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Foot Reflexology & Zone Article

Reflexology - Foot Reflex Massage - Zone Therapy

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Reflexology - Foot Reflex Massage

Part 5 - The Reflex Zones & Treatment Sequence

Remember: The treatment sequence is to massage one body zone or system after another.


First massage the spine (on the feet):

Start massaging on the big toe going down on the indide of the sole of your feet towards the heel. ( thumb walking technique )

The Spine:

Occipital - 7 Cervical - 12 Thoracic - 5 Lumbar - Sacrum - Coccyx -

Then massage the joints:
Shoulder girdle with Shoulder joints, Sternum. Pelvic girdle with Hip joints, Pelvis, Symphysis.

There are no direct reflexpoints for the extremities, but we still get a reflex effect on indirect reflex points for the Elbow and Knee.

Massaging the spinal reflexpoint will have a relaxing and re-aligning effect on the vertebral column. You may even hear a vertebrae re-adjusting itself. (Due to relaxation)

Deformity of the big Toe (Hallux valgus), can indicate Neck problems!



The Urethra is to be treated, massaging towards the Symphysis.

In a man, the urethra measures 20 to 23 cm, in a woman only 4 cm.

This is one the reason, that woman have a greater risk of bladder infection than men.


For a Naturopath, this system is extremely important. The consequences of Diet, how food is digested and absorbed, are far reaching. This may well be the system, where health or dis-ease is decided.

Although the digestive tract starts in the mouth, we will concentrate on the main parts:

Starting in the Stomach - Cardiac & Pylorus Spincter - Liver - Gallbladder - Pancreas - Duodenum - Small Intestines - Large Intestine starting at the Ileocecal Valve - Appendix - Ascending - Transverse and Descending Colon - Sigmoid Colon - Rectum - ending at the Anus.

The Gallbladder is massaged dorsal (top) and plantar (bottom).

The pancreas is hard to locate.

The treatment sequence is to consciously follow the digestive tract from Stomach to Anus.


Nasal Cavity - Pharynx - Larynx - Trachea - Bronchi - Lungs - Diaphragm.

The diaphragm is the Reflex point for the Solar Plexus. ( First Aid Point )


Heart and Circulation, Arteries and Veins.

Heart problems are found more often Plantar, while circulation problems are Dorsal.


Cervical Nodes - Axillary Nodes - Inguinal Nodes - Spleen - Tonsils - Appendix.

The spleen is very often tender in cases of chronic infection and allergy, also with people who may have suspected heart problems..


Pituitary - Thyroid - Adrenals - Pancreas - Ovary - Testicles - Uterus - Prostate.

The breast (Mammary Glands), belongs to the reproductive system, but because it consists of exocrine glands, it falls into the Endocrine System.
(Treat in case of PMT - Dorsal)

The Pineal glandis supposed to have an endocrine secretion, but this is not definitely established.

Reflexology is very beneficial for mothers to be, and a very save way of applying comforting trestment, all Zones around the ankle and along the vertebral column.

Adrenals are very important in all inflammatory condition, allergies included.


Conclude the treatment by some light strokes and some final observation.

The feet should be well circulated and warm by now, if not, the treatment was too harsh. Take some notes after the treatment of sensitive reflex zones and any other observation you have made during the treatment.

Follow up treatments will concentrate on your observations.

DO REMEMBER , always treat the whole system, massage the entire foot.


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