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Bloated - Digestive Problems

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Feeling Bloated? Having any Digestive Problems?

... compiled by Dieter L. - Gold Coast

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Indigestion, wind, flatulence belong all to that elusive group of digestive problems, and one of the results is that you somehow feel uncomfortably bloated, and if this is not corrected it may result in lose stool or diarrhoea.

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Occasional bloating.

If it is only occasional, it is most likely due to the food you have eaten a few hours before.

Actually, most people know what makes them bloated, and that has nothing to do with good or bad food, it's just that as an individual, you may have problems with digesting something specific.

Lettuce, by example, seems to be a good food, but many people have trouble digesting it.. but often you may not know, as it usually comes within a food combination... it could be the onions or the beans or something you are allergic or sensitive to.

To make it even more complicated, you may have noticed that you are not bloated while you are on holiday.

What is this all about? Obviously, it could be the different food altogether, but more likely it is because you are not stressed.

Stress is a major contributing factor in indigestion, or bloating.

Knowing that, may help you to plan your mealtime to be a relaxing time.

My general suggestions are; have a good look at your diet, ask yourself some questions, such as; after which meal do I get bloated, which can narrow down the choice of finding the offending food.

Cut out suspicious food items.

Cut out the obvious, such as beans, onions, lettuce. Some people have problems with too much roughage, certainly don't eat dried fruit, which hasn't been soaked and don't eat when you are under stress.

Chronic bloating, can be very distressing, still you would have to look at your diet first... but more than likely you would have a bacterial dis-balance, meaning too many of the bad guys, and not enough of the good guys living in your intestines.

If sorting out your diet and taking some pro-biotics and reducing stress will not improve your digestive problems, you may need to consider that you have food sensitivities or actual allergies. - Food sensitivities and allergies are different!

To help with Food sensitivities and allergies takes some serious detective works.

Unfortunately, General Medical Practitioners are not well equipped to deal with functional digestive problems.

However, they will find out if you have something more serious affecting you. You most likely will be send to get an ultrasound, scan and a colonoscopy to cover all options. If everything comes back clear, your Doctor hopefully may suggest to get some specialist nutritional advice. I obviously would recommend that you see a Naturopath. :-)

What ever you do, you need to find now out what you are reacting too, and unfortunately there are a lot of options. Sometime it pays to select the hardest option, which more or less means a total elimination diet and slowly introducing food while at the same time remedy something which is called a leaky gut problem, or put simply, trying to fix your digestive tract linings from reacting.

However, you may have also notice something curious after you had your colonoscopy? Did your symptoms improve??
If that happened to you, than this is an indication, that you simply needed a good clean out.

Fortunately, you don't always need a colonoscopy to get a good clean out, in many countries, it is customary to have a "spring clean", something like a detoxification procedure, which usually involves a bit of a restricted diet with some added supplements or herbs to clean you out.

Another way would be to have maybe a course of colonic irrigation treatment, just make sure this is not overdone. During detoxification maybe 3 colonics would be sufficient. Colonic irrigation can give some quick results here, as the bad guys usually thrive on un-digested food and caked up faecal matter which sticks to the colon walls. We recommend colonic irrigation with Oxygen, the bad bacteria can't actually survive in an oxygen rich environment, they would die off with colonic irrigation.

After that, may be it is the time to supplement your diet with some friendly bacterial cultures.

Personally, I recommend for everyone, at least 1 week each year, to go on a mild Detoxification Program, including prevention techniques and re-establishing intestinal flora, and most of all assist all detoxification with Colonic irrigation.

If you are overweight, indigestion may be a motivating factor to alter your diet and lose weight. The pressure of too much weight around the midriff could be a causative factor in indigestion as well.

Other reasons for bloating, esp if accompanied with diarrhoea can be inflammatory processes due to more complex digestive problems, check this article > "Diet Confusion" .

For specific elimination type of diets, I recommend to read:

Fodmap diet - Salicylate free diet - Grain free diet or Gluten free Diet - Paleo Diet - Zone Type Diets - Food Sensitivites

NOTE: Above mentioned diets are not specifc recommendations on my behalf, they are just options and may suit your specific needs.

If you are interested in weight loss, please see our free weight loss guide

Article supplied by the editor of use Nature - Dieter Luske

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