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Article: Belief Systems Coaching


Article extracted from a workshop & book called:

DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOU - by Dieter LuskeĀ© - Gold Coast

... all following articles, are written as workshop manuscript
... questions were asked to stimulate active participation.

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ARTICLE 12 - Your Belief System - Active Self Coaching

The distinction between a fact and an assumption, or attitude is what makes up a Belief System.

Your attitude is coloured in perception by what you believe.

There is nothing as strong as a belief.

One story, (I can't remember its origins), proves how strongly we can be influenced by our belief system.

Story: a man is cleaning a walk-in-fridge in a warehouse, he closed the door behind him, and couldn't get out again.
He couldn't open the door from the inside. Next morning when somebody found him,
- - - - - - he was dead - frozen dead!

What is the point of this story? The point is; the fridge was not switched on, it was still cold, but not freezing and it had enough oxygen for him to have survived.


His belief system killed him. He believed he would freeze to death, and so he did.

His belief system proved him RIGHT - HE WAS DEAD RIGHT.

Like affirmation you can use your belief system to work for or against you.
The man in the fridge made his belief work against him.

How many believes have you got, which work against you?

Where are these beliefs coming from?

When you believe something is true, you literally go into a state of: "IT IS TRUE, it is a matter of fact."

Handled effectively, believes can be the most powerful tool used in creating a most powerful life.

Recognising, knowing and believing that you actually can change or create your own belief system is the step to a new life.

You simply chuck out believes which are stopping you and replace them with believes which support you.

Wouldn't it be nice to have yourself on your side, and instead of making yourself feel bad; you would be supporting, helping yourself?

What a powerful partner you could have in yourself!

Without believes or with limiting believes, people can be totally disempowered, probably believing: "I can't do anything right."

Having just changed our awareness, here is another way to change.

With the awareness you now have about your belief system, change your believes!

Let go of your self-destructive or self-limiting believes, and replace them with believes of excellence, believes which support you!

Whenever you tell yourself "I can't," you are right!

Whenever you tell yourself "I can", you are also right!

It's up to you, what do you like to be, a Victim or a Creator?

Health and belief systems go hand in hand. Usually, of course, human beings have managed to use the belief system more negatively than positively. Belives work like witchcraft, or pointing the bone.

If you believe you are sick, take my word for it, YOU WILL BE SICK!
If you are a trusting person, and believe that your doctor knows best when he tells you that you have three months left to live, you will be dead in three months' time.

The good doctor has just put a spell on you. Mind you, what else can he do? He goes by his believe and vast experience and you probably have asked him, "give me the facts, Doc."

There are numerous cases of people diagnosed as terminally ill, who have turned the corner and have recovered. This means a prediction as to how long someone has left to live, may in fact be highly counterproductive to his or her recovery.

The mind works in interesting and mysterious ways to say the least.

For instance, the mind can't tell the difference between

something real (a fact), or something unreal, (imagined)

We use this knowledge all the time, as this is the reason a belief system actually works. This is also the reason an affirmation or creative visualisation works.

In other words, if you have some worries, a fear about something or even an anxiety, be it real or imagined, your brain will process those thoughts and ideas AS BEING REAL AT ALL TIMES.

This is what the basic stress response is all about. ( .. and it relates to anxieties as well )

You may know the "fight or flight syndrome." When you are confronted with something scary, your sympathetic nervous system is triggered by this stress response, and releases adrenaline into your bloodstream. - From here upon everything is real, you feel the adrenaline rush as it affects all your body systems. It either speeds them up, as in your circulation and blood pressure, or it slows them down, as in your digestive system (which you obviously don't need for fight or flight). So, you end up, loaded with adrenalin, ready to jump, muscles pumped up, but nothing to go for.

These days we seldom fight or flee. We simply sit there and take it, whatever it is.
(By the way, not fighting or fleeing means, that the adrenalin stays in our system.)

It is wise to get rid of it somehow, either by working out in a gym, going for a run etc., or by relaxation exercises, or much better still, the lot.

The Stress Cycle - Let me come back to the point.

You start worrying about something you have imagined, e.g. your partner is late coming home, and you see in your mind a car crash, hospital - the works. Your nervous system is going to react, causing you to feel hot and sweaty, with your heart pounding. All these NOW REAL sensations will make your imagination even worse.

Congratulations, you just entered a vicious cycle. To get out of this cycle in the state you are now in is tough. If you are aware of what you are doing to yourself, you have a good chance. You simply turn this around by thinking something positive, constructive or by doing relaxation exercises, or help yourself by concentrating on some task.

The basic rule again is, if whatever you are doing is not working, do something else!

The point therefore is:

If you worry (think, imagine) yourself sick, - you can also think yourself healthy!

(or whatever it is that you want to achieve).

One basic idea I communicate to people with a serious health problem is to change as much as you can, lifestyle, diet, belief system, awareness, attitude, emotions.

The bigger the change, the bigger the chance to change into something new, where the disease itself does not exist.

The stronger your positive beliefs are, the stronger the positive reaction will be.

Take control over your belief system, and choose wisely!

Write down now:

  1. Five believes, which have limited you in the past and may limit you right now.

  2. Five or more believes which will serve and support you now and in the future.

While taking control over your belief system, be aware of where your believes have been coming from, and, or are still coming from!

Do they come from your childhood? From people you talk to? From the media? Or simply from whoever talks the loudest, or is it the written word, is it TV, the media, the Internet, facebook?

If you want success in life, then choose your beliefs carefully, as the life you get is the result of your beliefs.

If you believe in 'making mistakes' rather than having 'learning experiences', you then believe that mistakes are negative and you stop learning for fear of making a mistake.

If you believe that you always have to be right, and therefore need to prove yourself right, (thereby making other people wrong), you will prevent yourself from learning.

If you believe in failure, you would hardly be game to do anything, just in case you may fail, not realising that:




If you create positive belief systems, then you have created your own positive reality.

I ask you; "if you have a choice, why would you choose a negative one?"


To finalise the victim-side of the victim principle, here is a little exercise for you.

Once you have finished reading this sentence, close your eyes and visualise yourself walking around your home, hanging up pictures of your loved ones, (as many as you like).

DO THAT NOW! (We will discuss this exercise later).

This finishes the victim side of the victim principle.

Whenever you notice that you are living on the victim side, you can make up your mind to either stay there or to swing over to the creative side.
By now you know that awareness is everything. Having become aware of your victim position, plus knowing your belief systems, standards and values, will now help you to seek a creative new way of doing whatever you have done before.

Remember, emerge out of emergency.

Forcing yourself to stop whatever you are doing will get your creative juices going. If not, don't worry, just remember the 'rule of change,' and simply do something else, it doesn't matter what, just something different will bring already some kind of change.

Before we have a look into the creative side we will look at something else of importance.

That something else is a PENDULUM. It is quite neutral, as it basically swings to whatever side is pulling harder. Nevertheless, it has some life of its own.

Which brings us to the next subject - The Pendelum Rule


Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L. Gold Coast

Excerpt from a workshop & book - published 1993 - titled; "Do you believe in You" www.usenature.com - Dieter Luske ©

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