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Reflexology - Foot Reflex Massage

Reflexology - Foot Reflex Massage - Zone Therapy

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... by Dieter Luske - Editor for useNature

Reflexology - Foot Reflex Massage

Part 1 - Introduction

Reflexology is a great natural treatment modality, and It is suitable to be use as self help.

The benefits are many:

Whenever you consider any form of therapy as a therapy for you, my advice is to seek a holistic natural therapy, meaning a therapy which affects you as a whole and not just of individual parts.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy modality.

The desired effect of a reflexology treatment will be achieved by applying pressure to reflex points on your feet, which will have a beneficial effect on your whole being.

The holistic effects are not only the results of the the reflex points being pressed, but also by the simple touch, the closeness with another person, the relaxation, increased circulation and the lymphatic stimulation and drainage effects and much more.

A short History

The origin of REFLEXOLOGY is the ZONE THEORY.

Zones are used as the system for organising relationships between various parts of the body.

By applying pressure on a specific part of the body, another part in the same zone is also affected.

This art of healing has been practiced in China for thousands of years.

An American, Dr. W.H. Fitzgeralt was the founder of what we know today as Zone Theory Therapy.

Eunice Ingham had been using Zone Therapy in her work, but must have felt that the feet should be the target for therapy, because of their highly sensitive nature.

Sensitivity in a specific part of the foot, indicates that something may be blocking or interfering within that zone somewhere in the body.

Rule 1 - Direct pressure, applied to any part of a zone, will affect the entire zone.

Consider the head as the beginning of a Zone, and the feet as the end of a particular Zone.

It makes sense to treat the feet to influence the rest of the body.

Some other important points to consider:

  • The feet are the termination point of countless nerve endings, which reflect on all parts of the body.

  • The feet are also the end of energy channels - or meridians, associated to Traditional Chinese Medicine, again reflecting our whole body system.

  • The feet are the lowest point of blood circulation, and the termination point of lymphatic circulation, again reflecting, and able to influence all parts of the body.

Even a simple foot rub will have an influence on your whole body.

The simple action of warming up cold feet, will effect the whole system.

The even more simple action of just holding someone's feet will have a calming and often energising effect on that person.

From now upon, I would like you to look upon your feet as a "MAJOR HEALTH CONTRIBUTION FUND".

Neglecting your feet means neglecting your Health!


NEXT: Part 2 - Foot Reflex Points

Learn a system to find all reflex points on your feet, without having to refer to a Foot Reflex Chart!

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