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Electronic Experimental Music Genres:

... compiled by Dieter L. - Gold Coast

What is Braindance Music?

Braindance is just one of the many different genres which falls into the category of Electronic Experimental Music and "IDM", which stands for "Intelligent dance music", or just Electronic Experimental Music.

What is Ambient Music?

Ambient Music is indeed very popular and listened too extensively wihtin the Natural Therapy or New Age movement.

Most Natural Therapy Clinics, Spas, Relaxation Centres etc, have "Ambient" background music.

What is Alpha Music?

Alpha Music, or Alpha Brainwave Music, is similar to Ambient Music, but with the distinction of being composed with the intension to support the listener to reach the relaxed state of mind of the Alpha Brainwave.

Music Samples - Free to listen to ...

Electronic Experimental Music Genres

Sound Samples:

For a variation of Electronic Music Styles

check out:

Tid Kid - Brisbane

A Selection of Work

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For more subdued - Ambient - Alpha Music

try our very own Sound Samples:


Alpha Music


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AMTA - Australian Music Therapy Association, organisation for the profession of music therapy.
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