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... by Dieter L. - Editor for useNature

Practitioners of any modality, have special requirements when it comes to starting and running a Natural Health Business; sourcing information, therapeutic agents, clinic rooms, or spa type of equipment as well as special suited insurance, legal and accounting services, and all has to be within the National Code of "Code of Conduct for unregistered practitioners"


NO doubt, you are aware that Natural Therapies Practitioners are under constant attack. Some of those attacks are of a vexatious complaints nature, others are deliberate misrepresentations by "skeptics" to discredit Natural Therapies in general.

Vexatious complaints are hard to protect yourself against.

However, some of the critic and complaints are certainly valid, and we should learn from that, and adhere to the National Code guidelines to make sure we practice in an ethical manner. (read: Code of Ethics & Conduct)

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useNature recommends the following protective strategy:

  1. Adhere strictly to recognised Codes of Ethics and Conduct, - within your clinic, your web-site and on social media.

  2. Adopt an even stricter code by adding "Self-regulatory Health Care Codes".

  3. If you have a web-site, list all your credentials and where obtained, association membership, as well as the "codes" you have adopted.

  4. We are all influenced by marketing principles, please be aware that many marketing principles are contradictory to your "Code of Conduct".

  5. We recommend to separate yourself from selling products for profit.
    Within your clinic rooms, strictly use only prescription needed for a patients direct health benefit. Don't stock general health products within your clinic rooms, you are not a Retail Shop, you are a professional Health Care Practitioner.
    *General products may be sold by a receptionist within your reception area.

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