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What is Alpha Brainwave Music?

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For an explanation of the Alpha Brainwave read this article: What is the Alpha Brainwave?

Alpha Brainwave Music ... a style of Ambient Music

Alpha Music refers to music that initiates a light state of relaxation, the Alpha Brain Wave State Relaxation, often used for therapeutic purposes.

Alpha Music Example

Often the term Alpha Music is used instead of:

Alpha Brainwave Music - Relaxation Music - Ambient music - Atmospheric Music - Chill-Out Music, or simply pleasant non-intruding Background Music.

Alpha Music's Aim is to stimulate the right side of the brain to help you drift into an alpha state of mind.

The best Music for this purpose is written in 60 beats per Minute.

A mind in Alpha is a relaxed mind, free of stress and tension.

The Alpha Wave has a frequency from 7 to 14 cycles per sec. This is the State of Mind where you are in a "relaxed alertness".

You are calm and peaceful, with clear creative thinking. Ideas, solutions and intuitive breakthrough. Studying is easy.

This is the State of Mind, where you can reach your full potential. And by the way, this is also the State of Mind, where your Body is Regenerating itself,
with an increase in health and vitality. (More about this ... click > Article - Alpha Music )

Obviously .... a good kind of music to have around!

Listen to Alpha Romance for Free click >

More similar Music Genre descriptions:

Ambient Music

Ambient Music is like Alpha Music, but not specifically created to stimulate your right side of the brain or written in a 60 beat per minute speed.

Easy Listening and Atmospheric Music may fall into this category as well.

To read more, go to Ambient Music

Acoustic Music

Acoustic Music refers to music that solely or primarily uses acoustic instruments, as opposed to electric or electronic instruments.

Almost all musical instruments and all music obviously, have traditionally been acoustic, but often the term is used for specific music, such as acoustic guitar music.

Any sound produced by electronic means is not acoustic.

Most modern music is not acoustic unless specifically named as acoustic or as unplugged, which are acoustic performances by artists who usually rely on electronic instruments.

Acoustic music may still be amplified using electronic amplifiers.

However, these amplification devices must be separate from the amplified instrument and need to reproduce its natural sound accurately.

For more Music Genre Info, go to Electronic Experimental Music Genres


Compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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