar type of touch therapy applied to reflex areas of the body, relate to the nervous system and if persistently applied can result in brain changes, esp. if combined with other Holistic type of therapies.*


*Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings show that reflexology stimulation induced somatosensory processing corresponding to the stimulated reflex area and that a neuro imaging approach can be used to examine the basis of reflexology effects.

** More info about Brain Plasticity

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Reflexology is a great self help therapy modality

Learn it, if possible with a partner, and massage each others feet, how much better can it get ... ?

There a certain rules, which especially in an "online course format", need to be pointed out first.

Rule 1

Direct pressure, applied to any part of a zone, will affect the entire zone.

Rule 2

Never, under any circumstances, use any kind of pressure tool to work on the feet.

Only use your hands, fingers, and your thumbs, for what is called the "thumb walking technique".

Is this course free? Yes it is ..... no hidden charges ... :-)

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Start reading and practicing reflexology on yourself or even much, much better, with a partner.

My advice; have a reflexology treatment from a proper trained Reflexologist. That way you will appreciate the feel and skill involved and you will be able to more effectively practice it yourself.

Free Reflexology Course Menu:

  1. Reflexology Introduction

  2. Foot Reflex Points

  3. Reflexology Treatments - Foot Reflex Massage

  4. Reflexology Techniques

  5. Reflexology Zones

  6. Reflexology Treatment Reactions

  7. Foot problems


Course outline provided by - the Editor:

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.... and may I add, the "Placebo Effect" has been proven to have brain changing abilities ...

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