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Holistic Health Benefits of Meditation

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Health Benefits of Meditation

by © Diana Thurbon

... compiled by Dieter L. - Editor - Admin

Benefits of Meditation

There are numerous complex mechanisms in the human body such as the hypopituitary axis which connect our thoughts to our immune system. 

A relativle new exciting field of medicine called PsychoNeuroImmuniology  (PNI) is exploring the links between the mind and our immune system. 

The immune system makes numerous choices every day

If it over reacts or reacts inappropriately we can get autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis and lupus, or allergic responses such as hay fever or eczema. 

If the immune system under reacts we can get viral infection or even cancers.

PNI is possibly the most important field of medical study there is, for the implications are huge. Dr Craig Hassard a Melbourne doctor with an interest in PIN and the benefits of meditation quotes a six week stress management intervention for people with early stage melanoma where it was found that adding meditation to treatment enhanced immune function and at a six year follow up the recurrence rate was halved and the death rate more than halved.

If stress is sustained, the body starts to self destruct.

  • Blood pressure increases leading to heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. 

  • Tense muscles lead to injury and pain. 

  • Constriction of stomach and bowel leads to digestive conditions and IBS

  • The increase in stomach acid that occurs under stress also causes digestive problems. 

  • Constricted breathing can trigger asthma attacks in susceptible people.

  • Hans Seyle the original researcher of the body-mind connection found that chronic stress caused the thymus gland and spleen to shrink and adrenal glands to enlarge. 

That can’t be good!

Meditation very quickly moderates the physiological effects of stress on the body.

Even after ten minutes meditating a person will notice their body feels looser and more relaxed. This is happening all through the body and at levels we are unaware of.

Meditation works by giving the mind a rest from incessant thinking. What the Buddhists call monkey mind.

We all know the feeling of endless repeating cycles of thought that won’t turn off when we are trying to sleep.

Or how about starting to do one thing and being distracted so many times that we have forgotten what we meant to do. 

This kind of overwhelming jumble is what meditation gives us a rest from.

Meditation works by focusing on an object such as your breath or sounds or a candle or a word or phrase you keep repeating. 

As other thought come into the mind they are allowed to pass by instead of engaging with them. 

Many people think they can’t meditate because they still have thoughts or they don’t see coloured lights or angels. 

The truth is if you sit quietly and attempt to keep track of your breath for ten minutes and don’t criticize or judge yourself and tell yourself it’s not working, but just sit and BE, you are on the way to healing.

Article supplied by the editor of use Nature - Dieter Luske

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