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What is Ambient Music?

... compiled by Dieter L. - Gold Coast ... there is more to music than meets the "Ear"

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Ambient Music Example - You can read while listening to this Music track.

Ambient Music explained:

Ambient Music changes the ambient of a room to the ambient you desire. Ambient Music is also often called Atmospheric Music, as it either sets the ambience or atmosphere of a room.

Most modern ambient Music is electronic type of music, but obviously in the past ambient music may have been created with classical guitar or similar.

Ambient Music is like Alpha Music, but not specifically created to stimulate your right side of the brain or written in a 60 beat per minute speed.

Ambient, coming from the word ambience, means basically to create an ambience, and it has a few sub-categories, such as:

Ambient dub - Ambient electronica - Ambient house - Ambient groove - Ambient techno - Ambient trance - and probably more.

Ambient music evolved from early 20th century of semi-audible music, from the impressionism of Erik Satie, through "Musique Concrete" ( the experimental technique of musical composition using recorded assemblage of various natural sounds), and the minimalism of Terry Riley and Philip Glass, and Brian Eno's deliberate sub-audible approach.

Later developments found the dreamy elements of ambient music applied to some forms of rhythmic music presented in chill-out rooms at raves and other dance events.

The primary feature of Ambient Music is intended to drift in and out of the listener's awareness while creating its effect on the listener's consciousness.

Ambient dub involves Jamaican sound artists with DJ inspired ambient electronica, complete with all the inherent drop-outs, echo, equalization and psychedelic electronic effects.

Organic Ambient music is characterised by integration of electronic, elect and acoustic musical instruments, and tends to incorporate influences from world music, especially drone instruments and hand percussion.

Space music, can be called Ambient music as well, as certain characteristics are in common to create the experience of contemplative spaciousness.

Easy Listening, Atmospheric and Alpha Music may fall into this category as well.

For more sound example, listen to the CD, Frozen Time (Free) click >

As the name suggests, frozen time makes the time slow down around you, you are in a relaxed and ambient state of mind.

If you would like some change in your home or clinic ambience, this is the CD for you ...

Alpha Romance
Frozen Time by AlphaRomance
- Alpha Music - A 65min - 9 track - Ambient calming , down tempo, "alpha wave" music with a twist. Features beautiful music, soft voices - unique and challenging at the same time, not your ordinary new age ambient music.
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About the Ambient Frozen Time Alpha Music

Composed and produced for the purpose of creating a pleasant ambient soundscape for your Health Centre - Day Spa, Clinics, or any creative office environment... or .. perfectly suited to listen at your home to chill out .... or to spoil a friend with some aroma therapy ....

Tracks are comprised of calming, relaxing sounds, without taking you too deep, but rather creating a relaxed awareness.

Each track has vocals, which prevents the listeners to drift too deep.

The text is carefully structured and consists of melodic one-liners that have a metaphoric message, encouraging the listeners to let their own imagination take over, thereby enhancing the relaxed state, while stimulating the creative mind.

Ambient Music to create a supportive, healing and peaceful musical atmosphere for you, your friends and clients...


... thank you for introducing me to your sensitive divinations.

... Wow! What a voice! I really inhale your peace. It feels very good.

... a magical beauty full of grace. "Close Your Eyes" is now a song that i'll need every day...

.. really impressed by your tunes.... Reasoning in my head... Ethereal & groovy, experimental & pop, sad & happy...

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Compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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